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Am I, er, unreasonable to be, er, irritated by, er, this

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HurdyGurdy Fri 01-Mar-19 19:24:12

Where on earth did this ridiculous habit come from?

It seems that no actor can deliver a set of lines, without injecting errrrrrr every couple of words.

No matter what programme I watch, my ears are assaulted by this awful habit. Is it actually scripted? Or is it just that the actors have all latched onto it and it's a growing trend.

1inamillion Thu 21-Mar-19 09:14:34

Agree with all the literary annoyances mentioned here. I'll add one - the use of " clearly", so many MP's using it now, so patronising.

Kalu Thu 21-Mar-19 10:00:08

Some interject this um and err so much I lose the thread of what they are talking about

Another one I find distracting is so many presenters and politicians doing the hand clasp.....clasping and unclasping to emphasise a point. I am too busy following all this clasping that I lose the thread here too. Prince Charles is the worst culprit.

HurdyGurdy Fri 22-Mar-19 21:55:56

KateK - you missed a trick there grin

"‘Literally’ is another one as in “I got such a fright I literally felt my heart stop.” No, you didn’t!!"

Should have said "no, you LITERALLY didn't" grin

mcem Fri 22-Mar-19 22:21:16

I've said it before and I repeat it now, so don't get me started on "Don't get me started!"

Chewbacca Fri 22-Mar-19 22:24:54

I turned around and said.....

Mycatisahacker Sat 23-Mar-19 23:16:50

Let’s have a grown up conversation???

No sense whatsoever.

I turned around and said? No you didn’t really did you?

And every answer begins with so!!!!!

Maggiemaybe Sat 23-Mar-19 23:49:19

For some irrational reason I get irked by the overuse of the word 'absolutely'.

Washerwoman, someone told me recently that the word absolutely really got on their nerves. For some reason this sparked something off in me and I must have said it six times in the next half hour. I just couldn't stop myself! I go hot and cold now thinking about that conversation. grin

fairisle Sun 24-Mar-19 00:08:26

"It`s fine" annoys me! I`ve noticed the return of "Babe" more annoyance!

Mousepotato Mon 08-Apr-19 07:13:53

Oh thank you thank you Weeping Widow!! I actually went and had my hearing checked because I couldn’t understand half of what is being said on tv! The men mumble, the women whisper - is that supposed to be sultry? Maybe but I can’t hear them haha!

Mycatisahacker Tue 09-Apr-19 17:05:43

And all labour Mps!

‘We have been very clear’

Bollocks you are?