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To think Kirsty Allsopp is taking advantage?

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maryeliza54 Mon 04-Jun-18 14:12:42

Flies business, puts children (10 and 12) in economy. So who’s doing the child care?

chocolatepudding Mon 04-Jun-18 19:47:52

Back in the late 1980s I flew by myself to Canada and the jumbo made an emergency landing at Gander airport. Scary enough by myself but to have my DC elsewhere on the plane would have been terrifying.......and most passengers were more concerned to pick up their duty-free purchases than to get off the plane as quickly as possible.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-Jun-18 20:01:32


GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-Jun-18 20:05:37

Oops wrong thread, sorry folks, was multi tasking - dinner, husband, AC on the way out, and GC on way to bed. Just proves my Adult children's often comment 'Mum you might think you are Mary Poppins, but, sorry you are not practically perfect'!!!

trisher Mon 04-Jun-18 20:11:15

Well if I was her child I wouldn't want to sit in Business class with her. She'd probably expect me to produce a macrame model of the aircraft or something similar. It would be nice to get a break from her.

Bluegal Mon 04-Jun-18 20:14:28

No idea what has been said or done. Just one question.. who is Kirsty Alsopp? Never heard of her

Willow500 Mon 04-Jun-18 20:15:13

They were discussing this on Loose Women at lunchtime but I missed who the 'celebrity' was. I wouldn't like to have been separated from my children on a flight although we never actually flew until they'd left home. One of the women said she'd been on a flight and waiting for the loo when a young boy came and stood beside her then threw up all over. His mother finally staggered up from Business class obviously drunk and just patted him and wandered off again. The poor kid!

I've been on flights where families have been split up due to seat allocations - I think it's appalling - you book a flight and seats expecting your children to be sat with you!

Deedaa Mon 04-Jun-18 22:36:19

It just seems really odd to travel seperately from your children. Doesn't she like them? I agree with everyone worrying about emergencies. It doesn't have to be anything drastic, something quite minor could be upsetting for a child.

maryeliza54 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:43:03

For me there’s two things - expecting other people to watch out for your children and even worse not wanting to be with them: I wonder if they go to boarding school?

lemongrove Mon 04-Jun-18 22:48:11

It’s not a matter of ‘making excuses for her’ MaryE but the last time I looked this is a thread for our opinions on the subject, and that’s exactly what I did.
If you only wanted all others to agree with you, you should have said so and I wouldn't have bothered with this thread at all.

maryeliza54 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:55:11

Well apparently now KA has said that she’s not usually in Club but in Premium Economy about 4 rows in front. Well it wouldn’t happen in this family - I wonder if she’s got a book coming out?

maryeliza54 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:56:41

You clearly don’t understand what making excuses means - which is odd because you do it so often lemon

maryeliza54 Mon 04-Jun-18 23:11:06

It’s quite fun reading the Twitter feed on this - KA is getting very very cross and her language would horrify many on GN <whisper the dreaded f word ( multiple times) >Sadly for her credibility she has gone for the dreaded ‘drip feed’ which on MN is a hanging offence and is generally taken to mean you are not being entirely truthful. Oh dear. You should quit now Kirstie or at least don’t have another gin. And you should certainly be more careful when you respond to queries from the Sun ( unless of course you might be wanting to get some publicity which then all got a bit out of hand?) what’s the new book called btw?

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Jun-18 23:14:56

Doesn't she like them?
Perhaps they don't like her?
Perhaps what trisher said - She'd probably expect me to produce a macrame model of the aircraft or something similar grin

Just think how many of Kirstie's Christmas Decorations for children from plastic cups they could make on a long-haul flight!'s+christmas+decorations+for+children+from+plastic+cups&qpvt=kirstie%27s+christmas+decorations+for+children+from+plastic+cups&FORM=IGRE

lemongrove Mon 04-Jun-18 23:17:14

There are excuses and there are explanations for actions.
Since none of us know the exact reason she chose to seat her children away from her I was offering a possible explanation.
So what though?I cannot get worked up into an indignant froth over something as trivial over what a minor celeb does
Or doesn’t do.

maryeliza54 Mon 04-Jun-18 23:32:32

Oh stop being ridiculously pofaced lemon.This has been a harmless thread about a celebrity who clearly courts publicity - it makes a change from some other threads and has probably run its course now. What I have been surprised to find out is that this is not unheard of behaviour and what has been funny is finding out that KA uses very naughty words on Twitter

lemongrove Mon 04-Jun-18 23:38:52

Yes, am sure it has run it's course.grin
Po face, moi? Never. ?

