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Easter presents

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Singlegrannie Sun 03-Mar-19 13:01:11

Do they transmitters but presents at Easter ? In my family we o my bought Easter Eggs for children, but my daughter has married a man whose family treats it as another Christmas, and I have been included in the receiving and consequently the giving.

Singlegrannie Sun 03-Mar-19 13:04:13

Sorry,I didn't type "they transmitters" but Gransnetters and not " 0 my" but only !

tanith Sun 03-Mar-19 13:06:10

Really! I buy small GC an egg or money if the parents prefer certainly no gifts.

EllanVannin Sun 03-Mar-19 13:07:11

Easter is for Easter eggs in our family. We can do without a second Christmas when there are 7 children involved.

annodomini Sun 03-Mar-19 13:17:15

I send some money for Easter eggs or whatever they want to buy with it. I've never considered Easter a time for present giving. In the days when I was a church-goer, it was a far more serious time than Christmas and although I am now a Humanist, I still adhere to older traditions.

Urmstongran Sun 03-Mar-19 13:22:55

Just Easter eggs. Why complicate things?

Nanagem Sun 03-Mar-19 13:28:19

Just eggs here too, I know a grandparent who gives a small gift instead of an egg, she says they get so many her daughter asked the GC had paints instead one year, and she has continued, but it’s only to the price of an egg.

I buy the parents and children one egg each.

Singlegrannie Sun 03-Mar-19 13:37:24

I don't have any problems with a small egg or other present for children, but not happy with the same for adults. I don't buy for adults, even my daughter, in my family but now have been drawn into another family's traditions and don't know how to withdraw without upsetting anyone.

ginny Sun 03-Mar-19 14:00:18

Very small egg for GC and something like a new T shirt or shorts ready for Summer. Nothing for adults but we always have a special homemade Easter cake.

mcem Sun 03-Mar-19 14:02:02

What mine really look forward to is the egg/treasure hunt.
I write clues for them to solve and they find various things around the house.
Maybe a chocolate lolly, a small pack of sweets, some bubble bath, a 50p piece and finally a modest egg. The adults (no eggs for them) enjoy cheering on the GCs but are no longer needed to help read the clues!

Chewbacca Sun 03-Mar-19 14:02:57

Is there no end to this madness? Christmas; birthdays; Mother's Day; Father's Day; Valentine's Day and now Easter. An Easter Egg or a small amount of money for children is enough and no need to extend it to the adults.

annsixty Sun 03-Mar-19 14:10:48

I have never bought presents as such.
When they were small my GC would get, as someone else up thread said, a teeshirt or shorts.
Now they get a card with a £10 note in it.
AC don't get anything although my D's in-laws always bought them a planted hanging basket which I though was a nice idea.

Grannyboots1 Sun 03-Mar-19 14:19:07

I give my dc and 5 dc £10 each as I think Easter Eggs are a waste of money. I'd rather eat a large bar of Cadbury Milk chocolate myself ??

muffinthemoo Sun 03-Mar-19 14:19:11

You get an egg, and if you are too small for chocolate, a small gift worth about five, ten quid (usually a baby outfit).

Eggs are fine but it's not a round of present time. By the time I've paid up for Christmas, mother's birthday, mother's Valentine and Mother's Day itself, I honestly would struggle to afford another round of gifts at Easter. I am glad to get away with an egg.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 03-Mar-19 14:33:10

Small eggs for the adults, nothing for the children (who get enough eggs IMO from other sources). On the other hand, when I was a child, we always got a small present, usually a paperback, as well as an egg, but I have never been organised enough to carry on the tradition.

The DGC often have an Easter egg hunt arranged by their parents in the garden. When Easter was on April 1st, there were no eggs for them to find - took them quite a while to work it out grin

Singlegrannie Sun 03-Mar-19 14:47:26

I agree with you all but as I explained I have been drawn into this and don't know how to get out !

Jalima1108 Sun 03-Mar-19 14:49:02

Chocolate bunnies from Thornton's!

I used to buy them a new top or similar when they were tiny as they didn't have that much chocolate, but not now they're older.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 03-Mar-19 14:54:50

It is a problem Singlegrannie! Could you find something small which you could give everyone (for example a particular kind of egg, a packet of seeds, or a small plant) and just do that every year. It would become known as your way of dealing with the situation and be relatively easy to do and would fit your budget.

Urmstongran Sun 03-Mar-19 15:14:08

I’d just start as you mean to go on. If that means no presents for the adults then so be it. Perhaps ask your daughter (who married into this family I assume) to use the time before Easter to explain that her own family don’t exchange Easter presents for adults. And leave it at that.

Maggiemaybe Sun 03-Mar-19 15:37:30

What level of present are we talking about, Singlegrannie? If it’s a token, a small egg, an Easter bauble or a little plant then fine, I’d play along for the sake of family harmony. Otherwise I agree with Urmstongran, just ask your daughter to explain that your traditions are different.

We have an Easter get-together, usually afternoon tea with a nice cake, and an egg hunt for the children. And I buy eggs for DH, all our AC and partners and our DGS. 12 in all, so I’m so glad they’re cheap these days! I just get one from DH - just as well considering I can’t resist the Cadbury creme eggs I’m forever buying for myself. smile

Cherrytree59 Sun 03-Mar-19 15:55:41

I am not a fan of Christmas, but as we now have DGC it about the Happy Day, the rest is just something to get through.

However I have always loved Easter it is so full of promise.
We go to the village's Good Friday procession and then home for hot Buns
The children make Easter bonnets and have a school church service.

Easter Sunday we have a family gathering and Easter egg hunt complete with Easter Bunny pink foot prints.
The conservatory is decorated in all things Easter and hopfully as Easter is late this year and very close to my birthday we will have bouncy castle in the garden. ?

After lunch it is all about chocolate inc special chocs for various dietary requirements.

I also buy my 2 DGS Summer holiday clothes and same value in money we give my other DGS.

I do understand the fear that the buying of presents at Easter is making yet another of our religious festivals in to a commercial event.

Singlegrannie Sun 03-Mar-19 16:03:31

I can't start as I mean to go on, I have gone along with it for 5 years now! It's not a matter of cost, it's just that I'd rather not do it! It's usually an Easter egg or chocolates which I would much rather not have as I am type 2 diabetic. I then send chocolates in return which I don't like doing as my dd's mother in law is also type 2 ! I don't really expect an answer here and will probably continue as before for a quiet life. I am just interested to know whether it is common for so many gifts to be exchanged at Easter !

lemongrove Sun 03-Mar-19 16:05:40

When our own children were young it was just an Easter Egg or choc bunny, but for DGC we do buy the egg or bunny each and a few Easter related items in a bag.
We always host an egg hunt in the garden, and do a buffet lunch for everyone, I enjoy it all.??

lemongrove Sun 03-Mar-19 16:06:33

We don’t do gifts for AC.

Gonegirl Sun 03-Mar-19 16:08:29

Easter eggs all round here including the grownups and especialy me. I do have some little things, like a bunny and some pretty coloured eggs in the drawer that DDs have given me in the past, and I might buy little things like that for them if I see anything. No bigger presents though.