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Why do I have to do this?

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petra Thu 31-May-18 13:38:42

Next Tuesday I have to have a medical procedure for which I will be sedated.
The blurb states that I must remove nail varnish. I only had my nails done last Friday sad
Would it be unreasonable for me to wear surgical gloves?
After all, the Dr will be wearing them while doing a very intimate procedure, but my hands will be just laying on the bed, nowhere near the intimate area grin

Teetime Sat 02-Jun-18 08:05:13

It's the nail beds that indicate falling O2 levels.

muffinthemoo Sat 02-Jun-18 12:42:01

It is a heartbreaker to take off that expensive new manicure though Petra, I feel your pain!

Almost as bad as smudging it on the way home from the salon angry

petra Tue 05-Jun-18 20:11:46

All done, and not one chip of my beautiful nails damaged. They did what they said and put the clip on my toe.
Just got to do toenails again grin

Jalima1108 Tue 05-Jun-18 20:22:01

Phew, that's a relief then!

The procedure is over and the nails are still intact smile

nanaK54 Tue 05-Jun-18 20:26:21

All good then - wishing you a full and speedy recovery

Nannykay Tue 05-Jun-18 22:19:30

Well they say you learn something new every day, :-)