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Photo recognised by stranger.

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Nanawind Wed 21-Mar-18 16:09:21

2 months ago I posted a question on TripAdvisor about a holiday resort we were visiting. My TA account is connected to my Facebook account which has my picture on. We went on this holiday recently and after being there for 5 days this lady came to me and said it's 'name' , I racked my little brain and couldn't think who she was so I had to say I'm sorry who are you. She then pulled out her phone which she had saved of this post from TA which showed my photo. As you can imagine I was a little taken back. She then proceeded to let me know that she regularly saved any posts from people who were staying at the same hotel as her every time she goes away.(6 times a year).
I've come home and changed my photo. It's freaked me out. Weird or what.

Oopsadaisy12 Wed 21-Mar-18 16:13:45

Never use an up to date photo, never ,ever give details of when you are going away, on any social media sites. I also never post pictures of family members and certainly not GCs.
It’s amazing how much info people give out!
No need to hack into our private details, people give the info out freely.
So yes she was weird, but she shouldn’t have been able to do it in the first place.

Nanawind Wed 21-Mar-18 16:22:23

Oopsadaisy12 I didn't say when I was going to this hotel i only said spring. My understanding was that she was on her own and she hoped to recognise people for conversation. She told my DH she had seen someone else from TA from the week before.
Lesson learned, I'm normally so careful what info I give. I also don't put any photos of family on social media etc.

SpanielNanny Wed 21-Mar-18 16:25:32

When my dgs was born my son was adamant that there should be no photographs oh him at all on social media. I was disappointed until I had it explained to me how easy these things can be seen by people they’re not intended for. I am now very cautious about what I post.
I have absolutely no idea what this woman was thinking coming up to you though, very odd!!

Oopsadaisy12 Wed 21-Mar-18 16:26:14

But just enough detail that she took your photo and saved it, and there you were.

Just saying, there are some weird people out there.

sunseeker Wed 21-Mar-18 16:42:03

I never post photos online and I have warned nephews and nieces that if they put my photo online they are out of the Will!! The only things I post are funny memes which I "steal" from other sites.

NotTooOld Wed 21-Mar-18 18:24:55

I agree with all the above about not putting personal stuff on the internet but don't you think this woman had just hit upon what she thought was a good idea to strike up conversations? Was she travelling on her own and looking for friends? She might have been hurt that you thought her weird.

Moocow Wed 21-Mar-18 18:37:42

Never use facebook. Had thought about trip advisor but changed my mind now! Maybe it's just her friendly way, after all there are many who say they don't speak to anyone for days/weeks and what's the advise given? Say hi, smile at someone, start a conversation etc. Maybe it was the highlight of her holiday actually recognising someone whose comments had helped her in deciding where to book.

Nanawind Wed 21-Mar-18 19:32:16

Yes she was traveling on her own, but this was a friendly hotel where everyone spoke, we had many conversations with different groups. I was sat on my own one day while DH had gone to get a newspaper and before I knew it I was included in a good chat with a large group.
It was not as though she didn't know the hotel or even other people there as most were returning guests and she was staying for 6 weeks and it was her 3rd visit since August.
Still think it was strange behaviour, I only know that she had recognised one other person but how many others has she got photos of.

Jalima1108 Wed 21-Mar-18 20:24:03

I have absolutely no idea what this woman was thinking coming up to you though, very odd!!
Perhaps seeing your photo and reading your review made her feel as if she knew you already.
Perhaps she is just lonely.

ninathenana Thu 22-Mar-18 00:46:09

Slightly off topic. A couple of years ago I opened my new Warners Hotel brochure and was amazed to see a pic of a woman I had worked with playing bowls in the grounds of one of the hotels. I assume she gave permission for it to be published.

petra Thu 22-Mar-18 08:15:49

I can imagine that you were a little shocked, but I find it very sad that she's gone to this trouble to 'arrange' speaking to people sad

littleflo Thu 22-Mar-18 10:48:48

I don’t use Facebook, because I am vary wary of what people can see. My Dil’s Company appointed a new Head of IT security. On the Head’s first day she held a meeting with all 10 office Managers. She handed out large envelopes to them all. Each envelope contained loads of personal info which she had gained from social media.

