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To dislike New Year’s Eve?

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Tooglamtogiveadamn Wed 19-Dec-18 15:02:01

I love Christmas and the festive period, but I don’t like New Year’s Eve. I think it is just an excuse to drink alcohol and party. Everything is just loud and everyone is rowdy and drunk. I think it is a consumerism driven, pathetic excuse to drink. I think I may officially be an old grump!

Chewbacca Wed 19-Dec-18 17:52:08

I spent years going out to New Year's Eve parties and I always dreaded the inevitable kissing and hugging at midnight, from drunken men with halitosis, eurgh! Now I'm in charge of how I spend my time, I don't intend to spend one more New Year's Eve with anyone ever again! Good book, cup of tea and log fire to curl up beside. Perfect!

Tooglamtogiveadamn Wed 19-Dec-18 18:23:41

chewbacca eurgh! tchenvy (not envy).

Anniebach Wed 19-Dec-18 18:42:59

I have had the same routine for years , bed before midnight, radio4 on, come midnight ‘ May we all at the BBC wish you a happy new year, here is the news ‘, that’s it. Hate January , horrible month .

SueDonim Wed 19-Dec-18 18:47:28

I get all maudlin at New Year - and that's before any drink! I witter on about how another year's gone by, nothing achieved blah, blah, blah, then once midnight has been and gone and we're actually in the new year, I'm fine again. grin

Last year I had flu so it pretty much passed me by. I'm hoping not to repeat that this year!

BlueBelle Wed 19-Dec-18 18:50:15

Goodbye Christmas goodbye New year ...Spring and summer s on its way If you’re on your own or children grown and flown at least in spring summer you can get out and about see people talk to people
Dark days, long dark nights shut in out the cold not a jolly time, well for me anyway

dragonfly46 Wed 19-Dec-18 18:55:16

Hate it and really not looking forward to January this year!!

grumppa Wed 19-Dec-18 19:12:40

We haven't gone out on New Year's Eve for years, but we always stay up for a drink at midnight to see the New Year in. GM always stayed up to see the Old Year out, as she put it.

Beau Wed 19-Dec-18 20:06:57

I went to one NYE party when I was 16 - someone was sick all down the dress I had spent a weeks wages on ?
Then when they all started singing Auld Lang Syne I knew NYE was not my cup of tea. Never been out on NYE since. I used to be superstitious about staying up until midnight - now I just go to bed at 9 pm if I'm tired. My parents never mentioned NYE and certainly never stayed up so it's never meant anything to me anyway.

kittylester Wed 19-Dec-18 20:14:53

DH and I go to the theatre in the afternoon then gave a nice meal and wafch the telly until we decide to go to bed at about 10 am.

Anniebach Wed 19-Dec-18 20:51:46

When I was a child ,oh the excitement of being allowed to stay up, we lived in a very long street in the Welsh valleys , come midnight the front doors would open and greetings echoed down the street , such a warm, safe feeling .

MissAdventure Wed 19-Dec-18 20:54:41

I used to love hogmanay (?) up in Scotland when I was with my ex.
One time it lasted almost a week! shock
I'm just as happy to stay indoors though, I shall watch Jools Holland and have a milky coffee.
Life in the fast lane!

MawBroon Wed 19-Dec-18 22:11:27

That’s some late night kittylester tchgrin
You know how to party!

MawBroon Wed 19-Dec-18 22:17:35

When we were young the “new year” always seemed full of promise - the children, maybe a new house, promotion at work etc so of course it was a looking forward rather than a looking back.
Latterly my Dad once asked “What’s happ about a new year? Failing health, losing dear ones? “ and I thought he was just being pessimistic.
But I have faced many New Years with dread - who might I lose in the coming months? Could we keep our heads above water? Or was it a case of “Another year older and deeper in debt” to paraphrase the song, so while I dont dread it, I certainly have mixed feelings many of them sad.

merlotgran Wed 19-Dec-18 22:22:25

I have a love hate relationship with NYE. It was the night my father died so I always remember that awful time but NYD means there's a lot to look forward to.

We'll spend it on our own, cook something nice and watch Jools Holland.

We've saved a bottle of Bolly from our 50th last March so we'll drink a special toast to Dad.

merlotgran Wed 19-Dec-18 22:25:23

I should have said hopefully a lot to look forward to because my fingers will be firmly crossed that DH doesn't pull another stunt like last May.

Ever the optimist. grin

M0nica Wed 19-Dec-18 22:44:57

I am not bothered one way or the other. I have never mixed with heavy drinkers and usually spend the New Year with family and/or friends, in ours or someone else's house. We chat,play games, watch DVD's and then gather round the tv with a drink to see the new year in. By 12.15, we are all on our way to bed.

It is a pleasant end to the Christmas period

harrigran Wed 19-Dec-18 23:50:32

I don't really drink so I am not bothered about New Year, we usually go to bed as soon as the fireworks are finished.

absent Thu 20-Dec-18 04:07:45

I have always gone into a bit of a black mood on New Year's Eve, thinking about all those people who achieved so much when they were younger than I was, and how I had achieved so little – Mozart, John Donne, Marie Curie, etc. etc. etc. I used to start out at parties and then rush home just before midnight when I would cuddle my lovely dog and sob into his neck while sitting at he bottom of the stairs. In the last month of his failing life, I swear he stayed alive just long enough to see me through to New Year's Day. I no longer have the lovely dog but I am not so neurotic about it all these days. I tuck up in bed before midnight, cuddling with my lovely cat and count my blessings.

Witzend Thu 20-Dec-18 07:19:41

I'm another who's not mad about NYE - used to enjoy it when an awful,lot younger and still a party animal but that was very long ago. Later it's always seemed such a lot of hype and a let down. We do usually stay up for Big Ben, though, and a glass of fizz - if there's any left!

I always dread January, esp. after all the cheerful lights and decorations come down on the 6th - such a dreary month - but somehow it's never quite as bad as I expect - especially if the first snowdrops are coming out. The first spring flowers always cheer me up.

Riverwalk Thu 20-Dec-18 07:28:13

I used to watch Jools Holland on NYE until I realised it wasn't live! tchshock

Washerwoman Thu 20-Dec-18 07:47:19

I don't hate it,but I don't like it much either.The same with Xmas. I've concluded that as I get older I'm not a fan of 'special ' dates.I hate the pressure of feeling obliged to be jolly,socialise ,have this amazing celebration.The best times for me are the quiet,ordinary days where something unexpectedly nice happens Thankfully DH is happy to stay in and we cook a lovely meal and don't even feel the need to see the New Year in if were tired.
We do have a good social life generally.And some friends probably think it's weird we do nothing.But after years of parties and overpriced meals out no thanks.This year we plan to take our dogs for a blast on the beach weather permitting.Then retreat home feeling grateful to have someone to avoid New years Eve with in a nice cosy home.Not everyone is so lucky I realise.

downtoearth Thu 20-Dec-18 07:49:37

I dont celebrate NYE either,I get filled with anxiety,coupled with the anniversary of my daughters death ,and my dads on the same day albeit
Different years on the 3rd of january.

2018 has been a year of one high,and so many lows,that I am taking one day at a time now,christmas will be hard this year,and my birthday also,which falls on the 29th,I will be glad to get to the other side on the 4th of january unscathed

Anja Thu 20-Dec-18 08:33:47


Washerwoman Thu 20-Dec-18 08:48:28

So sorry Down to earth.We never know whats round the corner ,and these festive seasons are very tough for many.Hope you get through to January and find some peace of mind x

downtoearth Thu 20-Dec-18 11:07:45

Thankyou WW