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Our lives being governed by the retail

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Greytin94 Sun 18-Aug-19 21:43:20

Yesterday my daughter went to our local supermarket and there at the door were boxes of Christmas sweets.
It’s August for goodness sake!
It seems that retailers operate on a different time frame to us. It’s like wishing our lives away.
I also feel the same about Easter eggs on the shelves immediately after Christmas . Plus don’t get me started on back to school advertisement in shops in June , when the poor children are still weeks away from their summer holiday.
Retailers seem to hasten our years away.
Sorry , rant over .

ginny Sun 18-Aug-19 21:48:28

With you all the way.

NfkDumpling Sun 18-Aug-19 21:52:02

We have a plethora of autumn birthdays in our family and I find it really difficult to remember to buy cards and presents round about now, as Christmas stuff crowds out much of the normal selection. Thank you for reminding me!

sodapop Sun 18-Aug-19 21:53:37

I think most people would rather see things in season. It seems that commercialism rules though Greytin94

Happiyogi Sun 18-Aug-19 22:04:41

That's really awful. It devalues the actual event in December if we're being coshed with the 'threat' of it for nearly five months. Also it's very unfair on children. It is still summer, for goodness sake. Let us enjoy that, anticipate autumn, notice the start of winter - and then bring out the Christmas merchandise.

lemongrove Sun 18-Aug-19 22:07:26

Ooooh! Greytin....they look like very good offers! Send me four boxes please.?

Day6 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:15:36

I am giving that Lemon a good thwack! {grin}

Retailers seem to hasten our years away

Oh yes - what a good sentence to sum it up Greytin, Exactly.

I am still bemused when hot cross buns appear in the supermarkets, in January, the minute Christmas is over. We are being subtlety controlled, aren't we - and missing all the bits in between the retailers offers, aren't we - as Happiyogi points out.

EllanVannin Sun 18-Aug-19 22:22:50

They can keep 'em. Yuk.

BradfordLass72 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:38:42

Retailers can't just order things in November and expect to have Christmas stock available when the consumer demands it.
It has to be ordered and paid for sometimes a year in advance to get good prices and guaranteed delivery.

Think of all the thousands of shops who need goods from, perhaps, half a dozen specialise suppliers. As well those consumers who want to plan early and send gifts to family overseas .

You'd be amazed by just how consumer driven the High Street is.

Why do you think there's that ridiculous phrase 'retail therapy'?
Because people feel better if they are spending money!

Unless, of course, you come from Yorkshire and have never regarded depleting the bank account as any kind of therapy but more like pulling teeth without anaesthetic. grin

Definition of "therapy"
a curative power or quality

Spending money cures what? confused

boho43 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:40:33

NOOOOOOO....... In The Range on Friday was a sign saying - Christmas Is On the Way - with a stand selling goodness knows what of Christmas rubbish. It’s August for heavens sake!

Greytin94 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:48:38

Lemon I’ll pick them up when I get mine, but you may find I’ve eaten all the purple ones from yours! ?

PECS Sun 18-Aug-19 22:51:00

Somebody is buying it that early or they would not do it! Resist the temptation!,

Chewbacca Sun 18-Aug-19 22:59:46

I am still bemused when hot cross buns appear in the supermarkets, in January

<whispers quietly.... Tesco currently have hot cross buns on their bakery aisle> shock

Day6 Sun 18-Aug-19 23:12:02

Unless, of course, you come from Yorkshire and have never regarded depleting the bank account as any kind of therapy but more like pulling teeth without anaesthetic.

Laughing here, BradfordLass. Love that. grin

My friends in Yorkshire will love it too, I'm sure. One of them, last time I was with her, had no hesitation in spending a huge sum of money on a dress that took her fancy. She is letting the side down. grin

Day6 Sun 18-Aug-19 23:13:54

Ooooooh nooooooo Chewbacca!!

We are all out of sync!!! shock

Chewbacca Sun 18-Aug-19 23:16:40

Apologies Day6, it was Mark's & Spencers who have the hot cross buns, not Tesco. Here's a link for you so that you can order yours! grin

Day6 Sun 18-Aug-19 23:20:27

I am shunning that link Chewbacca!

It's only August for goodness sakes!" grin

Does go to show how these pesky shops manipulate us though.

rosecarmel Mon 19-Aug-19 02:37:21

I don't care how far in advance business needs to order seasonal items- But I think they should wait until each specific season to take them out of their inventory and put them on the shelves for sale- There was a small section of Christmas items already being put out in July at local retailer-

RosieLeah Mon 19-Aug-19 07:04:14

Sainsburys also have hot cross buns available all year round, and rich fruit cake with icing on, which is the same as Christmas cake. I buy both regularly.

I do think August is a bit too early to be promoting Christmas fare though. Even if you are planning to send things abroad, there's still plenty of time.

Urmstongran Mon 19-Aug-19 07:35:33

Love your post BradfordLass it made me chuckle. A friend is from Harrogate and she really struggles to spend money - and she is well off. Perhaps that’s why!

Grandad1943 Mon 19-Aug-19 07:53:11

Many people buy Christmas items gradually in the Months/weeks leading up to December.

The summer holiday period is nearly over and here in North Somerset the schools reopen next week. So, the Christmas stock goes out on the shelves of our retailers.

If there was not a demand for those items at this time, they would not be on those shelves, simple as that.

Some people may not want those items at this time, others will.

sodapop Mon 19-Aug-19 08:49:19

Ah yes Grandad1943 but do we actually want or need these things or have we been conned into thinking we do

MawB Mon 19-Aug-19 08:55:55

Given that most people happily source out of season food - strawberries in March or asparagus in October- we cannot be surprised that “seasonal” no longer features in retail thinking.
If there is a demand there will be the supply and in the cut throat business of the retail sector, nobody can afford to fall behind their competitors.
But letting it govern our lives?
Only if you let it.

BradfordLass72 Mon 19-Aug-19 08:58:26

For various reason, not least my very poor eyesight, I prefer to shop for Christmas over the preceding months as I absolutely hate going into crowds in December.

Not least because it's so hot at that time. I do not want to be peering like Mr Magoo at things I can barely see whilst being jostled by hoards in 30 degree heat.

So I agree with Grandad1943; I want to have everything done except the last-minute fresh foods, no later than mid-November.

NannyJan53 Mon 19-Aug-19 09:05:09

It is a cunning plan to manipulate us to spend more. Buy the Christmas sweets now....then over the next few weeks you keep dipping in. By November they are all gone, so you buy more smile