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Windrush Generation

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Hermia46 Tue 17-Apr-18 08:48:26

The actions by the current Home Office make me ashamed to be British. The attempts to declare the Windrush generation of Caribbeans illegal immigrants is yet another example of witless politicians and civil servants who appear to be unable to work out the impact of their policies and ultimately laws on ALL citizens of Britain. I am appalled by the current fiasco. These people answered the call for support as members of the Commonwealth and this is how we treat them. I hang my head in shame.

Elrel Tue 08-May-18 23:54:12

bmacca - and still she's in Downing Street!

Fennel Mon 28-May-18 19:01:43

I was reading about Spike Milligan's biography on Wiki and found this:
As Milligan was not born in the United Kingdom, his claim to British nationality was never clear. Milligan felt that he was entitled to a British passport, after having served in the army for six years. His passport application was refused, primarily because he would not swear an Oath of Allegiance; his Irish ancestry gave him an escape route from his stateless condition. He became an Irish citizen and remained so until his death.[46]"
So these problems have been going on for a long time.
I had been enjoying this sketch:

mostlyharmless Mon 28-May-18 19:10:25

fennel Grandmas have their uses grin.