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To dislike New Year’s Eve?

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Tooglamtogiveadamn Wed 19-Dec-18 15:02:01

I love Christmas and the festive period, but I don’t like New Year’s Eve. I think it is just an excuse to drink alcohol and party. Everything is just loud and everyone is rowdy and drunk. I think it is a consumerism driven, pathetic excuse to drink. I think I may officially be an old grump!

Tooglamtogiveadamn Wed 19-Dec-18 15:03:52


Anja Wed 19-Dec-18 15:05:42

Yes, you are definitely an old grump ?

Gonegirl Wed 19-Dec-18 15:08:10

I don't like it. It is the beginning of the Christmas period being over.

Charleygirl5 Wed 19-Dec-18 15:09:28

I like it as we are getting closer to spring.

Gonegirl Wed 19-Dec-18 15:09:36

Although I continue it on my own until 6th Jan, when I get knackered all over again taking the decs down.

Gonegirl Wed 19-Dec-18 15:09:55

I think I might be an old grump.

Gonegirl Wed 19-Dec-18 15:10:55

Nope! That doesn't do it for me charleygirl. I like Winter.

Gonegirl Wed 19-Dec-18 15:12:01

I might have mixed two threads up here. confused

DoraMarr Wed 19-Dec-18 15:14:51

I used to spend New Year in Scotland visiting my husband’s family. I don’t drink much, so I was usually the designated driver, going from house to house with a car full of first- footing men. It was really boring being the only sober one at each house, listening to the same stories and the same songs over and over! When my marriage ended I would always go out, usually to friends who threw a great party. Then their marriage ended and I went to other parties, with less enthusiasm. One New Year I had a cold, persuaded myself I was too ill to go out, and spent the evening watching “Cinema Paradiso” with a nice glass or two of wine. It was lovely. Ever since then I have spent New Years Eve on my own with a good meal, a film and a nice bottle of wine.

petra Wed 19-Dec-18 15:16:02

What's wrong with an excuse to drink alcohol and have a party? Speaking personally, we don't need an 'excuse'
If you don't like it, don't join in.

Tooglamtogiveadamn Wed 19-Dec-18 15:20:12

doramarr the designated driver sounds hellish, the wine and television sounds heavenly!tchsmile

Greyduster Wed 19-Dec-18 15:42:45

I’m not a New Year person. It heralds the worst of the winter weather and there is not a lot of good news in the world to cause one to be optimistic. I’m always feel as if I am staring down a long dark tunnel!

phoenix Wed 19-Dec-18 15:50:04

Loathe it! All that "let's hope this one is better than the last!"

usually same old stuff, but with a different number!

Mr P and I spend it indoors, on our own, despite living quite close to Bideford, a popular venue for New Year's Eve celebrations.

I believe that it is listed as one of the top 10 locations for places to go to for New Year's Eve! There are even coach parties organised to go there!

Charleygirl5 Wed 19-Dec-18 15:54:59

phoenix I also would stay well clear of Bideford- I love my own house too much.

Alima Wed 19-Dec-18 15:55:21

Now you’re talking Tytgad! I hate NYE too! The best day coming up is the 21st Dec. Get over that and it’s downhill till spring.

Grannybags Wed 19-Dec-18 16:05:56

The only reason I like it is because at midnight the Christmas season is over and it's a whole year till I have to live through another one!

I agree Alima - I enjoy the shortest day!

crystaltipps Wed 19-Dec-18 16:07:41

Well you don’t have to party if you don’t want to. I’m in the “any excuse for a celebration” camp. We always have a get together with a few neighbours, everyone brings a bottle and a buffet dish, we dress up, eat, drink, chat, laugh, and someone usually organises a few silly parlour games. Maybe even fireworks at midnight and some other neighbours may then come in and join in. Half a minute to walk home when we’ve had enough.

sodapop Wed 19-Dec-18 16:08:19

Sounds ideal DoraMarr we are not party people either so a good film and a bottle for us.
Some friends invite us to a murder mystery party each NY, we confessed that it was just not for us after the last one. Each to their own.

Willow500 Wed 19-Dec-18 16:19:27

I've always hated it once I moved away from up north as a child where it was a great night of fun and first footing and my wonderful aunts and uncles always threw huge parties. Now it's full of forced gaiety and all that kissing at midnight which I also hate. We've usually gone to bed well before the fireworks start however this year we are having a couple of friends round who also hate it so I've bought several daft games to hopefully have a laugh. Bah humbug!

Floradora9 Wed 19-Dec-18 16:20:52

At least at New Year's Eve you can just go to bed. We have not been awake at mighdnight for years. Christmas you cannot avoid as it is everywhere and I hate it . I long for the days when Christmas meant going to church on Christmas morning with the children and they wpould take one gift to show to everyone. Our minister was good about getting the children to the front and asking them what they had brought. Christmas dinner was good but not over the top and we were never once awake in the early hours with children looking for presents. We used to lie in bed waiting for them to waken . DD was afraid Santa would still be in the house.

Auntieflo Wed 19-Dec-18 16:44:00

I like it because the family come here for lunch and a get together. Now they are all grown and have their own families, children and grandchildren, it’s not often we all gather. So, if I am fit enough, I enjoy it. Fingers crossed. ?

Greta8 Wed 19-Dec-18 17:20:48

I usually loathe it, Christmas is over - and bleak January still to get through. But yay!!!!! this year will be celebrating - going to be a granny for the first time. So a new life to look forward to.

Grandma70s Wed 19-Dec-18 17:24:58

I hate it, and try to get to sleep before the noise starts. It’s just another year, nothing special. I used to enjoy it when I was a young teenager and thrilled to be still up at midnight. Not since. Nothing worse than fake jollification.

NanKate Wed 19-Dec-18 17:44:35

We always have a nice meal and drinks on NYE and maybe watch a special programme I have videod, then I take myself to bed and DH tinkers about and if the weather is good goes out onto the Green in front of our house to watch the firework display down in the valley. I can be heard muttering ‘Not those bloody fireworks again’ and then I drift off.