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Bloody football!

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phoenix Mon 06-Jan-20 19:57:15

Evening all,

Just come through to the sitting room after supper, and find that from 7.30 until 10.00 BBC 1 are showing bloody football!

That's not what I pay my licence fee for. Fortunately Mr P isn't a football fan, so it won't be on here.

The rest of the BBC offerings for this evening aren't exactly inspiring either.........

Suppose I'd better get the tin helmet out and duck behind the sofa, and wait for those who are pro the game to start saying that there isn't enough football on tv etc.

Pittcity Mon 06-Jan-20 19:58:56

BBC2 has 90 minutes of quizzes so I'm happy.

Sara65 Mon 06-Jan-20 20:00:26


100% agree

crazyH Mon 06-Jan-20 20:00:46

Yaaaaaaaaay .....I love quizzes too

SirChenjin Mon 06-Jan-20 20:02:37

I agree. DH - who is not a football supporter as such - has been glued to the TV recently. What on Earth are they playing for this time, does anyone know?

rockgran Mon 06-Jan-20 20:07:44

I cannot stand any sport. I wish I liked it as it constitutes so much television content. I'm glad we have catch up tv so that I can always watch old movies.

Urmstongran Mon 06-Jan-20 20:08:28

Some cup or other. When isn’t it?

Urmstongran Mon 06-Jan-20 20:10:17

Me toorockgran can’t watch any of it - Wimbledon, snooker, athletics, horse jumping, netball, football. Give me a film or a documentary any day!

MawB Mon 06-Jan-20 20:11:11

Come on, there’s Only Connect!

NotAGran55 Mon 06-Jan-20 20:13:01

There’s more to do than watching the TV ? surely !
It is the F A cup btw smile

SirChenjin Mon 06-Jan-20 20:18:31

Ahhh...the FA Cup, of course it is! Essential viewing apparently, and a reminder from me that he hasn’t actually finished tidying the kitchen after dinner wasn’t welcomed with enthusiasm for some reason.

Callistemon Mon 06-Jan-20 20:44:05

DH is doi g a puzzle and not watching football shock

I've missed Only Connect!

lavenderzen Mon 06-Jan-20 20:46:43

I like football, especially on Saturday when Football Focus is on. Although I am not watching football tonight. I don't like rugby, which was on for days on end on ITV at one point last year.

MiniMoon Mon 06-Jan-20 20:52:59

Its the quizzes for me too.

I have a feverish cold so I'm going to bed after University Challenge. I don't care what else is on tv.

phoenix Mon 06-Jan-20 21:49:28

I would usually enjoy the quizzes, but my brain aches from being back at work after a 2 week shutdown, trying to catch up on month end reconciliation, doing a VAT return and dealing with a multitude of stuff including emails from o/seas potential students asking how Brexit will affect them!!!!

NotTooOld Mon 06-Jan-20 22:09:42

Phoenix - when you find out how Brexit will affect the students can you find out how it will affect the rest of us, please? grin

Fiachna50 Mon 06-Jan-20 22:35:49

Football is a pain in the a**, as are most of the spoilt , overpaid players. Can't be bothered with any of it.

merlotgran Mon 06-Jan-20 22:58:52

I've been plugged into my laptop this evening. Watched Only Connect then Midsomer Murders. DH had the cheek to complain about me shouting out the (normally wrong) answers during his footy viewing. hmm

I'm good at the missing vowels round though. grin

Newquay Mon 06-Jan-20 22:59:44

I just wish there was a separate channel for all sport but not the overpriced SKY one.
I hate to see how sport is so corrupted.
Sports folk should be on basic wage IMHO!
Pity we can’t return to sports folk of old. . .

Callistemon Mon 06-Jan-20 23:19:55

Why don't they put all sport on BBC3 instead of the absolute rubbish that is on there (does anyone watch it?).

Billybob4491 Tue 07-Jan-20 06:57:28

I don't watch much TV but I do enjoy football, would not miss watching a match, to get in the mood I wear my football strip, love every minute of it.

sunseeker Tue 07-Jan-20 07:24:08

Why do programmers think that everyone wants to watch or listen to sport every holiday? I don't watch much TV but usually have local radio on all day but so many times I have had to switch it off because of bloody sport!

Sara65 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:06:09

Neither of us like football, I admit when it comes to the rugby tournaments you can’t get my husband away from the television!

Midsomer was good though.

NfkDumpling Tue 07-Jan-20 08:18:27

I think football is shoved down our throats to take our minds of everything else. And now the media have discovered womens’ football they seem to think that it’ll appease women who don’t usually watch. Soon we’ll all be addicted and glued to screens watching sport and not asking awkward questions.

Midsomer was good last night, the third murder was quite late in coming.

charlie2753 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:30:52

Liverpool fan so well happy at the moment. ⚽️?