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In praise Of Prince Harry & Prince William(please read)

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Bridgeit Sat 18-Jan-20 20:43:38

At 35yrs old, Prince Harry has served 10yrs in the Army , fought in Afghanistan
Started the Invictus games for wounded soldiers
Walked across the South Pole
Raised Hundreds of millions for charities
Helped raise 1 billion for 9/11
Supporter of 24 Charities
Lost his mother at a young age,( as did William)
William has also been exemplary in all he does.
If he is happy with Meghan , living somewhere else , good luck to him,he deserves it.
Time to give them a little respect.

Jane10 Sat 01-Feb-20 14:39:03

He lost the case. Its therefore not libel. Good riddance to him and his 'sleb' partner.
Good for all the other members of the Royal family dutifully doing their best every day quietly and conscienciously.

eazybee Sat 01-Feb-20 15:04:28

Who is advising this silly couple in their attempts to sue newspapers for libel? I wonder what the costs were for this case, and who is paying?

The same people presumably who thought that they could present their demands for being half-royal with most of the money and little of the work, and the Queen would accept it.

Anniebach Sat 01-Feb-20 15:23:43

I don’t think he sued,he made a complaint

wicklowwinnie Sat 01-Feb-20 16:12:29

I have heard so many of the younger generation are saying they want William and Kate to follow the Queen on the throne.

lucywinter Sat 01-Feb-20 16:28:23

Yes well, the younger generation can go fly a kite. It doesn't work like that. Charles will make a fine king.

lemongrove Sat 01-Feb-20 16:32:28


Callistemon Sat 01-Feb-20 17:02:02

They can want all they like.
It just shows how little they understand.

Grany Sat 01-Feb-20 17:13:00

Harry and Meghan’s Big Funding Source Is Private. Sort of.

Grany Sat 01-Feb-20 17:14:45

Film trailer

The Man Who Shouldn't be King

Grany Sat 01-Feb-20 17:17:26

The man who shouldn't be king

Anniebach Sat 01-Feb-20 17:37:40

Another go by the republicans,

lucywinter Sat 01-Feb-20 17:55:08

Send that lot to the tower. Daft buggers.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 01-Feb-20 18:05:22

Well I hope they find happiness, but not sure they will. I think Megan will be ok but Harry will struggle. Anyway good luck to them. This is the start of slimmed down RF and I am all in agreement with it.

eazybee Sat 01-Feb-20 18:17:08

Yes you are right Anniebach; he made a complaint.
Bit daft really though, wasn't it.

Anniebach Sat 01-Feb-20 18:29:19

Is there not a difference between slimming down working royals and slimming down the family ?

If the working royals were reduced to four what a loss to many charities.

mike28939 Sun 09-Feb-20 23:52:37

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kittylester Mon 10-Feb-20 07:54:11

Er, Marydoll, you missed this one!!


grannypiper Mon 10-Feb-20 08:10:08

I wish Harry all the best and think he has taken the right course for himself. If he wants respect then he has to pay for his own security, home and travel. He also needs to stop preaching

Anniebach Mon 10-Feb-20 08:39:15

Yes, Harry has taken the right course for himself, he gets the title, the mansion, the security, and leaves his brother to do
the work.

maddyone Mon 10-Feb-20 11:13:54

Indeed Annie, how absolutely true.
I heard that Harry gave his (highly paid) speech at the J P Morgan conference all about how he was affected by his mother’s death and his ongoing therapy. I’m wondering how many more times he can talk about his mother’s death for profit. It seems somewhat unseemly to me to be honest. Profiteering from the death of a loved one, particularly when he comes from such a wealthy family, seems distasteful to me.
In any case, J P Morgan is a company that is about financial services as I understand it, so I’m at a loss as to understand why they wanted him as a speaker, except for the kudos of him being a royal prince.

Anniebach Mon 10-Feb-20 12:30:16

He is a celebrity now maddy , an American celebrity

maddyone Mon 10-Feb-20 12:41:45

Indeed Annie, but will that really make him happy? I think it won’t, but that’s just my opinion. I wouldn’t give up my family, my country, and my job to follow someone who I loved back to their country, and then be effectively auttioned

maddyone Mon 10-Feb-20 12:45:57

Posted to soon.

Be auctioned off to the highest bidder, is what I was going to say. I would find it demeaning. I’m surprised Harry doesn’t, because whatever we think of the royal family, lack of dignity is not something we normally associate with them. The Queen has had to cope, in her 94th year, with the horrible situation of her son Andrew, and then on top of that, this undignified situation with Harry and Meghan.

Anniebach Mon 10-Feb-20 13:13:32

maddy in my opinion, he is dancing to Megan’s tune.

Namsnanny Mon 10-Feb-20 14:32:16

Well they seem to be doing exactly what some people thought they would do.....chasing celebrity and money.
First chance they get they're on a private jet!
What use are all their hollow words about the environment now?
Speaking at a billionaires banquet for 3/4 million dollars (or more) whilst WE pay for their security???
Total hypocracy.