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Oldwoman70 Sun 20-May-18 12:27:26

I rang my sister in law this morning to ask about a relative who had been unwell. Whilst speaking she asked if I had spent any money recently (a question she asks every time we speak). I told her I had bought some new bedside lamps. She asked how much they cost and did I really need them!!

This isn't the first time she has made this comment when I have bought something. I could understand if I was the type to throw money around but I always think long and hard before I buy anything and do a lot of investigating to ensure I am getting value for money. She is making me feel as if I should check with her before I spend anything!

I don't want to make a big thing of this as we generally get on very well, but I do feel uncomfortable with her questioning whatever I spend my money on.

Chocolatenoodle8 Wed 23-May-18 12:32:16

Sister in Law
My Mother used to do the same to me! My mother would say, “Oh, you’ve got new shoes!! How much were they?” and I’d go into a detailed explanation why I needed them and they were in a sale. Then one day I decided my money was earned by me and what I spent it on was up to me. So I learned to smile and say, “Yes, they are new. I love them!”
Take no notice of your SiL and answer her question with “nothing”. Try asking her the same Q‼️

mcem Wed 23-May-18 13:14:47

How about " I knew you'd ask so I have my receipts here by the phone. Do you want me to read all of them or just the edited highlights? "
With luck, that should induce some embarrassment!

Margs Wed 23-May-18 14:38:40

Give her something to chew over next time she interrogates about what You do with Your money - just flippantly say "oh well, since the timely win on the Health Lotto it's a relief that money's no object for the foreseeable future......" Then hang up pronto!


(There's a devil in all of us......)

moggie57 Thu 24-May-18 10:56:51

ask her the same thing!! has she been out for any meals at restaurants or has she bought anything new. sounds like bullying to she older than you?

Fennel Thu 24-May-18 11:19:44

I was brought up to think it was bad manners to ask anyone anything to do with money eg cost of something, how much they earn, how much they owe etc. It's private.
Maybe in those days so many people were poor it was wrong to embarrass them.
I admit I do sometimes ask now, especially if it's something I'm also thinking of buying or selling .
But your sister in law sounds a bit over the top, Oldwoman. She's obsessed.

EmilyHarburn Thu 24-May-18 11:50:38

Do not continue this line of chat. Put a stop to it. She is trying to get control of you so that your think in your head about her and what comment she might make every time you shop.

give one of the answers that others in this thread have suggested such as

no what about you? or Just the usual nothing of special interest, what about you?