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Photo recognised by stranger.

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Nanawind Wed 21-Mar-18 16:09:21

2 months ago I posted a question on TripAdvisor about a holiday resort we were visiting. My TA account is connected to my Facebook account which has my picture on. We went on this holiday recently and after being there for 5 days this lady came to me and said it's 'name' , I racked my little brain and couldn't think who she was so I had to say I'm sorry who are you. She then pulled out her phone which she had saved of this post from TA which showed my photo. As you can imagine I was a little taken back. She then proceeded to let me know that she regularly saved any posts from people who were staying at the same hotel as her every time she goes away.(6 times a year).
I've come home and changed my photo. It's freaked me out. Weird or what.

Blencathra Wed 28-Mar-18 15:59:19

I have found the passport one on FB and 15 people have made comments about it, in addition to the 166 by GN users. As a member of FB there is nothing to stop me adding my comment on individual GNetters and saying 'I think x is talking utter rubbish' or 'I agree with the sensible comment from y'. I wouldn't because x and y probably won't see it- they don't realise that all of FB can read it! Or they are under the impression they are not on FB because they don't have an account.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Mar-18 16:13:45

Yes, but my real name isn't 'adventure'. Its far more boring.
So, not quite the same.

Blencathra Wed 28-Mar-18 16:26:03

Sensibly you don't have a profile MissAdventure so you remain anonymous as long as you don't give too much personal information in threads.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Mar-18 16:29:02

I'd like to think that's how it will work. Fingers crossed. smile

Blencathra Wed 28-Mar-18 16:31:33

There are people who say where they live, their age, number of grandchildren etc and some have photos. OK if they are comfortable with that.

Blencathra Wed 28-Mar-18 16:35:49

I could go in FB read someone's comments and think 'that sounds like x ' so log on to GN to see if I was right.
I am not likely to do that but OP shows that some people go to great lengths if they read Trip Advisor and go to the lengths of looking up the person on FB.
I don't put my real name on TripAdvisor, I do not have my photo (I have a seaside picture) and I do not link to FB.

Jalima1108 Wed 28-Mar-18 16:49:14

Blencathra look at the Cambridge Analytica thread - a poster has put a link on there to a Guardian article about how much google, fb etc have stored about users!

Blencathra Wed 28-Mar-18 17:00:15

I have seen it! Scary stuff. Even if you take the greatest care the amount of information is huge.
I am going to look into it - I think my privacy levels are high but I bet they have all sorts of information that I am not aware of at the moment.