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Moaning Leavers, an explanation

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Bridgeit Sat 04-Aug-18 08:28:37

Given the length of the very informative cut & paste articles posted on this site ref Leaving EU,isn’t it time leavers stopped saying ‘just get on with it’ surely if the cut & pastes are anything to go by, it is not rocket science to see that it is ,as many already realised a nigh on impossible task to unravel at anything like the speed leavers expect.. please get a reality check & let the Lady get on with finishing what has been started without criticising her handling of the negotiations. Seems some just love a scapegoat .

HootyMcOwlface Sat 04-Aug-18 11:24:34

I don’t think TM was a true remainer, she seems hell bent on leaving whatever the consequences. She had her eye on her career and followed the party line, as no one really thought the leave vote would win, did they.

Jane10 Sat 04-Aug-18 11:35:14

I disagree Hooty what part of anyone's career plan would that poisoned chalice be? I think it's remarkable that she hasn't just told the backstabbing lot of them where to go and walked out herself!

Poppyred Sat 04-Aug-18 11:37:02

Yes please MawBroon men who love this country! Nothing wrong with being British, apparently we have to apologise for it according to left wingers!

Jane10 Sat 04-Aug-18 11:39:11

I read an interesting article by a professor of politics. In it he suggested that this is actually a national emergency and we should have a coalition government just as we did in the war. All working together for the benefit of the country and dumping stupid infighting and party politics.

Luckygirl Sat 04-Aug-18 11:39:46

I am not sure I understand your post Poppy - who says we must apologise for being British? What makes you think that is a left-wing trait?

Joelsnan Sat 04-Aug-18 11:44:15

Why would Poland and Czech Republic agree to anything TM offered?
Countries like these are the slave puppets to the greater EU. Having 'sold their souls to the devil' in return for EU subsidies. The are probably the ones that put the least in the coffers and take the most out.
These countries will have their subsidies cut or will be required to pay more come Brexit. Of course they dont like it.

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Aug-18 11:46:10

I agree 100% Jane10 with your post @ 11:39 today. Well said

MawBroon Sat 04-Aug-18 11:48:08

Oh don’t be silly Poppy career politicians like BoJo, JRM Farage , Gove et al are no higher-principled than any body else in parliament - not that it would be hard in some cases.
Although I could be persuaded that there are some very principled men and women on the back benches on both sides.

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Aug-18 11:56:17

Joelsnan, in regard to your post @ 11:44 today, then yes Poland and the Czech Republic do gain much from their membership of the EU.

However, that begs the question, why did Theresa May go to those countries looking for support on Britains position in regard to leaving the EU.

I believe her actions in going just demonstrates how ill thought out, confused and weak Britains position has now become in these negotiations

Luckygirl Sat 04-Aug-18 11:58:58

I think that we should ask why there were so many people who voted to leave - they can't all be thick idiots as many posts imply. If we just confine ourselves to insulting them, how can we begin to understand their lives and their reasoning?

Some people had good reason to fear greater immigration. The net benefit to the country has passed them by, and no-one in power seems to care. If you are an unskilled worker then you do have reason to fear for your job.

Poppyred Sat 04-Aug-18 12:04:11

Don’t call me silly MawBroon! Why would anyone want to stay in the most corrupt set up that ever was, headed by a drunk and bleeding us dry whilst laughing in our faces!

Poppyred Sat 04-Aug-18 12:07:17

DC had his chance to negotiate a better deal and failed miserably- I don’t think anyone can win against them, they have too much to lose - pigs and trough comes to mind. It’s no wonder we voted out!

MawBroon Sat 04-Aug-18 12:07:45

That was not the point. Poppy your assumption that we need a strong patriot sounds awfully like views our parents generation heard in the 30’s.

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Aug-18 12:21:03

Poppyred, David Cameron did not try to negotiate a better deal with the European Union, he requested that the EU give Britain a better deal while at the same time assuring them that we would not vote to leave.

Therefore, the EU did not give Britain a better deal as after all they had been assured by offering nothing, nothing would happen.

It was just a simple logic to them, and the first Britains many blunders in this whole sad saga.

Poppyred Sat 04-Aug-18 12:22:03

Sorry I don’t agree. There is nothing wrong with being patriotic- it seems to be a dirty word these days..... how ridiculous is that! Your reference to the 30s proves my point!

Craicon Sat 04-Aug-18 12:24:42

OMG! TM’s failure to secure a good deal is down to her not being patriotic enough. Of course, it is.

And they wonder why we think Leavers are a bunch of thick rascists? ??‍♀️

merlotgran Sat 04-Aug-18 12:25:46

The reason I dithered over voting Leave was because I was unhappy about supporting anything headed by Gove, Boris and the token woman. (whoever she was) I did vote Leave in the end but for my own reasons and nothing to do with any rubbish written on the side of a bus.

I was disgusted when I read that Gove had gone to bed and had to be roused by his wife because reporters were on the doorstep. He clearly would have been much happier if Remain had won. The way he and Boris behaved in the aftermath was shameful.

TM is doing the best she can in the circumstances. There's no magic wand.

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Aug-18 12:27:01

From 1939 until 1945 Britain was instrumental in saving Europe from its lack of forethought and preparation.

It would seem now in 2018 that Britain is looking to those same countries to save us from our lack of forethought and preparation. confused

merlotgran Sat 04-Aug-18 12:28:04

And they wonder why we think Leavers are a bunch of thick rascists?

That's a very insulting remark, Craicon

Bridgeit Sat 04-Aug-18 12:35:28

No such person exists at this present time.
Perhaps there should be a temporary coalition government until this sorry mess is sorted out.

Poppyred Sat 04-Aug-18 12:47:33

Craicon - you have just proved my point as well, to be patriotic is racist apparently. A lot of people share your views unfortunately.

Elegran Sat 04-Aug-18 13:12:45

She could be the most patriotic person on this earth, , it doesn't automatically make her able to negotiate a deal with people who don't want any of the things she can offer in return. That takes a whole lot of other attributes too, some of which are distinctly UNpatriotic.

There is a line where patriotism becomes jingoism (change " We don't want to fight but by jingo, if we do . ." to "I don't want to threaten to nuke all your EU capitals to make you agree with me but by jingo if I do . . ."

Joelsnan Sat 04-Aug-18 14:08:42

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Aug-18 11:56:
I , along with the rest of us on this site are not party to the content of TM's discussions. It is all surmise, however, my assumption of her visit to Poland and Czech Republic was to reiterate the vast amount of trade and manpower that has occurred between our countries in recent years. Failure to agree a deal acceptable to both sides would probably be far worse for these countries.
Whether they recognise this or are too bothered about losing EU subsidies and having to pay more when UK contributions and free movement ends is for them to decide.

Joelsnan Sat 04-Aug-18 14:12:32

And they wonder why we think Leavers are a bunch of thick rascists? ??‍♀️

I sincerely hope you are doing yourself a disservice with this comment.

lemongrove Sat 04-Aug-18 14:17:08

Good posts Joelsnan and actually T May should be visiting every country in the EU for this same purpose ( granted 27 is a lot of countries.)
The countries in Eastern Europe have a lot to lose by us coming out.