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Worried I have upset my daughter

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Nanamarch1603 Thu 04-Apr-19 12:21:29

My DD messaged me last night to tell me she has been offered a full time job. She now works part time in an unrewarding but very flexible job which fits in with grandchildren activities (10 and 11). I help most weeks by picking up from school and also look after them in the holidays whenever needed. I phoned her to discuss and we worked through the pros and cons. She would like a more challenging job but that will come with other sacrifices. My husband and I (2nd marriage) have recently returned from holiday after a lovely relaxing time and are seriously thinking of moving to the coast for a change of lifestyle before we are too old. We are both retired. During our chat DD asked me if I could continue helping with the children. I said of course I would help but felt I had to let her know about our thoughts of moving in case it would impact on her decision whether to take the job or not. I have tried to speak to her this morning and text to see how she was as I think she will wrestle with this decision. So far she has not text back or returned my phone call. I am worried now that I have upset her. Looking at other’s posts it seems so easy for us grandparents to be taken for granted when help is wanted but at other times treated as a “non person” who basically keeps putting their foot in it!

GG54 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:50:12

Hi all from mumsnet.
Thought I'd have a look on here. If I was the OP I'd carry on with her plans.
When you start getting treated as a piece of furniture then it's time to put an end to being taken for granted. Just sayin