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In praise Of Prince Harry & Prince William(please read)

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Bridgeit Sat 18-Jan-20 20:43:38

At 35yrs old, Prince Harry has served 10yrs in the Army , fought in Afghanistan
Started the Invictus games for wounded soldiers
Walked across the South Pole
Raised Hundreds of millions for charities
Helped raise 1 billion for 9/11
Supporter of 24 Charities
Lost his mother at a young age,( as did William)
William has also been exemplary in all he does.
If he is happy with Meghan , living somewhere else , good luck to him,he deserves it.
Time to give them a little respect.

starbird Sat 18-Jan-20 22:03:14

I now think that it is the best thing for Harry, he doesn’t have the will and mental strength for the royal role, and Megan was never going to be number 2 to Kate and Charlotte. I’m not being nasty, that’s the way it is. I feel very, very sorry for the Queen who many say was particularly fond of Harry, and as I said before, for William who will lose his brother. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the monarch which may be no bad thing, although it will leave us even more in the hands of whoever is PM ( because the Queen does have a wealth of wisdom and experience to offer).

However, the main reason Harry is successful at his Charity work is because he is a senior Royal working in a climate of, on the whole, lovers of the royal family at home and in the Commonwealth. It remains to be seen if he will be successful as Meghan’s husband (or possibly, one day, ex husband).

lemongrove Sat 18-Jan-20 22:07:46

No, they have actually done a cowardly thing ( which may, or may not be interesting.)
Finding royal duties irksome, they have cut and run.
William now has no support apart from his wife, as the Queen is very elderly and Charles is no spring chicken.
Harry could have been a real help to his brother and may have gained something himself from the relationship, as they get older.
It’s a sad situation which the RF have to make the best of.

sparkii Sat 18-Jan-20 22:11:09

Queen could have bailed out 20 years ago and let Charlie have a bash at the job. She knows her and Phillip messed up badly there.

Anniebach Sat 18-Jan-20 22:11:55

He cannot be involved with ‘The Queens Canopy , cannot make official visits to the Commonwealth, there is no one
who can take these on.

merlotgran Sat 18-Jan-20 22:18:47

I feel sorry for Charles. He must be very disappointed in Harry.

mumofmadboys Sat 18-Jan-20 22:27:23

I just hope Harry and Meghan are very happy in their new life with Archie.

Anniebach Sat 18-Jan-20 22:47:39

Big difference in being responsible for himself/herself, and putting self first at the expense of others.

Como2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 22:53:06

I think the Queen’s statement was made with dignity ... and love for her family.
I wish the very best for them all.

morethan2 Sat 18-Jan-20 23:15:11

I hope they’ll be happy. I doubt and it’s only my opinion that the queen has been through worse crises. If he truly is one of her favourites she’ll support his decision even if she doesn’t agree with it. She’s probably like many of us used to the ups and downs of family life including the disappointments. In the end most of us love our family and would do all in our power to help them be happy. Good luck to them that’s what I think.

trisher Sat 18-Jan-20 23:23:55

I actually think they stand more chance of a succesful marriage outside the RF (there's not a good record of lasting relationships in it). I suspect he's looked at what has happened to others and realised the UK isn't somewhere they could happily find a place where they could live. They must also be looking at Archie's future and perhaps want something less formal and restricting.

paddyanne Sun 19-Jan-20 01:32:01

well I said I wouldn't get involved but ..wheres a guillotine when you need one ?

whats so BRAVE about leaving with a safety net and a continuing stream of funding

The sooner their ALL gone the better !!

eazybee Sun 19-Jan-20 01:55:57

Dereliction of duty.
Insult to the Queen.
Escape to a life of self-indulgence.
No. I do not find anything admirable in their actions.

sweetonion Sun 19-Jan-20 03:02:43

Harry has grown up and now has a family he’s responsible for. Maybe he’s making a mistake, maybe not. But it’s his decision to make.

I guess most of us will never personally know the pressures and privileges of being a royal.

eebeew Sun 19-Jan-20 03:44:10

I think they all feel guilty especially Charles and because of that can refuse them nothing. H outwardly blames the paps but he knows who is really to blame.

eebeew Sun 19-Jan-20 03:44:46

But I do hope they find what they hope for together..

eebeew Sun 19-Jan-20 03:46:06

Oh dear too much hope there. Wish one could edit messages! 🙁

Pantglas2 Sun 19-Jan-20 06:48:17

People disparage the royal family and what they do, suggesting it’s the easiest job in the world. H&M actually prove the point that it isn’t, don’t they?

