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The Lady Garden

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Buffybee Sat 25-Jan-20 09:07:48

Apparently, The Body Shop are sponsoring a display this year at the Chelsea Flower Show, as a feminist space, with plants and sculptures echoing the 'curves of the female form'.
What they have come up with, is a large sculpture of 'women's bits' with a few plants in front.
Call me old fashioned!
But I think this sort of thing is offensive and pathetic and am surprised that the RHS is 'enthusiastic and supportive' about it.

MawB Sat 25-Jan-20 09:08:35


GagaJo Sat 25-Jan-20 09:09:55

I think it's great! And I LOVE the name.

SirChenjin Sat 25-Jan-20 09:11:38

I imagine it’s good for publicity - gets people talking about the CFS and gives it a bit of an edge.

Beechnut Sat 25-Jan-20 09:15:59

Nicely scented plants I hope ??

Urmstongran Sat 25-Jan-20 09:17:21

Wonder if they’ll light a couple of Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘This Smells Like my Vagina’ candles as well? Madness.... all the way to her bank though! I hate the idea of this Lady Garden. PR trying to shock to raise their profile.

SirChenjin Sat 25-Jan-20 09:23:16

It’s certainly got us talking - I might even watch it now to see what all the fuss is about!

Ellianne Sat 25-Jan-20 09:25:07

Will the Queen look round it?

NanKate Sat 25-Jan-20 09:25:55

No doubt next year they will have a display of cactus plants ???to celebrate men’s bits. ?

Chewbacca Sat 25-Jan-20 09:27:42

Sounds like the Body Shop is desperate for attention and publicity.

vampirequeen Sat 25-Jan-20 09:29:25

I like the idea of celebrating the female form in all it's variations. I'm sure the sensitive areas will be artistically done so as not to cause offence. I can't see them simply showing pictures of women's bits at Chelsea.....unless they want to cull the Pensioners and some of the visitors with a few heart attacks.

vampirequeen Sat 25-Jan-20 09:30:10

I love the idea of the cacti, NanKate grin

merlotgran Sat 25-Jan-20 09:31:43

After watching QI last night maybe they should call it the Jackie Danny (cockney rhyming slang) garden!

luluaugust Sat 25-Jan-20 09:51:59

Yes merlotgran first time I had heard that one! Can't wait to see them describing this one and the Queen's visit shock

M0nica Sat 25-Jan-20 09:55:37

Yawn, it justs sounds boring and terribly woke and politically correct. Dear me, are we meant to be shocked? Is it meant to convey some deeply hidden message? or is it just an expensive way of ensuring Bodyshop gets plenty of coverage on social media

As far as I am concerned it just shows a complete lack of imagination on the part of Bodyshop and its designer.

Greeneyedgirl Sat 25-Jan-20 10:01:54

Sounds a bit of fun thistle thistle
They're for Burns night, no hidden meaning.

Oopsminty Sat 25-Jan-20 10:06:28

Tedious. Designed to excite bored/ boring people who get giddy at the drop of a hat

GagaJo Sat 25-Jan-20 10:20:00

Well, it's certainly exciting opinion on here. So I'd say it's already achieved its objective prior to being built.

Buffybee Sat 25-Jan-20 10:21:47

I like the idea of celebrating the female form Im sure the sensitive areas will be artistically done

I don’t think this design is artistic nor has anything to do with empowering women, it’s all “shock” value and getting The Body Shop in the news.

Buffybee Sat 25-Jan-20 10:23:55

Well, here is the design.
Is it really necessary?

Oldwoman70 Sat 25-Jan-20 10:28:02

I think the whole thing is being done for publicity - probably hoping to get lots of "shock horror" mentions in newspapers. I don't understand the obsession some people seem to have for the human body - we all have one!

I am not shocked or horrified - just incredibly bored that they couldn't be more creative.

GagaJo Sat 25-Jan-20 10:33:06

Many roses look like the female pudenda and they are known as the romance flowers. Wonder if there is a link?

Also, the paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe. World famous. Perhaps the topic isn't as boring as many of you seem to think.

ladymuck Sat 25-Jan-20 10:37:15

Is this just the female bits without a body attached? How vulgar!
It's quite common to have a nude male statue complete with foliage, but to just make a focal point of the genitals seems rather perverted.

JackyB Sat 25-Jan-20 10:41:10

There is a brand of gardening gloves for women sold in Germany under the name "Lady Garden". You'd think someone would have told them.

BlueSky Sat 25-Jan-20 11:21:19

Is it part of the 'Bring back the bush' campaign? grin