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Breasts bums and muffin tops!

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Namsnanny Sun 12-May-19 14:29:09

The suns out and it’s that time again!
Can’t stand to see normal men rubber necking (twisting their necks this way and that) yo get a glimpse of young girls wobbly bits, which are more than on show this time of year!
Men’s reactions aside, I just don’t like seeing so much flesh on show, no matter what age or gender!
Before anyone asks, I too was as senseless as today’s youth, and wore revealing clothing in yesteryear!!
I guess things never change really.

nanjo73 Mon 01-Jul-19 09:45:10

I have a competition with friends to see who is 1st to spot the shirtless male on a sunny day! This species is usually scrawny & pale

Pittcity Thu 30-May-19 14:51:34

Short sleeved below knee shirt dresses are back in fashion.... hooray. Got a couple of linen ones from TK Maxx.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 30-May-19 11:34:48

I have just returned from Cyprus, on show upper arms all shapes and sizes, midriffs again multi sized, lots of pregnancy bumps some covered some in bikinis, tattoos. Women of all ages.

Whatever shape or size all I noted was the smiles and confidence of these women, and beautiful and colourful clothes (wish I knew where they found them).

Jaxie Thu 30-May-19 11:03:29

It's difficult to cover up your bingo wings or ghastly bloated knees if most fashionable clothes are either sleeveless or above the knee in length. Bombshell make wonderful dresses, in light cotton too, but they are for women with a cleavage, which I don't have. They are also a bit too flamboyant for everyday wear. There is now a trend for tent style unwaisted dresses, but I would look ridiculous in them, so what does a girl wear besides chinos and boring long- sleeved tops?

Mimidl Wed 22-May-19 13:48:31

@BradfordLass72 I completely agree with you!

I will wear what I want, when I want and if someone doesn’t like it, tough.

Whether fat, skinny, wrinkly, saggy or drop dead gorgeous, you should be able to wear anything you like!

How dare others judge - I was always taught that it’s nice to be nice.

I’m surprised at some of the remarks on here.
Surprised and disappointed to be honest.

allassinsane Sun 19-May-19 18:19:11

I think it's automatic Rufus. grin blush

Rufus2 Fri 17-May-19 09:06:18

Re chapel hat pegs ---Ladies headlights on full beam
Allass; Thanks for the clarification. I couldn't imagine this thread going "churchey", but as a courtesy do they get lowered, i.e. dipped, on sight of an approaching gentleman, or does Mother Nature do it automatically? confused

allassinsane Thu 16-May-19 19:13:17

Re chapel hat pegs ---Ladies headlights on full beam...

Lily65 Thu 16-May-19 18:30:38

Some people indeed some cultures would regard said body parts and display of, to be most appropriate.

Bijou Thu 16-May-19 18:15:08

The subject of this forum was breasts and bums in warm weather and that was what my post this morning was about. Nothing to do about overweight people. Just that this person was emphasising by inappropriate attire these parts of her anatomy.

Boosgran Thu 16-May-19 13:00:27

Do you have to be quite so insulting Bijou? Your derogatory comments say more about you than the overweight people you are describing.

Bijou Thu 16-May-19 11:45:30

In doctors surgery this morning tall fat woman in skin tight clinging dress with apparently nothing underneath looked just like Michelin man.

Rufus2 Thu 16-May-19 11:39:59

once quite unavoidably got a close up of one such
Witzend; I was just passing on my way to cook (unfreeze!) my evening dinner, but how can you "unavoidably" witness such a scene? And what's with "chapel pegs", or should I "MYOB"?. Think dinner awaits so moving on whilst I have some appetite left! grin

Fennel Thu 16-May-19 09:06:03

Bijou similar sights in our town centre.

allassinsane Thu 16-May-19 08:36:14

I was waiting at the supermarket checkout yesterday and just looking around as you do, when I noticed a young woman at the next checkout packing her shopping. She was dressed casually, like me, but she had this thin vest top on. As someone earlier said, your gaze has to fall somewhere and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. Nothing wrong with that, but she did have the 'chapel hat pegs' look about her. For all I know she may have been thinking 'I wish I'd have put my bra on'! Maybe she'd just been in the cold aisle! BTW I used to go braless when younger and still do in my garden, but mine never stood out like that!

Men in shorts, socks with sandals whatever don't bother me. Don't think I'd like to get an eyeful when someone bends down showing half their bum though!

Bijou Wed 15-May-19 23:35:36

There were certainly some sights today in town. One fat woman had tight short shorts and tattoos on her bottom. Many bare midriffs and tattoos galore. Alternatively some elderly people were in anoraks and wool hats.
It was warm in the sun but chilly in the shade, only 14 degrees, and a chilly wind.
I wore a dress and light jacket.

Witzend Wed 15-May-19 14:42:52

Worst sight for me is blokes with their trousers/shorts at half mast, especially if they're bending over for any reason and you get an eyeful of horrible hairy crack. I once quite unavoidably got a close up of one such, whose sheer grossness still haunts me!

KatyK Wed 15-May-19 13:58:48

Thanks. Well it hasn't been a walk in the park that's for sure.

anna7 Wed 15-May-19 12:30:48

KatyK flowers

anna7 Wed 15-May-19 12:19:12

I am very friendly with two ladies and we have often gone on holiday together. One friend is lovely and slim and my other friend is a large lady. I am somewhere in between. We all seem to eat about the same amount and yet we are all such different sizes. I cant understand it. I do know however, how sensitive my larger friend is about her weight and how hurt she is if someone says anything disparaging. She can remember unkind comments from years ago. I suppose that is why I dont like hearing anybody say (or write) anything unkind about larger people. She does always dress appropriately and beautifully though and takes great care of her appearance.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-May-19 11:41:08

Lily65- totally agree, which is why I try not to bitch.

KatyK - I had a dear friend who lost her hair, hated wearing a wig but couldn’t be seen without it. 💐

Lily65 Wed 15-May-19 11:31:24

Every man, woman and dog knows that if you overeat you get fat. Life is slightly more complicated than some smug people would have us believe.
People overeat for all sorts of reasons.

Lily65 Wed 15-May-19 11:29:28

KatyK sounds like you have a had a really tough time.

Poppyred Wed 15-May-19 11:25:32

Is it unkind if we don’t say anything out loud that could cause offence?

anna7 Wed 15-May-19 11:01:18

GrannyGravy, I completely agree with you. I cannot see the need to be so unkind and judgemental about other people.