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The cheek of some people!

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phoenix Sat 14-Dec-19 11:09:11

Hello all, and good wishes.

On one of the area Facebook pages, someone was asking if anyone had an electric fire for sale.

Well, I have a rather nice little woodburner type one that is no longer needed, so I responded with a description and a price.

She asked for a phot, so I took one and uploaded it.

So far, so good. smile

She then posted "Where are u 2?" ( Devonian for "Where do you live?" )

I told her, and she replied that it was a bit too far to come. Fair enough.

As I now had a photo, I listed the fire on 3 more local Facebook sites, and got a few responses, which was encouraging.

Then the following day, the person who had posted the "want" got back in touch to ask if I would reduce the price because they would have to travel to collect it! shock

Bloody cheek!

So, by her reasoning, I should be able to phone (for example) Harrods and say "Id like to buy something from you, but as I live a long way away, can I have it half price?"


Winniewit Mon 16-Dec-19 21:48:49

Iv sold several things on a loc FB page Despite saying 'buyer to collect' I'm asked everrime if I'll deliver.
I sold two matching sofas and despite including all measurements I still got asked for the sizes.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Dec-19 22:09:05

I sold two absolutely huge sofas on eBay, and wrote a really lengthy description about how long and heavy and high they were, and the fact that it would take at least two strong men to lift them.

A small man turned up in an estate car to collect them.

Gfplux Tue 17-Dec-19 15:30:15

However some people really want something.
A few months ago we were giving away an ironing board.
A lady contacted me and said she would come and pick it bus.
A little more conversation and I offered to drive it to our closest bus stop.
The lady came, she was so so pleased. Thanked me profusely.
She picked it up and crossed the road to where the return bus stop was saying her home was only a short walk from a bus stop.
Frankly I was in such admiration of this lady who really wanted an ironing board.
I often think of her on that bus with her prize.