My DiL said it was quite a shock. Her children’s DoBs were on there, their photos, where her family member’s worked and lots more.

PamelaJ1 Sat 24-Mar-18 16:04:33

That’s a bit scary, Have you got all the privacy settings on high?
I’ve started a thread wondering if I should delete my Facebook account and your story doesn’t make me any more relaxed. Did you link your FB and TA accounts or did it just happen?
I sent a link to my sisters from gransnet once, I went on gransnet Facebook page yesterday and there it was with my Facebook name on it. Maybe I could only see it because it was me,

Telly Sat 24-Mar-18 17:51:02

My FB page photo is my dogs! No one has recognised her as yet! Odd behaviour, but people are odd, shows you can't be too careful.

OldMeg Sat 24-Mar-18 17:57:04

My FB profile photo is one my GD drew of me when she was 2. It’s a head sprouting arms and legs and a big smile.

I would be a bit put out if someone recognised me from that 😬

annodomini Sat 24-Mar-18 18:47:25

My facebook photo was taken when I was about 3. I doubt if I'm recognisable from that.

Nanawind Sat 24-Mar-18 19:04:08

PamelaJ1 yes silly me I linked TA to my FB account, I have changed my photo to a household item, let her recognise me from that.
I have learnt a big lesson and changed every account from other sites to private or photo swapped to an unrecognisable unless they have been my house.

GillT57 Sat 24-Mar-18 23:08:45

I don't link anything to my FB account, and that has the highest security settings. I am astonished at what some people post; one family living locally have daily photographs of their children, discuss their sporting achievements and forthcoming fixtures and even shared photos of them frolicking in the pool during a term time holiday 😣

BRedhead59 Sun 25-Mar-18 10:56:48

Data is becoming a big issue - we can be tracked with our iPhones, our Google history, Amazon history, emails and facebook etc There is mounting evidence that this data is being manipulated to interfere with democratic elections across the world so what else? The big question is what we do about it? We can come off facebook but does that solve it? No
The only way to solve it is to do nothing digitally and yet our utilities, banks etc are forcing us down the digital route.

pamdixon Sun 25-Mar-18 11:03:34

never ever give out more information than you have to , to anyone! And don't put photos up of yourself on your facebook page etc etc. I have been told this countless times by people 'in the know'. Better be safe than sorry............

ajanela Sun 25-Mar-18 11:18:05

This is very strange behavior, has a touch of the controlling, coming up to you and addressing you by name. Almost like she was a member of the staff.

Doesn't she realise it will backfire as like you I am sure many people will run a mile.

I agree, becareful what you put on facebook and I was advised not to but my true date of birth. I also do get a bit upset about how some of the photos of children (especially naked) will be used.

pollyperkins Sun 25-Mar-18 11:31:09

But if you delete your fb account surely the info and pics you put on there are still floating around cyberspace somewhere? I dont think you can get rid of them.

SunnySusie Sun 25-Mar-18 11:34:27

I think if this lady was staying at the hotel for six weeks and it was her third visit since August its a bit easier to understand why she might be trying to find ways to approach people. After all she must have a lot of time on her hands and presumably is also quite lonely. I cant imagine staying in a hotel for six weeks alone, what on earth would you do? Having said that I would be horrified if someone approached me via Trip Advisor/Facebook in this way. A bit of a lesson for all of us there.

vintageclassics Sun 25-Mar-18 11:38:25

If you set your privacy setting correctly you can control exactly who sees what on FB - don't share apps (i.e. don't sign into Instagram or Trip Advisor or Whats App by using your FB details) and don't use the same password across social media - If you imagine each Social Media Channel was your purse just set your privacy via settings to those you'd allow to go through that! It's not difficult just requires you looking at what you've set things to and changing where needed.