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Great Exhibition of the North- Tainted?

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trisher Tue 06-Mar-18 10:37:39

The GEOTN will take place in the summer of this year. It has recently come to the public's notice that a major funder is BAE Systems the company responsible for selling guidance systems to Saudi Arabia which are being used in planes bombing Yemen. One performer and several creatives have already dropped out. The Sage performance space and the Baltic Art Gallery have both stated publicly that their funding will be only from the Arts Council. There is an on-line petition for GEOTN to refuse the funding. I have signed petitions and written letters to try and stop the BAE sales and so I feel I cannot support any of this event while the BAE funding remains. What do other GNers think and what would they do?
Please sign if you agree with me.

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 12:29:48

Various engineering challenges and competitions sponsored by BAE too .

durhamjen Sat 10-Mar-18 15:34:28

Haven't got a little book. You have gone on about him a few times, though. I just remember odd facts, that's all.
BAE want apprentices; you would like to get rid of yours because he is hopeless. You like BAE.

trisher Sat 10-Mar-18 15:56:51

I do think it is a pity that children and young people are targeted. I think many young people will be put off engineering careers because of the link with the arms trade, when innovation means so much more.
The huge newsroom behind the news reader on the BBC is the sort of innovation and technology we should be promoting and exporting.

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 17:08:25

They are very generous with their sponsorships especially in areas such as Glasgow and the NE where they have a large presence .

All those who strongly disapprove of BAE and their activities should be very careful where they visit . hmm

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 17:10:22

For the record DJ they wouldn’t touch our apprentice with the proverbial barge pole .

durhamjen Sat 10-Mar-18 18:49:29

Just for the record, gillybob, why did you?

durhamjen Sat 10-Mar-18 18:52:21

Nothing we can do about what BAE have sponsored up to now.
However, we did manage to stop them sponsoring the Great Exhibiton of the North.
Not that many signatures, either, so they were really only half-hearted about it.

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 19:32:41

Well I guess all you anti BAE systems campaigners should carefully research every event/museum
Etc. Before you visit, Just incase they happen to be sponsors . Also be prepared for the difference to be made up from elsewhere or the museum /event closed .

For the record ( or the little book for future reference ) we took him on as a favour to someone . Once bitten.

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 19:37:55

Keep up the “good work” might even get a few brilliant museums and events closed down.

durhamjen Sat 10-Mar-18 19:52:46

You do go on, gillybob.
For future reference, I don't have a little book, although I do remember someone saying that she had when I first came on Gransnet.
I have already said that there's nothing we can do about the museums, etc., that have already been sponsored by BAE systems.
So that's two recent posts you never bothered reading.

However, I doubt you would have even noticed who sponsored the Glasgow Museum if it wasn't for this thread, so you thank trisher.

harrigran Sat 10-Mar-18 20:34:11

As comments go that one gets the medal for rudeness.
Wonder what you would say if I told you that DH and every friend and acquaintance worked or does work for BAE ?

durhamjen Sat 10-Mar-18 20:44:21

Absolutely nothing, harrigran.
Are you sure? EVERY friend and acquaintance?

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 20:51:12

Oh DJ has the gold medal !

Yes I do tend to “go on” about things I’m passionate about . Whereas you ???? Don’t “go on” at all do you? grin

BAE make ongoing sponsorship to many museums/attractions/events So it’s not always just a one off DJ .

I do always take a lot of notice of sponsorships of the places that I enjoy visiting as I very much appreciate their generosity and the fact that many would not exist without it . Are you suggesting I don’t ? hmm

gillybob Sat 10-Mar-18 20:52:43

Think carefully before you answer harri it will all be taken down and used in evidence ......

Chewbacca Sat 10-Mar-18 21:54:27

You do go on, gillybob grin gringrin

You're quite right harrigran, especially when one considers who said it!

trisher Sat 10-Mar-18 22:27:05

So why are BAE sponsoring things? There's nothing philanthropic about it. It's simply a way of spending the huge profits they make, perhaps they should spend a little more anyway£6bn-arms-dealers-price-millions-lives-yemen

Chewbacca Sat 10-Mar-18 22:34:42

That's a good idea trisher. Have you contacted them to suggest it?

durhamjen Sat 10-Mar-18 22:55:05

Isn't that what Warchild have done?

Jalima1108 Sat 10-Mar-18 23:04:50

You do go on, gillybob.

trisher Sun 11-Mar-18 10:12:26

I haven't personally Chewbacca why would I? Do you really think they would listen to an old woman living in the NE if they don't listen to big organisations? I prefer to join with others and hope that may change things.

petra Sun 11-Mar-18 13:33:18

If you think that's rude you obviously don't read the political threads grin