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Nvella Thu 18-Oct-18 16:31:46

Is anyone else driven mad by requests for reviews by EVERYONE. You can’t go to the dentist, doctor, buy anything on line, contact your insurance company without being asked to review it. I bought a £2 zip on line last week and now the have 15 questions they want me to answer about it!

BlueBelle Thu 18-Oct-18 16:47:19

I ve never been asked for a review by a dentist or a doctor or even buying things The only time I get asked is if I ve had help from a company like apple or telephone provider but it’s up to you whether you want to give one or not
Just ignore them if you not willing or annoyed by them

phoenix Thu 18-Oct-18 17:09:54

On the other hand, I do find the product reviews on Amazon quite helpful, really useful recently when looking for a new torch.

However, a review of a cat treat dispensing toy where a woman said "useless, my cat wasn't interested at all" made me wonder if it was the cat that was"useless" grin

BTW, we actually have the toy, Oliver Sprout happily bats it around, Minnie really just CBA

sodapop Thu 18-Oct-18 17:35:22

I buy a lot of things on line and get fed up with constant requests for feedback. I only comply now if the item or service is especially good or bad.

BlueBelle Thu 18-Oct-18 17:39:58

I buy quite a lot on line too perhaps I just blank them out ?

folly22 Thu 18-Oct-18 17:52:43

I went to the phone shop for an upgrade. The girl who served me was very keen that I should give her at least 8 out of 10 for service when the review came through. Anything less she said and she would get into trouble. The service wasn’t frightful just rather mediocre. I certainly wouldn’t have given her the score she wanted. So when the request for the review came through, I ignored it.

BBbevan Thu 18-Oct-18 20:03:24

We have this poem, cut out from a magazine, pinned on a board in our kitchen.

My name is Ozymandius
King of Kings
Look upon my works ye mighty
And please take a moment to tell us what you thought

We really value your feedback.

M0nica Fri 19-Oct-18 09:15:49

Click on 'no', ignore or delete.

Disneyfan Fri 19-Oct-18 10:07:04

I work in the Nhs and we have to ask each patient to fill in a questionnaire about their care. Feedback is then posted on each ward to show how well/Or not they are doing.

jenni123 Fri 19-Oct-18 10:10:28

Igf you buy anything online and it is not up to scratch but the company will not do anything to rectify it (usually companies from abroad) just go online and make an honest review of how bad it is, I am betting you will get the problem sorted ASAP. I purchased a portable DVD player, it did work but had couple of faults. I published this online, I had an email offering £15 refund (item cost £80) I was then asked to change the review, I said that I wouldn't change it as it was an honest review listing the faults, a week later I received a replacement DVD and was told I did not have to send the 1st one back. I updated the review to reflect this.

Coconut Fri 19-Oct-18 10:22:56

Life’s too short ... delete them all !!

Kim19 Fri 19-Oct-18 10:46:00

I used to only feedback when I had something constructive to say, often negative. Usually inneffective with the result that I now ignore them all.k

Bagatelle Fri 19-Oct-18 10:53:46

Sometimes there is more information in the reviews than in the original sales pitch, e.g. exact measurements or tips about assembly.

Jaycee5 Fri 19-Oct-18 11:12:51

I agree. I do read the reviews but sometimes you get handed a device and asked to put in a review while the men are there. That happened when my tv aerial was changed over (he turned up very late and was very bad tempered and I just wanted to get rid of him so didn't want to write a bad one). Also, when I had a bed delivered and set up.
You get asked to review what you bought and the delivery company. Sometimes they really nag.
If you want them to take notice of a complaint, Trustpilot is probably the best place to put it, or on their facebook page.

Jane10 Fri 19-Oct-18 11:14:10

I do like TripAdvisor though and often write reviews. If I see an especially good or extra bad review I check the person's previous reviews. So many possibilities for personal preferences which might not be the same as mine.

Margs Fri 19-Oct-18 11:22:04

Vodaphone keep texting me saying "help us to improve our service to you".........well, stop pestering me with your texts for a start - we all know any answer I give will make no damn difference!

Kazza1 Fri 19-Oct-18 11:22:25

It is annoying, but I find reviews useful and leave positive and negative feedback

Hebdenali Fri 19-Oct-18 11:47:17

I often think that the reviews are for the company or organisation to work out just how little they have to offer or provide regarding service that they can get away with. I totally ignore them unless it has been very bad or very good indeed.

harrigran Fri 19-Oct-18 11:59:34

Every time I visit the GP or Dentist I get a text asking me to rate my visit. I also get asked to go online and rate Aldi, Morrisons and Halfords. Most of the time I really CNBA.

grannybuy Fri 19-Oct-18 12:12:46

I sometimes 'take part', but no one replies with an apology when the review reflects poor service or quality. I would value their feedback!

sarahellenwhitney Fri 19-Oct-18 12:15:39

No reviews is in my opinion that I am happy with their services.I will let them know when I am not happy with their service.
However I do review an 'item' I have purchased on line as my purchases are made based on others views.

Charleygirl5 Fri 19-Oct-18 12:15:46

I find honest reviews useful at times and they can save me time and money. Recently I saw a pair of slippers on line, heavily reduced. I take a size 6 and most reviews said that the sizing was bizarre and one should order two sizes larger. I thought it weird ordering size 8 but I am so pleased that I did because they were a perfect fit. I would have had the hassle and expense of returning the size 6 ones if I had ordered them.

I do object being asked to review a pack of large black plastic bags I had ordered. I ignored that request.

Hm999 Fri 19-Oct-18 12:33:58

Love TripAdvisor, and the reviews on Airbnb are so informative

Craftycat Fri 19-Oct-18 12:34:09

Yes yes yes!!!

The latest thing is asking for a review of anywhere I have visited- even local shops.
I think it is something to do with my phone picking up my locations. I am trying to turn it off!

I just ignore them now.

Nandalot Fri 19-Oct-18 13:09:37

Yes, I get fed up being asked for reviews but do tend to respond, especially if a good/bad experience. I do often read reviews, especially comparing products.
Phoenix, it might have been my review on the cat toy! (Though I think I was more polite than that!) In my defence, said cat toy was passed on to another two year old cat. He didn’t do anything with it either so our friends passed it on to his brother who lives next door. Don’t know how he got on. I think your Oliver Sprout is an exceptionally talented cat.