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To worry about future generations

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Joelsnan Wed 12-Sep-18 15:55:18

I woke early this morning so lay listening to world service/radio 4 till time to get up.
There was a report of a prison officer who had more than 25 years service and was giving a report to some committee. He stated that the type of prisoner had changed markedly recently. At one time the majority would 'get their heads down' and either take courses or just see out there time. He literally stated that the prisons are now filled with feral youths, who are very aggressive, cannot take instruction or direction.
This got me thinking, but later in the day i turned the TV to see a hearbroken man sat in his dilapidated car with his children around him as the baliffs came to call.
And i wondered what sort of society do we want to leave to those who follow.
Schools teach English to an infinite depth when wouldnt a good level of comprehension, vocabulary, reading and spelling suffice. Time save could reinstate domestic science teaching how to cook cheaply and nutritiously. Mathetmatics has always taught parts that for most are destined to the wastebin of the brain. Why not teach money management. We should also teach saving, if you cant afford it, save for it. One of those BBC programmes 'Live well for Less', highlights just how precarious so many families are with their flash homes, clothes, cars and holidays and no back up in case of redundancy or illness.
The mental health issue has soared, is this because as a society we are not gifting our children the tools and resilience to cope with the actul realities of life.

Joelsnan Sun 16-Sep-18 14:48:35

I admit to having difficulty posting on an IPad, especially without my glasses (which I often mis-place) and chemo making the ends of my fingers numb. I admit to missing the odd spelling and grammar check. However i can assure you that i am a whizz on a standard keyboard, and you have no knowledge whatsoever of my educational attainment which may well exceed yours.
I would never ever feel i have the right to mention errors in grammar, spelling or composition of anyone elses post. I am just happy that they have this media to express themselves, however this may be, sad you don't feel the same way. sad

M0nica Sun 16-Sep-18 15:16:07

This idea of any social group drifting from man to man collecting children as they go, is an illusion.

Only 13% of single parents have more than two children, less than any other group (married parents, parents cohabiting).

Joelsnan Sun 16-Sep-18 15:43:59

I would imagine being a single parent (for those who want a good future for their children), as being a really hard job. I have nothing but admiration for those parents.

There are two parent families where parents either overindulge their offspring, or are so self consumed that the children are almost ignored or live by the 'anything for a quiet life' mantra.
Generalisations are difficult therefore parenting classes should be available to all pregnant or new parents.

Bridgeit Sun 16-Sep-18 18:48:30

I Agree with everything you have said Joelsnan , society has changed in so many ways in recent years, with many young people living very unstable lives, often with no one to turn to. It is very sad, many never get the opportunity to live a stable life.