They can’t hack it and have admitted it, so let them find an easier life that suits them better. Leave it to those who can do a brilliant job without complaining- nothing worse than working with people who can’t be arsed and make it obvious, it just brings everyone down otherwise.

Sara65 Sun 19-Jan-20 07:43:19

I am a royalist, I have great respect for the queen, Charles and Camilla and Anne. Edward and Sophie also work hard for the family.

But I’m really not very interested in this latest drama, I like Harry, I think it’s a shame he’s going, but it’s up to him. So maybe we could let them get on with it, and every time I turn on the television or radio I won’t be bombarded with the Harry and Meghan saga,

In my opinion, they aren’t that interesting.

Jane10 Sun 19-Jan-20 07:50:37

I just hope she's worth it Harry.

grannypiper Sun 19-Jan-20 07:55:29

I can understand why Harry wants and needs to go and wish him all the best but i dont see why he keeps his title( although wont use it) and why we will have to pay for security. The met officers who will have to protect them will either have to spend long periods of time away from their own families or will have to relocate their own family to Canada. This totally unfair on these officers and will lead to resentment

suziewoozie Sun 19-Jan-20 08:05:13

Re the comments on the burden of duties left to the others. Well as a public institution, the RF will have to do what all other public institutions have to do and prioritise. PH’s last royal duty last Thursday was hardly necessary was it - the draw for a rugby World Cup ? As for the burden on the Queen - as a society, if we really cared, we’d press for compulsory retirement at a certain age 70/75.

Fundementslly the whole sorry saga should make us question the shape and direction of travel that is imposed on / demanded of this institution and the individuals that comprise it in the modern world - and especially with the advent of social media which makes scrutiny of them a million times worth

Once upon a time, a nasty piece of work, like Morgan, would just write nasty comments in a gossip column, now he tweets obsessively thousands of times and these are seen by millions. Once upon a time, grandmothers would have gossiped in the bus queue or coffee shop about his column and gone home, now they post obsessively on a public forum, repeating lies, misinformation, speculating, wishing ill on young people they’ve never met

Yes I hope they find some contentment in their new lives and that others regain some sense of balance and proportion in how they relate to them and what they expect of them. Both Harry and Meghan are from worlds that I think are damaging to society as a whole -that of inherited privilege and wealth and that of glitzy celebrity- and to women in particular.

Sara65 Sun 19-Jan-20 08:18:25

We’ve just been discussing it all over breakfast. But I don’t want to keep on discussing it, frankly it’s getting boring.

I’m sorry it’s come to this, I think the timing is wrong, but if we’re so hard to be with, so racist, so unwelcoming, then just go.

I too hope Harry won’t live to regret it, we shall see.

hulahoop Sun 19-Jan-20 08:24:39

Looks like they got what they wanted they are wealthy in their own right don't like the idea of us paying for security they should pay with the money Charles is still going to give them !! They are set to make millions !!

Grandmabook Sun 19-Jan-20 09:09:25

With the recent events concerning stupid Andrew, p,us a very damning connection to the church and it's disgusting abuse scandal (BBC) by Charles and Andrew blackening the House of Windsor, is it not a case of keeping a distance from such odd choices made by Charles and Andrew...
Imagine they were your relatives and the connections with abusers....
I think a safe sensible distance...
I admire and respect Harty and wife....I pity William as he cant walk.....
Who would want to be a member of such a family?

Sparklefizz Sun 19-Jan-20 09:23:12

H & M may be looking at Archie's future, but that future is without any family. He will hardly know any of his British cousins, and unlikely to know any of his American family either. Such a shame.

It's my interpretation that the Queen has been especially generous in the wording of her statement, thus leaving the door open for them .... or Harry .... to return.

I think if H had had a supportive wife who backed him, he would have stayed.

It has been shocking to see yet more amateur film footage of the two of them hustling for work at the premier of The Lion King, and Meghan actually saying that they were "only there for the pitch."

I wish H & M all the best but my personal opinion is that they have been selfish, and as Annie says earlier, I don't think people can be happy for long when they have caused the unhappiness of others.