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Who has paid for Yulia Skripals treatment?

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trisher Tue 29-May-18 14:20:19

I don't begrudge her the treatment that saved her life, but I do wonder who has paid for everything? Is it just another thing for the NHS to cope with? And do you suppose someone will be sending the bill to Putin?

Charleygirl Tue 29-May-18 14:23:30

It was an emergency so it would have been the NHS.

Welshwife Tue 29-May-18 14:25:59

In most EU countries any emergency treatment is just done without question and usually free of charge.

paddyann Tue 29-May-18 14:38:27

why would the bill be sent to Putin? He denies all knowledge of the incident.Unless you want us to adopt the American model where she would have to produce her credit card BEFORE she was treated I think you need to suck it up ...people who are sick get treated regardless of whether they can "afford" it or not .Thats much more humane

Baggs Tue 29-May-18 15:01:27

Simple answer: we have aka UK taxation. All emergency medical treatments are "just another thing for the NHS to cope with", aren't they? Genuine question: do private emergency departments exist in the UK?

Jane10 Tue 29-May-18 15:09:02

The whole incident must have cost the UK taxpayer and Salisbury businesses an absolute fortune. angry

Witzend Tue 29-May-18 15:41:44

If she had health insurance, which is usual for anyone sensible travelling abroad, even within the EU, that would have paid.

I don't think all emergency treatment is necessarily free in most EU countries anyway. Last year we were in France when a fellow guest was taken ill - he then had a heart attack just before the ambulance crew took him away, and was sedated in the ICU when Dh and I visited next day.

The very first thing they asked us was whether he had insurance, and where was the paperwork. Luckily he'd had the presence of mind to have it to hand before the ambulance arrived.

Welshwife Tue 29-May-18 15:42:53

I don’t think they do Baggs the same as if you get complications during/after an operation in a private hospital you are transferred to the NHS hospital.

Welshwife Tue 29-May-18 15:47:04

The question as to insurance is a normal one and refers to the mutuelle top up insurance most people living in France have. They also ask for your Carte Vital which is like your health passport but also gives them a lot of information when they put it in the card reading machine.

trisher Tue 29-May-18 15:49:21

I asked about Putin paddyann because she is a Russian citizen. Russia isn't in the EU so reciprocal arrangements don't apply. Even if you are emergency treated in other countries they will try to recoup some of the cost.

Fennel Tue 29-May-18 15:57:42

I would think that the Skripals would have some kind of health insurance and would contribute to the cost themselves.
What's their status in the UK?

Witzend Tue 29-May-18 16:00:43

Welshwife, he wasn't French, as they already knew from his name - he was a Scot, and sadly died a few days later.

trisher Tue 29-May-18 16:01:39

She's Russian he holds Russian and British citizenship.

Momof3 Tue 29-May-18 16:29:20

If she has been employed here she would have paid tax and been entitled to nhs treatment.

If no employment and not a uk citizen she would be charged for the treatment.

Either way this thread is in extremely poor taste this woman has just gone through a horrendous ordeal and more than likely been permanently damaged physically

trisher Tue 29-May-18 16:44:28

There have been lots of comments in the past from people who consider immigrants and their families are a drain on the NHS, and I don't think this is so different.
She lives in Russia-she was just visiting.
And "It's all done in the best possible taste!" (crosses legs)

Welshwife Tue 29-May-18 16:51:38

We are not French and are asked the question - the ambulance men ask people with you if you are being taken away and they hand your card etc in at the hospital.
Heart attacks etc are not charged for here either and if you have a life long illness you don’t pay for most things.

Baggs Tue 29-May-18 17:26:45

The Skripals were poisoned so a crime was committed. That's a bit different from just falling ill and, given the expat and exspy status of her father, I suspect that the question of travel health insurance hasn't come up.

M0nica Tue 29-May-18 17:42:49

Mr Skripal is resident here and has been for some years. He has been earning a living through consultancy work and also probably receives an income from CIA/M15 so he will be a British taxpayer and is entitled to NHS treatment.

His daughter was injured in a murder attempt and that counts as an emergency and would also have been treated on the NHS.

DH and DGD have both been treated in A&E in France. We were asked no questions about health insurance. Both had EHIC cards. In each case we received a bill a few months later for the costs of treatment not covered by the card; 8 euros for DH, 20 euros for DGD.

Jalima1108 Tue 29-May-18 18:19:35

We do not have a reciprocal arrangement with Russia although one was in place until about two years ago.

We do have reciprocal arrangments with countries outside the EEA and it is well worth finding out which countries have these arrangements with the UK and what it entails before travelling overseas.
However, the treatment would only be in an emergency and it is always sensible to take out travel insurance anyway.

That being said, I hope that Yulia is fully recovered from her ordeal and, as this was an extreme emergency, I am quite happy for her treatment to have been funded by the NHS - ie by us, the taxpayer.

Gerispringer Tue 29-May-18 18:25:13

I am proud theat we offer emergency treatment without question.

rafichagran Tue 29-May-18 18:54:54

Yes me too. This was a emergency. I don't care whether they recoup the cost or not. People were very ill. That is all I need to know.

loopyloo Tue 29-May-18 19:07:56

The other thing is I expect the doctors were very interested in treating something as unusual as that and it was good for research purposes.

Jane10 Tue 29-May-18 19:10:04

I don't grudge the poor Skripals a penny. I'm just cross at the perpetrators of this hellish crime.

MamaCaz Tue 29-May-18 19:58:28

I was about to say what loopyloo has already said.

M0nica Tue 29-May-18 20:22:27

How contemptible we would be if we charged victims of crime for their hospital treatment, just because they were visitors and not resident in the UK.

Think of all the tourists injured in terrorist attacks, victims of street crime, those injured in car accidents. While the specific accident Yulia Skripal suffered was unique. She is just one of many visitors to this country who suffer accident or injury while here and that we should charge any of them, still less single out one individual, is abhorrent.