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AIBU to hate this hot weather

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sazz1 Fri 29-Jun-18 22:43:57

As soon as the temperature goes over 23C I start to feel ill. I have to lie down somewhere cool as I feel weak and dizzy. The GP can do nothing to help apart from saying stay indoors out of the sun. Now everyone else is loving the weather, neighbours are out sunbathing and eating al fresco, local toddlers splashing in paddling pools etc and I'm laying on my bed day after day feeling awful. Sorry to moan but is anyone else in the same boat and can't wait until Autumn?

ginny Sat 30-Jun-18 10:00:19

Eating ?!! Wearing.

gerry86 Sat 30-Jun-18 10:08:05

I seem to have managed to keep the house quite cool so far which is nice and we can sleep OK. We have to go to Dubai next week on business and I am dreading it, forty plus degrees and high humidity.

annodomini Sat 30-Jun-18 10:27:30

When I go to bed, I find my bedroom - on the south west side - has soaked up the heat during the day, even with the curtains drawn, so I fall asleep with the fan on and turn it off when I have to spend a penny during the night. So the heat is not affecting my sleep at all. If I do spend any time in the kitchen - rarely - there's a little fan heater/cooler under the cooker which keeps my feet cool!

eazybee Sat 30-Jun-18 10:41:59

Dear me. Just a few days of high temperatures and the whingeing starts.
I have great sympathy for people who have to work and commute in this heat, wear particular clothing/uniforms, work in crowded airless rooms or outside with little shade, or are patients in hospital, all of which I have experienced.
But if retired and at home all day it is perfectly easy to arrange one's time to avoid high temperatures and create cool areas. Who cares if it is necessary to lie down all afternoon?
I am just thankful that people's complaints have absolutely no effect on the weather.
I also enjoy the snow and the cold.

MawBroon Sat 30-Jun-18 11:06:05

Oh come on eazybee it wouldn’t be summer without somebody complaining about the heat! grin
I did try to put it slightly more tactfully though ........

Jane10 Sat 30-Jun-18 11:12:22

I splashed out on a Dyson tower fan. It's wonderful. I can angle to suit and increase the 'blow' as required. I put off getting one but with this heat and impending post op incarceration I'm so glad I got one.

Anniebach Sat 30-Jun-18 11:24:48

And it wouldn’t be winter without people complaining about being snowed up.

How unkind to accuse anyone who is affected by this heat of whinging

Bellanonna Sat 30-Jun-18 11:37:39

Come on Annie, it wouldn’t be Gransnet without someone complaining of someone else’s “whingeing”. Hope you’re ok x

henetha Sat 30-Jun-18 11:44:09

I'm going to add my bit of "whingeing"... I spent all winter longing for a bit of summer, but now it's's toooooo hot! A few degrees cooler would be better.
So I sympathise, Sazzle

Anniebach Sat 30-Jun-18 11:45:15

But not when they are feeling most unwell Bella surely.

So a whinger whinging about someone they consider a whinger ?

I am ok thanks, x

Anniebach Sat 30-Jun-18 11:47:06

I claim the gold medal for whingeing about winter and that white stuff

Bellanonna Sat 30-Jun-18 11:52:53

You are absolutely not a whinger Annie. You are a remarkably strong person who tries hard to deal with her fears.

Anniebach Sat 30-Jun-18 11:58:50

A heatwave , I mention the white stuff and start panicking , in June ?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 30-Jun-18 12:16:29

Well I am thoroughly enjoying this weather, I sit outside for a while and come in to cool off. Admittedly I cannot lay out and sunbathe as I used to (always with a high spf ).

We have had a rainwater harvest tank under part of our lawn/deck installed several years ago. Which thanks to our wet and snowy winter is full so we are able to water plants, vegetables and lawn.

I am just doing everything I can (leg permitting) slowly and at the cooler ends of the day. I think living in Southern Europe for 6months a year every year during my late 20s and 30's, has made it easier to cope with our glorious summer, long may it last.

My sympathies are with fellow gransnetters who are finding it too hot and making them feel poorly, cold water bottles, and lots of fluids help. Also heard on the radio someone saying that covering yourself over with a damp sheet is a very effective way to keep cool. ??????⛱⛱⛱

Grandma70s Sat 30-Jun-18 12:17:30

Ooh, snow! What a lovely thought.

