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Breastfeeding in swimming pool

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Kiwigramz Thu 16-Jan-20 03:35:20

I am all for mums breastfeeding if they wish. However recently there has been discussion about being allowed to breastfeed in pools.

I think this is completely wrong. Why on earth would anyone want to do this? The baby is likely to regurgitate and I for one don’t want to take in water that has been sicked in.

Surely baby should be fed just before going into the pool. Also we never had this exposure years ago. Breastfeeding should be something personal between mother and baby, a special private time to bond.

AIBU or out of touch with the times?

NotSpaghetti Mon 21-Sep-20 02:43:18

AnneRussell - why, if you are breastfeeding would you start your baby on formula milk?