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To suggest that on this forum, there is more to be had than politics and games?

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phoenix Tue 10-Apr-18 21:54:21

Post while you can, because no doubt it will be regarded as a thread about a thread(s)


paddyann Tue 10-Apr-18 22:02:18

I like politics so I enjoyed the forums ...but there are many other things that catch my attention.To be honest I dont post on politics much now either and wont now it has lost some of the most vocal leftwingers ,might be a bit one sided

Chewbacca Tue 10-Apr-18 22:13:00

typing quickly It definitely is much more than politics. GN is support for those who need it; advice, hints and tips; sharing life experiences, sorrows and funny moments; sharing gardening, cooking and household information; discussing pensions and benefits; discussing topical news items and, of course.... games.

News and politics is of interest to most of us and I think that more people, of all political persuasions, would have joined in more frequently but the atmosphere was, at times in the recent past, acrid to say the least.

lemongrove Tue 10-Apr-18 22:16:55

Wot Chewy says.

nanaK54 Tue 10-Apr-18 22:47:05

Yes, I'll 'third' Chewbecca's post
I have gained much useful info from this forum and have shared some laughs and some sad times too
Oh and <whispers quietly> I like the games grin

MissAdventure Tue 10-Apr-18 22:49:55

Its been a lifeline for me, as well as a source of advice when needed.
Its given me a kick up the bum when it needed kicking, and buoyed me up when I'm down.
P.S - I've laughed like a drain on some of the silly games threads.

phoenix Tue 10-Apr-18 22:50:56

Thanks for the responses, they reinforce my own beliefs.

Just sorting of sounding out because of comments on some posts on another thread.

Chewbacca Tue 10-Apr-18 23:03:39

Because I'm easily amused.... I look forward to the regular thread 're plimsols, onesies and "the right footwear". The fast and witty responses from posters have me in tucks of laughter. Roll on the school holidays....

lemongrove Tue 10-Apr-18 23:15:55

It is the school holidays grin
Where are the schoolboy/girl posters I wonder?

Jalima1108 Tue 10-Apr-18 23:18:24

and wont now it has lost some of the most vocal leftwingers ,might be a bit one sided
On the other hand, they could be a bit more balanced paddyann, I think there are still some left wing posters to give us their points of view and others who are centre left or just centre right may not be discouraged from posting now that they will not be called 'right wing' at every opportunity.

Jalima1108 Tue 10-Apr-18 23:19:29

Where are the schoolboy/girl posters I wonder?
perhaps they are all busy exhausting their grandparents. grin
[worn out]

kittylester Wed 11-Apr-18 06:37:10

The threads might be more 'discussion' and less 'bombardment' now.

As other posters have said, GN is generally a force for good with advice, support, fun etc.

MawBroon Wed 11-Apr-18 06:43:34

Not everywhere lemongrove my bit of Bucks went back this week.

gillybob Wed 11-Apr-18 07:35:44

Like chewy said up thread, there is so much more to gransnet than politics (and dare I say games) I really don’t know where I would be without it some days. Shared happiness and sorrows, chatting about nothing much at all and sometimes having a good old rant or a belly laugh. All human life is here !
Three cheers for Gransnet !

Iam64 Wed 11-Apr-18 07:53:39

Yes, there's more to this forum than politics. I hope the politics and news threads can be more interesting and less unpleasant than they have become. More people, with different views will hopefully start contributing.

bikergran Wed 11-Apr-18 08:24:59

I remember GN when it was first up n I couldn't wait to log on and join in....

We had lots of fun with virtual silly parties (Pendle Hill Halloween for one) then there was a trip to Blackpool where I lost my inflatable friends lol (one floated out to sea)
I think had a trip to a Castle if im right!

As I have mention before..I had so much support and messages from Gn when my dh passed away, it still brings me comfort to think all those people who I will never meet sent me messages, without them I would have been much worse.

I still pop in GN every day smile sometimes Im in the mood for posting, other days a just sit in a corner lurking around smile

Things change people come and go, new posters arrive with new ideas and input as do real friends come and go.

Many of the old original posters seem to have dissapeared .
I would be sad if GN dissapeared. flowers
ok off to work now charity shop day , have a good one all smile

BBbevan Wed 11-Apr-18 08:36:27

I find it so interesting. The variety of people and threads. The different opinions. The excellent advice and support, generously given. And to relax, I like the games. Nothing too strenuous but fun.

Anniebach Wed 11-Apr-18 08:41:57

This forum is my only companion now.

The politics threads have been a war zone for about two years but so as Westminster.

Again I repeat I doubt I would be alive now if it hadn't been for so many earth angels here who got me through last November. And I have had help with buying a table, putting on weight, to have or not have another puppy, advice when my dog had cancer. On potato peelers, insomnia, what's worth watching on tv. I have learned about different parts of the UK, laughed and cried with posters with their ups, downs and heartaches .

Far more here than politics and games,

maryeliza54 Wed 11-Apr-18 08:56:27

I don’t understand the OP at all - of course there’s more on here than politics and games confused there’s whatever we want there to be be to be used as we want to use it personally. I never go near the games thread ( but sadly did look at Josephine solitaire - was that you OP? And am absolutely addicted to it now) What posters have left recently?

seacliff Wed 11-Apr-18 08:59:29

I only post occasionally but pop in most days. I do get a bit lonely at times, and just reading and often laughing at some conversations really cheers me up.

There is something for everyone here I think. No need to look down on those who just enjoy a frivolous light hearted conversation. Who knows what's going on in a persons life? It may be just what they personally need to get them through the day.

Farmor15 Wed 11-Apr-18 09:11:15

I rarely look at the games threads but have enjoyed some of the lighthearted ones. As I’m not in UK the politics ones are of no interest. However, I’ve learnt a lot about family relationships here- just reading, mostly not posting.

Gransnet is a very useful resource, in my opinion. Only problem is that I’m getting addicted to it smile

annodomini Wed 11-Apr-18 09:29:19

I can see, at a glance, that there are plenty of threads unconnected with politics or games. It's clear that some posters are impatient with the games forums; well, the message to them is simply to ignore them.

maryeliza54 Wed 11-Apr-18 09:47:30

Not going on certain threads eg games doesn’t mean you look down in them or are impatient with them does it? What I don’t like is the constant rubbishing of the politics thread and some of the posters on them. I think it’s great to have such a range on here of so many things - I’ve discovered tv series I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise for example

maryeliza54 Wed 11-Apr-18 09:49:03

I also enjoy specific threads - I think the discussion on abortion has been really interesting, thought provoking and in many instances moving.

TerriBull Wed 11-Apr-18 09:55:24

Yes so much more to GN than politics, quite invaluable for exchange of information on varied conditions such as the menopause, under active thyroid even root canal procedures sad which I've had rather a lot of lately. Sometimes you don't want to bore the drawers off your friends on certain things that pertain to you but not necessarily them. I like to know about the experiences of other GNs and where they live, mundane stuff like what the weather is like in their part of the world. I like the book threads, a bit dormant at the moment, MN have some great book discussions I joined there first mainly for book reviews. I dip into the tv and film threads I like to read others' opinions. Travel experiences too if I'm contemplating going somewhere new. I think the support threads are invaluable to those going through bereavement or estrangement and it makes me appreciate what life can throw at any of us. I think one has to be pragmatic about politics and current affairs as with any group of random people there will be a wide spectrum of opinions shaped by personal experiences.