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AIBU by refusing to get a mobile phone?

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LondonGranny Tue 24-Sep-19 15:42:42

A few years ago it was an issue at work & they said I had to buy one. I pointed out there there was nothing at all in my contract saying I had to buy a mobile, or indeed anything else, to do my job effectively.
In the end they provided one and it never once proved neccessary. My line manager would text me out of hours with stuff that could have been emailed to my work email and dealt with when I got into work. Sometimes she'd text late at night or at weekends or when I was on leave. I never replied and dealt with it at work so in the end I left it in my locker, switched off and only switched it on at work. Not that it was ever needed during work hours either. When I retired it was a joy to hand it back.

So far, so boring BUT increasingly friends are pressuring me to get one. Not having one is not a problem for them as far as I can tell. I have asked specifically if my not having a mobile has caused a problem and they say no but then come up with hypothetical reasons which haven't ever happened or are unlikely eg what if you were knocked down on the street? What if you were abducted? I can't see that having a mobile would make a difference.

If I go and stay with friends I tell them what train I'll be on and anyway, I know where they live and don't require being met at the station or anything. The world did function before they were invented. So far I have never phoned or texted once on a mobile, not even on my work phone. It was really pointless having it.
Friends that do have one are often just contacted by people asking them to do things for them. If people need a favour they can ring my landline. It's the same number I've had for forty-odd years and people ring me on that.

So, none of you have a dog in this fight and have no agenda about this... Am I being unreasonable?

jeanie99 Sun 06-Oct-19 23:44:22

I think your company had a nerve expecting you to work outside of your normal hours.
Outside of work though
What does it matter if anyone thinks you are unreasonable. It's not up to anyone else it's up to you not them if you have one.

I do have a I Phone but I certainly wouldn't pressure anyone I know into having one.

It's an additional cost and the companies are forever trying to sell the new versions which I think many people get into debt to buy.

If you think a mobile could make life easier for you buy one otherwise don't.

Blencathra Thu 17-Oct-19 06:45:58

You are being unreasonable - you make it very inconvenient for everyone else. My brother took that view and it was highly irritating not to be able to get hold of him when I desperately needed to.

craftyone Fri 18-Oct-19 17:37:26

I had to get one to cope with no landline after I moved, I quickly learnt to tether my laptop to it. Ok that was useful. All this time I had managed perfectly well with a small emergency mobile but I had to get a smart phone with 4G

The upside is that phone calls per month are very much cheaper. My banks send me a text on my mobile with a security code if I want to view a statement and they will be doing the same if I want to purchase a big item either online or in store. I don`t carry the smart phone on me but will have to when I go to purchase something big. Fact of life, fraud prevention

nightswimmer Fri 18-Oct-19 17:46:55

I wouldn't be without mine either, texts and whatsapp really useful, rarely use landline. Also satnav, fitness apps the list is endless.