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About the BBQ ( trying to be lighthearted )

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suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 11:38:59

We are staying in a holiday let. There is a BBQ and the owners handbook asks for it to cleaned out after use. Perfectly fair. When we came to use it however the previous occupant s had not cleaned it. DH is now saying that we shouldn’t either and has gone all huffy because I called him petty. AIBU?

Minniemoo Wed 28-Aug-19 11:42:13

I'd clean it.

Beckett Wed 28-Aug-19 11:43:44

If I wanted to use it I would clean it - otherwise I would let the owners know it hadn't been cleaned. (Didn't they check after the last people left?)

Maybelle Wed 28-Aug-19 11:49:09

Same her, I would clean if I wanted to use it, but if not wanting to use it I would let the owners know it was not left clean for us.

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 11:51:25

Well he’s now cleaning it with a great deal of banging, clattering and harrumphing. I agree the cleaner should have checked but didn’t want the next people to be faced with it. Yes I know that’s a bit soft of me.

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 11:52:19

Oh heavens - more banging from the kitchen. I’m going to regret this?

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Aug-19 11:53:26

I agree suzie 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. I would let the letting agent know it wasn't clean when you arrived and suggest they check in the future.

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 11:54:08

He is now practically polishing it within an inch of its life - oh my?

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 11:55:16

I am pretending to be engaging with a serious discussion on prorogation

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 11:56:29

Any minute now he will at least change his top or go for a shower

Beckett Wed 28-Aug-19 11:58:07

After all his hard work perhaps you could join him in the shower wink

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:01:28

Beckett ??

Davida1968 Wed 28-Aug-19 12:02:18

I'd leave it. (This has happened to us on more that one holiday let; never a problem because we can't be bothered to use a barbecue.)

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:03:55

He is now cleaning the kitchen floor as dirty water from cleaning the BBQ spilled on it ( probably because he was splashing so furiously) I’m clearly in serious trouble - no amount of joint showering will,put that right I fear. Well it’s after noon so I’m getting the wine out

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:05:39


Maggiemaybe Wed 28-Aug-19 12:06:11

I don’t think our barbecue was cleaned properly last time we used it (about 2 years ago). Could you ask your DH to pop round before he has his shower, suzie? grin

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:07:50

Just PM me your address. Can you cope with slight grumpiness however Maggie?

Beckett Wed 28-Aug-19 12:28:18

I hope my previous remark doesn't cause this thread to be deleted for being a bit suggestive grin

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:32:41

Only if some prudish GNer reports you, you little minx

lemongrove Wed 28-Aug-19 12:38:15

That isn’t suggestive Beckett just a good eco idea.?
For suggestive ideas you should visit The Argy Bargy Bar, we would welcome you. ?

Suzie I would have let the owners of the let know, they should have checked the bbq was very clean for you.

lemongrove Wed 28-Aug-19 12:39:25

Having said that, unless it’s really grotty the heat will clean it up and sterilize it for you without washing! ???

Maggiemaybe Wed 28-Aug-19 13:05:34

Only slight grumpiness, Suzie? It’d be a blessed relief round here today! grin

Gaunt47 Wed 28-Aug-19 13:11:06

Suzie, hang on, are you saying he took only 35 minutes to clean that BBQ? The man's a treasure!

suziewoozie Wed 28-Aug-19 13:30:09

Yes Gaunt and I think he’s enjoying feeling virtuous now

Gonegirl Wed 28-Aug-19 14:39:00

On our last holiday the owners said, don't clean the BBQ, we will clean it outside!