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The cheek of some people!

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phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 11:09:11

Hello all, and good wishes.

On one of the area Facebook pages, someone was asking if anyone had an electric fire for sale.

Well, I have a rather nice little woodburner type one that is no longer needed, so I responded with a description and a price.

She asked for a phot, so I took one and uploaded it.

So far, so good. smile

She then posted "Where are u 2?" ( Devonian for "Where do you live?" )

I told her, and she replied that it was a bit too far to come. Fair enough.

As I now had a photo, I listed the fire on 3 more local Facebook sites, and got a few responses, which was encouraging.

Then the following day, the person who had posted the "want" got back in touch to ask if I would reduce the price because they would have to travel to collect it! shock

Bloody cheek!

So, by her reasoning, I should be able to phone (for example) Harrods and say "Id like to buy something from you, but as I live a long way away, can I have it half price?"


timetogo2016 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:21:39

Hi Phoenix.
My husband has that done to him on a regular basis.
He was selling some lego and someone asked if he would drop it off 20 miles away for free
And that's just one example
A right bloody cheek for sure.
There are some dozy gits out there for sure.

GagaJo Sat 14-Dec-19 11:29:27

Maybe amend your ad to say 'Price not negotiable'?

I've sold a fair bit of stuff lately. Things are worth either what you want for them (and you accept you might not sell them) OR what people will pay.

We sold an Ikea slide. They are VERY in demand and the first woman that contacted me implied I was charging too much. Second woman snapped it up without a quibble though.

Hetty58 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:30:56

Phoenix, the fact remains that they want it, whereas you are not desperate to get rid of it!

MissAdventure Sat 14-Dec-19 11:31:26

My sister had a man ask her if she would reduce the price of some deck chairs as they were blue and he really wanted green.

Smileless2012 Sat 14-Dec-19 11:34:27


Daisymae Sat 14-Dec-19 11:45:07

I sold something in eBay. 6 months later the buyer contacted me and said that they didn't like it now and could they have their money back!

phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 11:51:48

Ended well though, my neighbour 5 doors down bought it after she saw the listing! smile

Daisymae that is shock

DanniRae Sat 14-Dec-19 11:51:52

Noooooo! Daisymae I can hardly believe that?? shock

Namsnanny Sat 14-Dec-19 12:02:03

Just a tactic to get the price reduced! They clearly didn't have another excuse to use.

After moving house a few times I got used to a new level of rudeness from some people.

We once had a prospective house buyer who said:

* she didn't like the grouting in the kitchen,
* didn't really want to live in the area,
* and as it had been owned by an old lady previously, we were obviously making a profit so we could easily drop to her asking price!
After all she was doing us a favour!!

Peoples cheek knows no bounds.


Elegran Sat 14-Dec-19 12:54:12

I put a small trailer onto Ebay as I no longer have a car to tow it - and said so in the ad. Someone wanted to know if I would deliver it to Perth for him. Presumably he thought I would run up the motorway pulling it behind me!

Chewbacca Sat 14-Dec-19 12:56:31

grin Elegran. I'd love to watch that!

BlueBelle Sat 14-Dec-19 12:58:58

I too sell bits and pieces through FB it NEVER ceases to amaze me that people do not want to move their asses to get them My town is approximately 3 miles long with a good bus service even people less than a mile away will ask you to deliver cos they haven’t got a car when I tell them I haven’t either they disappear
I had one lady who was literally a five minute walk away but wanted ME to deliver even when I told her I d have to do what she could do ....walk

janeainsworth Sat 14-Dec-19 13:02:54

There’s a very nice picture framer quite near us and I use their services a lot.
I went in the other day as a woman was coming out.
The two picture framers were tutting and grumbling.
Eventually they told me that this woman had come in 2 weeks previously, asked about getting a few photos printed, mounted & framed, was given a price & went away.

Two weeks later she came back, said she had bought the frames from Ikea and could she have it all done by the next day ??

Charleygirl5 Sat 14-Dec-19 13:19:04

I had a garden table going for free so I offered it on the local Freecycle. One woman lived about 2 miles away and asked if I could bring it to her house to show her as her car was not working. This was a Sunday evening.

I said sorry, I do not drive-untrue. She came the next day to look at it and decided a minicab probably would not take it because I had not cleaned it. I had, but not for a car journey.

She thought the Merc outside was mine- no, it belonged to my neighbour. I again said I did not drive- hoping she would not marry my house number with the car parking allocation!

I kept the table- I had had enough.

phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 13:49:18

Your responses make me realise it's not only me!

I also listed a completely unused, still in the original box "Pointless" Game (as per the programme) for £10 (currently £24.99 on Amazon) and again someone wanted to pay £8 because they had to travel!

Doodle Sat 14-Dec-19 13:56:45

phoenix, you haven’t got a brand new nespresso machine you want to sell for a fiver have you? I was going to John Lewis to get one but as you live further away I think the price difference would make that reasonable. tchgrin

Charleygirl5 Sat 14-Dec-19 14:04:20

On my local Freecycle people are now asking for smart TVs and a specific size.

Doodle I think that is perfectly reasonable or maybe if phoenix has one she could drop it off but I believe she is still working so that may be problematic.

phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 14:15:41

On heavens, do any of the long term members remember the Christmas of the multiple coffee machines confusedlive

Charleygirl one can understand requests on Freecycle for some specific items, spare parts, curtains of a certain size etc, but smart TV's of a particular size shockshock

phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 14:16:31

Doodle tchgrin

Badenkate Sat 14-Dec-19 15:19:57

Most people just say 'buyer collect', sort of says it all really

Doodledog Sat 14-Dec-19 15:29:31

The other side of that coin is when people on eBay say that they are charging excessive postage because they have to go to the PO and it is a long way off, or whatever. That is their problem, not that of the buyer.

Also, asking the buyer to pay for insurance on the postage is a cheek, as the onus is on the seller to make sure that the item arrives. It is the seller who is being insured against loss, not the buyer.

In both of the above cases, the real reason is that the fee structure makes it more profitable for the seller to charge on postage rather than selling price.

phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 15:30:57

Badenkate I always say " Collection only from (village) "

Doesn't seem to stop some people from pushing their luck though!

Pantglas2 Sat 14-Dec-19 16:04:32

This thread has made me laugh!

I usually get rid of stuff I don’t want on Freegle and always state that delivery is not an option. Without fail, people ask and then moan - how can you complain about getting something you want for nothing?

phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 16:45:20

Pantglas tell me about it! (To use an annoying phrase)

Mostly I find people on Freecycle pretty good, but of course you do get the odd one........