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Spell my name right!

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watermeadow Sun 16-Feb-20 13:37:27

In my generation you were probably named either Susan or Ann (or Anne) Bad enough to be one of five in the same class with the same name but every time I give my name I have to spell it.
I blame my mother and just put up with it but I get irritable when, after knowing or communicating with someone for some time, they keep using the other spelling.
It seems rude to point it out but they are rude to not use the right spelling of my very common name. I want to say No, there’s no E, it is not spelled any old way at random. Each of us is either Ann or Anne, roughly half and half so it’s not odd to have the E or to not have the E.

Gaunt47 Tue 18-Feb-20 08:38:24

And Christines. And Gill/Jill s!

Decembergirl Tue 18-Feb-20 09:09:00

I have never met anyone with my name - it’s spelt with a D and not a G!!! I hated it for so many reasons and the embarrassment of spelling it (I was an RAF child who constantly moved schools)
Then I arrived at age 60 and decided to embrace it being different, and now when people say it’s pretty - I thank them - rather than telling them I wish I had been given a well known name. Funniest thing is when people change it to a ‘G’ and when I query it - they tell me they though I’d spelt it incorrectly ???

Callistemon Tue 18-Feb-20 10:54:36

Now I'm trying to work out what it is Decembergirl grin

Nanny41 Tue 18-Feb-20 14:59:49

My name can only be spelt one way, but with ten letters in it, it is sometimes spelt incorrectly,I cant blame anyone really its easily done.

Anais75 Tue 18-Feb-20 15:39:17

I’m a Claire as were the majority of girls born around my era. I’m past how it’s spelt it bores me as does the plain name do I take very little notice. As a teacher I’ve been called my name, mum and gran and I answer to all grin

Evie64 Tue 18-Feb-20 19:53:16

I,m an Yvonne. I can't tell you how many people can't spell it and even worse is when they call me Whyvon!

JuliaM Tue 18-Feb-20 22:30:53

As a young nurse, part of my job was to call out the patients names from the waiting room and do their basic checks ready to see the Doctor. I came across lots of everyday common ones no problem, but there were a few rather risky ones that could and did offend some people if pronounced the wrong way. One example was surnames ending in ‘Bottom’, such as Higgingbottom, but the times l got snapped at by a patient that insisted their name was Higgingbotham, or Robotham, when it clearly was not!

Susie42 Wed 19-Feb-20 12:17:40

People have a problem with pronouncing or spelling my surname but I dislike my maiden name.

ClaraB Thu 20-Feb-20 09:49:41

I was christened Elizabeth Clare, but have never been called Elizabeth only Clare. It is so annoying when at doctors, dentists etc. as I don't think of myself as Elizabeth when my name is called out. To top it all, hardly anyone spells Clare correctly they always put an i in it. Rant over!!

Cymres1 Thu 20-Feb-20 19:35:27

I have a friend Carol, she's also got two other names which get an e added. She was adopted at Christmas so the name is special to her, and her adored adoptive Dad was Charlie so the spelling is something that means a lot. Sometimes it's more than meets the eye, not just someone being pedantic. Having her name written down wrongly also meant having a blood test repeated because the person who wrote the form put a spelling which didn't match her employment file, before starting a job in the NHS. Ouch!!

Grosvenor Fri 21-Feb-20 12:51:17

The one I find annoying (not him personally!) is Sean Bean, or Seen Been, or Shaun Baun, let alone all the other variations variations on his first name.

Sussexborn Fri 21-Feb-20 15:19:02

My MIL would take great umbrage if people pronounced her surname incorrectly. It’s unusual so not really fair to expect people to know.

I saw a new variation of my name this morning - Shila! Written by a very kind and caring lady who would have been embarrassed if I corrected her so I let it pass. My older brother puts dashes where the vowels go - spelling was never his strong point. My OH always comments on the misspelling but I am not bothered at all.

My niece and one SIL now call themselves Davees instead of the common Davies.

A friend gave her surname as Russell with an R, two SS’s and two LLs. Thereafter she became Rssll.

olliebeak Sun 23-Feb-20 08:38:09

For some reason known only to herself, my mother decided that I would be known by the SECOND of my two forenames/christian names. I've since discovered that HER mother had done the same thing with some of mum's siblings - but not all of them.

To make matters worse, that name could be spelled with one 'l' - or two 'll' - in the middle of it.

I had a constant battle from the age of 5 - often with teachers - to, first of all, get them to call me the correct name; and, secondly, to SPELL it correctly.

You'd have thought I would have had at least some sympathy when I had my own daughter - but NO ;-). I gave her THREE names - using her middle name for her to be known by.

I didn't realise at the time, that she would grow up with hearing problems and a speech impediment until she was about 9 or 10. She laughs now and says 'Mother, I could SPELL my name properly - long before I could even say it!'

JuliaM Sun 23-Feb-20 10:22:51

My youngest daughters name was at the time a very unusual one which l first heard whilst working on a Childrens ward at our local hospital. It was a bit weird the way l found myself working as Bank Staff covering a nightshift that my Mum normally worked on that ward, and had done for almost 30years. Mum was terminally ill with Breast cancer at the time, so l was taking her place, yet no connections had been made by the admin staff to this fact as we both had different surnames. During the shift, a lovely little girl about 2years old kept standing up in her cot, and shouting 'Mummy' after me, putting her arms up to be lifted out for a cuddle. Noticed her very unusual name, and it my head. I never did return to work on that ward ever again. I just got on with my life and bringing up my own 4 girls, the youngest was just a year old. A few months later, l wasnt feeling too good, visited my GP, who put it down to stress with my Mum being so ill, and possibly Spanish tum has l had just returned from a short break in Spain. Things didnt improve, so blood tests and scans were ordered, the results of which were quite a shock, l was 22 weeks Pregnant, with failed contraception still in place, and working back the dates, would have concieved around the time the little Girl was shouting Mummy after me on my Mums ward at the Hospital. l chose to use the same name for my Daughter, only for it to be released by the Pop group Erasure a couple of weeks after her arival! She curses me for it now, that Song has been her Theme tune with people teasing her by singing it as soon as she enters the room, she hates it, and as the Manager of a local Nursery, she now has several parents who have coppied the name for their new arrival after meeting my daughter whilst dropping off an older sibling at Nursery!