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Flappy socks

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Quizzer Sun 08-Mar-20 10:02:09

AIBU to want to buy socks that fit? I wear them with casual trousers and jeans but I struggle to find comfortable ones. I take size 4 (UK) and all the socks I see in the shops seem to be sized "fits 4 - 7". I end up with either floppy toes or the heel half way up my ankle! I have tried kids socks but they are always too tight round the ankle and that's not good for my veins. Any suggestions?

Callistemon Sun 08-Mar-20 10:15:45

I bought some bamboo socks and they seem to fit nicely without being tight.

TK Maxx, other outlets available.

Callistemon Sun 08-Mar-20 10:16:45

Ps they were even smaller after being tumble dried, not recommended, but stretched out again to fit.

crazyH Sun 08-Mar-20 10:19:50

Quizzes, I buy one size smaller i.e. 12-3 and they fit beautifully

Nortsat46 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:26:05

I second bamboo socks.
I was sent a free sample 🎉 and they are probably the best socks I have.They stay put ...
My problem with socks that aren’t quite tight, is that they work down my ankles and under my heels, which is a ridiculous situation...

Callistemon Sun 08-Mar-20 10:27:51

I wore some old floppy ones yesterday and the heels seemed to have worked round to the top of my foot.
I should have bought more bamboo ones, I only have 3 pairs.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:28:00

Another fan of bamboo socks so soft and comfy

Callistemon Sun 08-Mar-20 10:28:44

I think I'd better go to TK Maxx and buy some more before the rush!!

NotSpaghetti Sun 08-Mar-20 10:29:41

These people have small-foot sized socks that are suitable for swollen ankles.
I bought some for my mother-in-law from them and she was delighted.
They are helpful on the phone too if you aren’t sure which to purchase:

Gaunt47 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:36:29

There seems to be only ever two sizes available, each with a broad size range. Even though I have average sized feet, M&S men's small size no longer work for me, they seem too large so I've moved on to Primark 4-8 confused
And as for finding tights that fit, don't get me started....
Sorry I can't help Quizzer!

BladeAnnie Sun 08-Mar-20 10:38:25

Snag tights are amazing

Alexa Sun 08-Mar-20 10:57:36

My problem is the opposite. I buy the flappiest socks to accommodate my swollen ankles.

NotSpaghetti Sun 08-Mar-20 10:59:35

Alexa - take a look at
They have some SUPER-wide ones

Alexa Sun 08-Mar-20 11:03:17

Thanks Spagh. i will have a look.

Alexa Sun 08-Mar-20 11:07:59

I see what you mean, NotSpagh. Actually my feet have another problem which is they are too far away now and I need to have loose socks all over so I can slip them over my toes with minimum effort. I have a strong stable wooden stool at just the right height to lift one foot on to whilst I keep a soft chair behind me in case I tip backwards. I use this arrangement for toenail cutting too.

shysal Sun 08-Mar-20 13:12:15

I too had some free bamboo socks sent to me. They are a bit too small for my size 5.5 feet and chunky legs. They were sent by the company 'Bam', and are available from their own website and also on Amazon.

shysal Sun 08-Mar-20 13:22:34

For those who prefer a wider fit I can recommend these diabetic socks. Although the tops are soft and wide they don't fall down. I have the ones with coloured toe and heel.

annodomini Sun 08-Mar-20 13:37:17

I have bought bamboo socks from Boots. They have 'comfort' tops and are suitable for diabetics (which I'm not). I've had lots of 'diabetic' socks from Amazon and now wouldn't wear socks with tight elastic at the top.

M0nica Sun 08-Mar-20 14:15:02

Why not buy children's socks? They will be in smaller sizes.

Mrst1405 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:23:02

I knit my own to fit my relatively long thin feet. I like bamboo best or warm woolen ones .

Moocow Sun 08-Mar-20 20:24:48

Have you tried tumble drying them? I have accidentally shrunk the length of mine that way.

morethan2 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:49:35

Oh I can’t thank you enough. Only this morning I struggled to get my very ill DiLs socks on. Honestly it was so difficult we both had to sit sweating from exhaustion for a good ten minutes before we could move. I’ve just bought a few pairs from eBay.

CherryCezzy Sun 08-Mar-20 21:05:55

Another one here who can recommend bamboo socks. I take a size 3 or 4 (or inbetween) shoe. It has always been a problem for me as also have odd toes. I was given a box of EWM Country Rose socks and they fit and don't roll down

Alexa Mon 09-Mar-20 15:48:43

Mrs1405, You knit your own! Hand knitted socks are IMO the height of luxury. I can barely remember the lovely feeling of hand knitted socks.

Mrst1405 Mon 09-Mar-20 20:49:32

Alexa, if you can knit , it's not difficult. There are some wonderful yarns available. It's very addictive though!