Central heating works. I don’t have air conditioning, so winter is much more manageable than a hot summer. I’m doing better today simply because I don’t have to go anywhere or have anyone coming here, so I am still in my very cool nightie. Also there is a slight breeze.

MawBroon Sat 30-Jun-18 13:58:11

Does anybody in the UK have Aircon? Where I come from its called opening a window.
But for all those suffering I have 6 words of comfort

GrannyGravy13 Sat 30-Jun-18 14:04:18

2 of my DS's have aircon upstairs in their bedrooms.

Grandma70s Sat 30-Jun-18 14:07:53

Opening a window doesn’t help when the air outside is just as hot as the air inside.

FlexibleFriend Sat 30-Jun-18 15:41:37

I'm so hot and sweating like a pig it's making me feel sick. I'm immobile at the minute waiting for knee surgery but for some reason the past two days I haven't been able to place any weight on one leg even with the aid of crutches I'm struggling to do the necessities such as going to the loo or changing the ice pack on my leg. I'd like a nice cold shower right now but the reality is the effects wear off in about 5 minutes anyway. So I'll just sit here with my legs raised trying to shift the swelling and keep changing my ice pack trying to convince myself I'm enjoying my life of leisure. I certainly sympathise with anyone else struggling to cope with the heat.

annodomini Sat 30-Jun-18 16:10:55

Thank you, Maw. I refuse to feel nostalgic for the Beast from the East.

JustALaugh Sat 30-Jun-18 16:45:49

I hate it too....I am fair-skinned with freckles, so I burn easily. I have migraines, Asthma, hay fever and Rosacea, which are all made worse by the sun. I stay indoors, whenever possible, in the heat. When I so have to go out (I still work part-time), I wear SPF50, take my inhaler and antihistamines, and keep the air-con on in my car. I drink lots too. Not much else to do about it....

Bluegal Sat 30-Jun-18 17:02:56

I can't get enough of this weather! I am fair skinned and never sunbathe because I just burn, but I love it.

Am with Mawbroon ...the problem is in the UK people are just not used to it and have problems adapting. Why not do as they do on the continent? OK maybe not a lot of us have air con in the house but embrace it....get up early...sleep during the hottest times if you need to (if you don't have to work). Get fans going..... forget about housework!

I don't have a problem with people not liking the hot weather but many of same people detest the bad weather too! Can't count how many people (I know) complain "we haven't had a summer" on a particularly bad one and then same people say " can't wait for winter" on a good one. What do they want? Temperatures to suit them? Oh wait...we will order it then eh?

Just enjoy it guys -while it lasts - make adjustments to your particular needs.

BlueBelle Sat 30-Jun-18 17:22:16

Each to their own I love it and can’t get enough of it the cold weather makes me depressed but we all have to adapt If you feel unwell in hot weather stay in the cool and for me I have to wrap up and try not to feel too miserable in the intolerable cold that went in and on this year

We get about one month if we are very very very lucky a year that’s warm to hot and usually nine or ten months cold dull and miserable so hang in there and please allow us our month of happiness
It was freezing grey dull and raining up to a couple of weeks ago

annep Sat 30-Jun-18 21:06:47

Well its fine to say we are retired and can rest all afternoon. But I have had enough of not being able to do anything. My husband isnt so bad so perhaps its because I have fibromyalgia and M.E. But my life is practically on hold. I'm sick of tv and radio. And my wrists are more painful whuch makes holding a book difficult. And painting group is out. I'm feeling really grumpy. Sorry for the big moan. Such a shame because the early morning warm sunshine is lovely. Having said that I'm enjoying the Carpenters on Channel 5 atm.

NfkDumpling Sat 30-Jun-18 21:07:25

How hot is it in the rest of the UK?

Here in the East, on that bit that sticks out into the North Sea, every day I’ve listened to the forecast and closed the curtains on the sunny side and opened the windows on the shaded side and the house has stayed cool. But, actually the temperature outside hasn’t got much above the mid twenty’s. And a nice breeze most days too. It’s been rather nice. Has it been really, really hot elsewhere?