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Meghan's father and photographer in photo scam

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JenniferEccles Mon 14-May-18 12:15:03

I think this is completely ironic.

The Royal family had asked the press to respect the Markle family's privacy, but now it appears Mr. Markle has been involved in staging some photographic scoops of his own, despite being described as a 'recluse'

The Mail on Sunday exposed the story yesterday.

Apparently the photographer and Markle set up some exclusive shoots which were then sold to press agencies around the world.

It quickly became apparent though that the pictures were 'too perfect' and obviously staged, but not before the photographer involved had received a considerable amount of money. The paper has said it is not known if Mr. Markle received any payment, but if not, why on earth would he participate in such a thing?

The Royal family must be cringing.

gillybob Mon 14-May-18 12:18:01

I think it's funny.

Gerispringer Mon 14-May-18 12:18:16

Did the Mail pay for the pictures? if so, a bit hypocritical?

stella1949 Mon 14-May-18 12:21:35

I wonder how perfect we would all be, in his position. He is right out of his comfort zone , maybe not behaving perfectly but he is human and can make mistakes. I'd prefer to cut the man some slack and give him some support , instead of splashing this story all over the media and humiliating him.

gillybob Mon 14-May-18 12:25:04

I would bet my life on Mr (murky) Markle having received a decent sum of money. Possibly as share deal with the photographer.

gillybob Mon 14-May-18 12:28:33

He really should have got his daughters future SiL (the DoC) to take the official "I'm on my way to the wedding" photo's, after all she is an expert in the photography world isn't she?

JenniferEccles Mon 14-May-18 12:33:12

Well this wasn't a mistake was it, it was quite deliberate and planned, and nobody humiliated him - he did that all by himself.

Ok of course I do accept he's out of his comfort zone, but why on earth would he do something guaranteed to embarrass his daughter just a few days before her wedding?

Just how much does Harry know about this family? I know he's besotted with Meghan, but surely he needs to be certain the family (or at least the parents) know how to behave, and are discreet. Apparently the mother has been on Oprah's show!

JenniferEccles Mon 14-May-18 12:39:08

gillybob (murky) Markle!! grin

Nanabilly Mon 14-May-18 12:59:49

I'm going to give Mr. Markle the benefit of the doubt and say he was led on by the photographer and possibly lied to and he did it for money, of course. Maybe for some spending money while here in London for his daughters wedding. We don't know if he is wealthy or not but I think not with his presentation and supposed lifestyle, according to recent press reports at least. I actually feel a bit sorry for him being dragged out of his reclusive life to being in the public eye even if it's only for a short time . I bet he's already dreaming of the day he can get back to his normal life and away from prying eyes I just hope he can do just that and not be like the rest of her family and trying to reveal allsorts whilst claiming their few minutes of "fame".

Moocow Mon 14-May-18 13:07:10

Poor Meghan and Harry. Hope the media will stop going for the family just because they can't go for Meghan direct. Anyone who has experienced hostility in any if it's various guises must have a very small inkling of what she (they) must be going through right now. Not a royalist but am human!

sodapop Mon 14-May-18 13:21:13

I agree Moocow some people are hell bent on destroying others by word and deed.
Something Meghan will need to take in her stride now.

JenniferEccles Mon 14-May-18 13:29:29

The media can't be blamed for any of this.

If the father hadn't got involved in this tacky scam, he would have been left alone.

It's absolutely right that the paper reported it.

stella1949 Mon 14-May-18 13:53:02

The Royals have quite a few " murky " members themselves. Or has everyone got short memories?

Iam64 Mon 14-May-18 14:04:45

Oh my, let's all get outraged - again - about something that matters very little. The DM must have paid for the photographs initially, no doubt under no illusion that they were set up and Mr M was paid. it was obvious. I wish Meghan and Harry a happy future

gillybob Mon 14-May-18 14:13:47

They have indeed stella1949

maryeliza54 Mon 14-May-18 16:04:18

If the royal fsmily are cringing, serve them bloody well right. They should have thought about her family and offered some support - the very least Harry should have done is go over there and meet him and other family members. Talk about throwing the Markles to the wolves. I hope Mr M got a shed load of money - the RF are self absorbed, totally removed from reality, thoughtless and fundamentally stupid to boot.

lemongrove Mon 14-May-18 16:12:52

My thoughts are, so what? The photo’s were alright, showing a tailor measuring him for a suit, reading a history of Britain etc not pole dancing in budgie smugglers.
If he made some money for that, again, so what?

luluaugust Mon 14-May-18 16:48:33

He probably really knows little about Britain or the royal family, why would he, I am sure they will have him well looked after? during his brief visit here and he will then disappear as most of the in laws do. Thank goodness the photos were so straightforward, lets hope he carried on reading the book, it will be like visiting another planet.

JenniferEccles Mon 14-May-18 16:53:17

I'm not sure if you realise, but the pictures weren't genuine.

It wasn't really a tailor measuring him but, I believe, an assistant at the café where it was filmed.

None of it was real - it was all a set up between Markle and the photographer.

Yes the Royals are by no means perfect - Charles' tampon comment must trump (!) everything but it is still such strange behaviour for someone who professes to hate being in the limelight.

I also agree that the father should have come here weeks if not months ago to learn exactly what his role will entail,and advice on behaviour and how to conduct himself.

As we have found out, he surely needs that !

This Wedding is suddenly getting a lot more interesting!!

BlueBelle Mon 14-May-18 16:57:45

Of course the Daily Mail is the perfect journal excuse me while I cough sarcastically
What is the problem, he was not in the nuddy or any other compromising situation the gutter press are going to set everything possible up to discredit the family and oh how the mob will follow

Jane10 Mon 14-May-18 17:02:13

Well that's only to be expected. They are just publicity hungry 'slebs'. Really not interested in this marriage.

luluaugust Mon 14-May-18 17:04:42

I did realise the photos were posed but I would be interested to know whether he set it up or was persuaded by the photographer. I see Megan's half sister is saying she suggested the idea to him. I guess its all to do with money.

knickas63 Mon 14-May-18 17:06:27

It asounds me just how hypocritical the press are, particularly the DM. It is clearly perfectly fine for them to pay for candid (stalked) shots of this man, but if he takes charge and owns his own image he is a scam artist? He is swimming in uncharted waters and doing the best he can. I wish they'd leave them all alone.

Anniebach Mon 14-May-18 17:34:44

How can the Windsors be blamed for this ? Are we suppose to send bodyguards to America to protect the family? Perhaps things may have been different if Harry had met the father when he was in America and if .megans siblings had been invited to the wedding. The spencer parents even though a very acrimonious divorce conducted themselves with dignity on their daughters wedding day.

JenniferEccles Mon 14-May-18 18:07:21

They all sound a very strange family.

This marriage has the potential to turn out to be more interesting than I thought!

I would LOVE to know what the Queen and Philip make of it all, especially Philip with his wonderful non-politically correct comments!!