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Noisy kids after dark

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Cressida Fri 12-Apr-19 11:46:51

A family moved in across the road a few months ago and their children are often extremely noisy after dark. Last night they were still out in the street at 10pm. Before the clocks changed they were regularly out until after 8 on school evenings.

AIBU to think that primary school age children should be indoors once the street lights come on.

Anja Sat 13-Apr-19 23:06:32

Perhaps my double glazing is effective ?

HillyN Sat 13-Apr-19 23:07:22

With regards to screaming, I was told by my Mum and repeated to my own girls that they should only scream if they were in serious danger, so we knew they needed help. We used the 'Boy who cried wolf' story to explain that if they screamed unnecessarily while playing, eventually we would stop responding and, heaven forbid, if they really needed help we wouldn't come.
It only took once or twice for them to scream and us to rush out shouting 'Are you being murdered?' for them to get the message. If only all children could be taught this.

Chewbacca Sat 13-Apr-19 23:25:28

I think that you and I must have the same children living near us Anja. The children that live near me play out on our street, sometimes until late in the summer months, but always indoors by the time it's going dark. Sure, one or two of them are a bit noisy sometimes but, generally speaking, they're fine and I do like to hear them playing. If you take the time to actually speak to them, you generally find that they're polite and friendly and quite willing to climb up and reach the boughs of the climbing roses that I can't reach! grin

I'd far rather hear children playing noisily than listen to dogs barking at every one that walks past. angry

maryeliza54 Sat 13-Apr-19 23:47:59

Oohhh a double glazed garden then?

Chewbacca Sun 14-Apr-19 00:31:19

Exactly that maryeliza! They cost a fortune! gringringrin

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 08:13:00

maryeliza I tend to come inside when it goes dark, so can’t answer that, but in the interest of fairness I will take a glass of wine outside tonight, wrap up warm and sit and drink it in the glomming.

annifrance Sun 14-Apr-19 10:34:45

Lilyflower, are you for real?!

I love to hear children in the school playground. I can stand any noise as long as it's a happy noise.

Love to hear our git e guest's children playing around our swimming pool.