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Jun-18 23:41:47

lemongrove just stated her opinion and someone picked up on it and said she was making excuses for Kirstie.
As far as I could tell, it was just an opinion ...........

NanaandGrampy Tue 05-Jun-18 01:53:12

I think it’s horrible ! Not the thread ? but for whatever her reason she doesn’t want to sit with her children.

I cannot imagine being separated on a plane from my children when they were younger. They may not need me but then again they might! It’s my job to be the parent not expect the airline staff or even worse total strangers to parent them.

Maybe even worse is those who do sit with their children and ignore the little darlings misbehaving!

Blencathra Tue 05-Jun-18 05:36:19

I can't believe the fuss! I agree with Kirstie and I don't think it good for children to be handed everything on a plate and take it for granted. Those who are flown everywhere by private jet would benefit greatly from having to queue up for a charter flight from Gatwick!
I flew Premium Economy for the first time recently and it was a real treat - it wouldn't have been had I never flown anything else.
They are not small children- they are teenagers and no doubt enjoy the independence. They do not need a nanny! I expect they were perfectly well behaved! I would be quite happy to sit next to them and don't expect for one minute that I would have to parent them. It is sad for teenagers if people automatically think they have no self discipline and can't behave without being policed by a parent in the next seat. I would have failed as a parent if my teenager couldn't be trusted to behave themselves on a flight.
Well done Kirstie for bringing up her children without a sense of entitlement. I have friends who have taught children who have money thrown at them and it is very bad for their characters. She didn't do it when they were little - she is showing them that when you are older, and if you earn it, you can treat yourself. I expect they will be far nicer people for it.

Blencathra Tue 05-Jun-18 05:37:44

I should think they will be thrilled to have the independence and to know that they will have massive criticism heaped upon the family if they misbehave!

Blencathra Tue 05-Jun-18 05:39:42

A pity that all families with money don't bring up their children to know the value of it e.g. all children of millionaires would benefit greatly from doing a Saturday job of a menial nature.

Blencathra Tue 05-Jun-18 05:54:21

My great nephew went on holiday with a friend's family for a week and then, as they were staying longer, they put him on Easyjet back to Gatwick where his parents collected him. He was a teenager - perfectly capable and perfectly well behaved!

Jane10 Tue 05-Jun-18 07:30:59

Amused to hear that Kirsty Allsopp is involved in a Twitter storm. She's so absolutely sure that she's correct about everything that it's always an outrage to her that others disagree.
I once dared to disagree with her on twitter and ended up having to block her after some of her responses. She's one bossy lady! (I'm being polite btw)

gillybob Tue 05-Jun-18 07:36:18

My DD flew to Cyprus unaccompanied several times from aged 12 -15 . She loved it. Always got the best treatment and often a row of seats to herself too. I wouldn’t have been happy if we were split up on a flight together though and to deliberately get seats apart seems very selfish to me, but hey ho, it takes all sorts .

Blencathra Tue 05-Jun-18 07:43:37

Since her children may well be flying off on a gap year in 2 or 3 years time it seems a sensible preparation to sit a few rows apart.

I saw Kirstie Allsopp on the subject on Twitter. She nearly made an innocuous comment about it and then got the type of response from newspapers that she has got in here. It was blown out of all proportion so I don't blame her for putting her side. It is unfortunate that people make mountains out of molehills. The whole washing machine thing was another that was blown out of all proportion from what she actually said.