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Nannymags27 Tue 13-Nov-18 15:02:22

AIBU in wanting the heating tweaked up just a tad during the daytime? DH won’t have the heating on until the evening. I really don’t want to be in my own home with a thick sweater on all day! As I write, my nose is cold!!

Jane10 Tue 13-Nov-18 15:05:05

Ah the cold nose test. If my nose is cold I put on the heating.
If the cat is sitting on front of the fireplace and looking reproachfully at me I also have to put that on!

Buffybee Tue 13-Nov-18 15:09:14

What do you mean Dh won't have the heating on?
Surely you have a say in being comfortable in your own home?
Turn your heating up and be warm, if he starts being awkward, tell him 👋 bye and go and sit reading in the library or buy a coffee and stay warm there.
What right has he to dictate to you?

kittylester Tue 13-Nov-18 15:12:21

Do you know where rhe thermostat is? Turn it up!

tanith Tue 13-Nov-18 15:30:19

Blooming cheek I say if you’re cold turn it up, is it the cost he’s worried about?

J52 Tue 13-Nov-18 15:53:52

There’s no point having heating, if you’re cold! Have you got radiator thermostats?
If so have the heating on,with your radiator where you’re sitting up high. Put the others on low ( being economical) and refuse to leave the room your in!

Nannymags27 Wed 14-Nov-18 08:23:47

Worry not! I know how to turn the heating on. And I do. And then sit back and watch the husband peeling off the layers of sweaters...grumbling!

MawBroon Wed 14-Nov-18 08:35:10

My friend was complaining that her heating didn’t seem to be working properly this year and she always felt cold so I suggested somebody might have turned the thermostat down -perhaps accidentally or when it was milder - and she assured me she doesn’t have one! Her DH has Alzheimer’s so no use asking him but do I go looking for myself or just let it go? Thermostats are usually such obvious things in the hall or wherever, I felt a little nonplussed!

DoraMarr Wed 14-Nov-18 08:48:41

I have my own home, so the heating is just as I like it. However, my partner’s big Edwardian house is always cold. He doesn’t feel the cold- he says it’s due to his boarding school upbringing- so I always dress for arctic conditions at his house, and have a blanket and a hot water bottle when I’m watching tv. Still have a cold nose, though. He, on the other hand, complains that my apartment is too hot. It’s a good job we don’t live together.

Marydoll Wed 14-Nov-18 08:51:28

Maw, that is a bit of a dilemma. There has to be some way of controlling your friend's heating. Would she be offended if you suggested having a look? How does she set the time?
DH suggested it would be a good idea to get the Hive to control our heating, as it was free with our new boiler.
It certainly was!
He doesn't feel the cold and lets the heating go off, complains when I put it back on, as I'm always cold. Now I just go upstairs and boost it using my tablet without him being any the wiser.grin

Brunette10 Wed 14-Nov-18 08:54:43

I hate being cold, especially in my own home. We also have Hive and think it's wonderful. Fortunately both DH and I must have same body temperature as there are not normally discussions about heating on/off. Hive is brilliant esp when your not at home so on the way home you can put it on from your phone - brilliant I say.

J52 Wed 14-Nov-18 09:43:59

We are also Hive converts. Not only can we control the heating in our main home, but also in our second home, in rural Scotland so it’s warm when we arrive and not liable to frost damage.
We have invested in automatic light switches/ bulbs that we control from our phones. The lights go off and on at your choosing. Hopefully fooling any would be intruders!

Izabella Wed 14-Nov-18 10:14:46

Its not really cold enough yet but I have to admit when we do turn the heating on its always me turning it down and opening windows. I see we have a cold snap forecast next weekend so maybe then .......

Marthjolly1 Wed 14-Nov-18 14:39:16

nannymags27 give him salads for dinner explaining you are trying to save on the fuel costs of cooking until it gets really cold.

M0nica Wed 14-Nov-18 14:56:18

If it is a very old boiler it could be controlled from the boiler. You set the boiler temperature and then the clock. It might also be controlled by thermostats on the radiator with one uncontrolled radiator on the system. Failing that she may simply not know what the thermostat looks like.

I worked for British Gas on the domestic side for a couple of years and sat near the Home Service Advisors and I was continually amazed from overhearing their phone calls, how very little some people knew or understood about their heating systems.

If the boiler is 20 years old or less there will be a thermostat somewhere, usually incorporated with the timer. Ask her where the timer is for her heating and where that is you will almost definitely find the thermostat.

Scribbles Wed 14-Nov-18 15:26:49

Not necessarily, M0nica. Our boiler's only 18 months old but, while the timer and other controls are alongside the boiler in the airing cupboard, the main thermostat is on the living room wall and quite discreetly located behind the door so that you have to look for it to find it.

Cabbie21 Wed 14-Nov-18 16:38:46

DH always used to complain that his mother’s Bungalow was far too hot, and when we stayed he would immediately turn down the heating. Now he is older, and sitting around more, he feels the cold, so now our house is too hot. I am forever turning radiators down or off, then he turns them up. We never used to have the rad on in our bedroom but now I wake up roasting. I can’t win this one.

SunnySusie Wed 14-Nov-18 17:00:18

We have been playing the thermostat game for decades. OH walks past and turns it down, I walk past and turn it up. I put the fire on and he turns it off. I shut the windows and he opens them. He reckons he is normal and I say I am. Caught him out the other day though, he admitted the visitors who are currently sharing his office at work are sitting in overcoats.

MawBroon Wed 14-Nov-18 17:02:55

My old boiler (replaced 10 years ago) was installed when the house was built in the 70’s and had a thermostat in the hall which is still in use.
The boiler thermostat is something else.

crazyH Wed 14-Nov-18 17:39:23

I can please myself. I can keep the heating on or off if I want to. That's because I don't have a husband / partner. Heating is one thing I won't Scrooge on . I have lung problems ....I need to be warm.

M0nica Wed 14-Nov-18 17:43:24

Our timer/thermostat is free standing and we can move it around. Currently it lives in the study, where we spend most of our day time hours..

Melanieeastanglia Wed 14-Nov-18 19:15:00

Personally, I don't think you are being unreasonable but I suppose one person's "hot" is another person's "cold". Two people often think differently about heat.

Is your husband worried about cost?

Jomarie Wed 14-Nov-18 19:33:01

Sunnysusie we are the same !! Am fairly ambivalent about it nowadays but it used to drive me crazy when he went to work (4pm to midnight shift) leaving me and 3 children at home - and he had turned the heating off as he didn't need it!!!!

Allegretto Wed 14-Nov-18 23:27:48

I was hanging out of bed all night and woke up roasting this morning. It turned out the heating had been left on all night by mistake.

Lyndiloo Thu 15-Nov-18 02:06:17

Oh, my hubby and I are soooo different. He is a cold person, and I am a hot one. So many rows about the heating! And every time (in the winter) when I open a window, he shuts it. Drives me mad! And the heating is up so high, that I am sweating! Not good (for me).