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Nigel Farage on Marr show

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Glenfinnan Sun 12-May-19 19:56:59

What do you make of the interview? Although not agreeing with Farage I did think he had a point about the type of questions asked rather than focusing on the current situation. I think Marr was badly prepared.

winterwhite Mon 13-May-19 10:26:13

If I had the energy I might compare these posts with the recent passionate threads about climate change, and ask how any supporters of both NF and action on climate change reconcile the two positions. NF did indeed once say that global warming was the 'stupidest thing in history'. No point in burying our heads in the sand and blaming Andrew Marr for mentioning it.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 10:37:00

Seems to me that a lot of people have got the hump because a lot more people have opted to vote the way they were told not to.

Well that's democracy for you; you can't knock down a coconut every time!

MawBroonsback Mon 13-May-19 10:40:00

Firecracker one can read about an interview or read the transcript and frankly I donโ€™t have to put myself through the distasteful experience of giving NF airspace to โ€œhearโ€ what he is saying.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 10:48:03

Well I thought he was so good yesterday I might watch it again later just for the joy of it!

Firecracker123 Mon 13-May-19 10:50:11

Ha ha ๐Ÿ˜‚

JenniferEccles Mon 13-May-19 11:11:14

I think Farage conducted himself as well as could be expected despite the idiotic Marr's constant interruptions.

I know I am stating the obvious, but interviews work best if the interviewer allows the other person to have their say, and then if need be, challenge him or her.

This didn't happen, and Marr was made to look ridiculous.

I have voted for the Brexit party and will await the results with interest.

If, as predicted they do well, it will be very interesting to see if it silences all the daft calls for a 'people's vote'.

Actually though, if Farage's party does do well, then maybe a second referendum would be a good idea to finally lay to rest the idea that many previous leave voters would vote remain next time.

Nonnie Mon 13-May-19 11:27:58

Just a point - history is the best predictor of the future and that leopard has not changed his spots. He dumped UKIP because he realised that publicising his racism wasn't helping him. He has protected his family against the effects of leaving the EU.

I find it absolutely incredible that anyone could support such a nasty, obnoxious, arrogant, self-obsessed person. I can understand that some want to leave the EU but to support that man is a completely different matter. It shows a lack of self-respect imo. To support him is to suggest you are as awful as he is.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 11:30:07

I must be awful then.
Mea culpa.

MawBroonsback Mon 13-May-19 11:32:57

For the fun of it, or for a larf?

MawBroonsback Mon 13-May-19 11:34:02

And * JenniferEccles* o point in my adding I could not agree less!

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 11:35:45

No Maw I said the joy of it! I meant it.
Watching it I felt joyous.

MawBroonsback Mon 13-May-19 11:36:17

We can agree to differ [ smile] ?

MawBroonsback Mon 13-May-19 11:36:34


JenniferEccles Mon 13-May-19 11:42:53

I can't honestly say whether I like Nigel Farage as a person or not as I don't know him, but I do support his attempt to ensure that the democratic will of the people of this country is enforced.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 11:43:42

Always Maw

Brexit is divisive. But eventually โ€˜it too shall passโ€™ and in the meantime the sun will shine, the grass will grow, the world will still turn and new babies will be born.

GracesGranMK3 Mon 13-May-19 12:02:24

You hold yourself in too high esteem Urmstongran. You have not voted how others want or how they don't want. You have voted politically naively. People, whatever leave they wanted, just voted leave. Politicians then came out and declared the all those voting leave wanted exactly the same thing. That was always a lie. We now, having had this for three years, need a vote that tells us exactly what people want, including which version of leave. I doubt there is a majority for any one version - it was always just a con.

GracesGranMK3 Mon 13-May-19 12:17:22

Except it is not the democratic will of the people JenniferEccles. What Farage is threatening to somehow force on us is the will of a minority. If it isn't he should be prepared to have a confirmatory vote. There can only be one reason why the odd little dictator would not do that.

Equally, if you are convinced that what he is suggesting - what is it by the way? - is the will of the majority and not the dictatorship of a loud-mouthed minority, then you too should be happy to confirm that. We know it was never the will of ALL the people however often you repeat the phrase as if it is.

If you truly believe a majority want one particular type of Brexit, confirm that as a fact. It is one thing that is easily done.

Nonnie Mon 13-May-19 13:49:15

I agree with both of those GGMK3

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 13:51:17

My goodness Iโ€™m coming in for some criticism today girls!

trisher Mon 13-May-19 13:59:15

I watched it and thought NF was dire. But for those who like NF and think he was badly treated can you please explain why it is OK for AM to bring up things from other politicians' pasts, but not OK to ask NF about his past sayings? I can only assume that you see the Blessed Nigel as being above all that, which is a frightening form of hero worship.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 14:05:22

I can only think you must have been watching a different interview trisher!

I saw Marr make a fool of himself quoting soundbites from years ago, instead of the real news, which is what the Brexit party has achieved in just four weeks.

What I watched was Marr rattled by Farage. His questions, merely a list of you said this, then you said that from years ago, without discussing why the Brexit Party might be in such a significant lead in the polls, what strategy the party might use if it has to take up its seats in the EU. Marr obsessed about a Free Trade Deal, which was answered 4 times, perfectly clearly, yet Marr kept on like a dog with a bone.

Then domestic questions about NHS, irrelevant in the EU elections. There's nothing wrong with being asked difficult or challenging questions but they should be relevant and topical. If you watch the programme beyond the Farage interview to the next interview with the Labour chap (Jon Ashworth), it was a different tone altogether, perhaps reinforcing, that those who will vote Farage, see Marr and the BBC as the same old, same old, part of the establishment trying anything and everything to overturn the referendum result.

grumppa Mon 13-May-19 14:27:44

Given that the future funding of the NHS was one of the planks of the Leave campaign, it's a bit odd to say that it is irrelevant in the EU elections.

Labaik Mon 13-May-19 14:36:45

Good point, grumppa...

trisher Mon 13-May-19 15:29:45

It is so easy Urmstongran to claim everyone else has got it wrong and you are the only person who can sort things out. But if you are unable to say how you will do that, it is all so much hot air. Leaders of parties are always asked about their policies and about what they have said in the past by Marr. NF wasn't able to answer any questions, didn't admit his past mistakes and didn't give any clear indications about what the Brexit party stands for apart from we will leave the EU.
So perhaps you can enlighten the rest of us. What will the Brexit party do about the NHS? What does the Brexit party think about global warming and have they any policies at all?

Nonnie Mon 13-May-19 15:46:24

Urmston perhaps there were two parallel programmes because the one I saw it was MF who was making a fool of himself and having tantrums.

I find it hard to understand how any of us can be so very, very sure we are right, without question. I am still waiting for a leaver to convince me to change my mind (don't think they have tried) and would be willing to do so if given a good reason. Why does everyone else not feel the same? How can you be sure you are right? Yes, lots of evidence for remaining, not so much for leaving but there are still 10 days to change my mind.