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People Still dont get this

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granniechrissie Thu 19-Mar-20 21:54:33

If we all just do what is askd of us, then in 90 daystime, life will return to normal. Why is it so hard for people to ollow instructions ..... aaagh

granniechrissie Thu 19-Mar-20 22:00:14

My Mum, still living, lived though the Blitz and isnt loo roll hoarding, getta grip people.

EllanVannin Thu 19-Mar-20 22:09:51

People's own common sense should tell them that when deaths are beginning to increase then they should keep away from each other and treat each person is a carrier.
We'll end up like Italy !!
The crowds that are been pouring into supermarkets are a recipe for disaster.

Nobody knows if they've got or not until it's too late and this is why the younger ones are dying because it's been put across saying it's the elderly who are at risk. Everyone is !!

Hetty58 Thu 19-Mar-20 22:16:38

That's rather optimistic granniechrissie. I think that maybe you really still don't get this - at all.

The idea that we'll be 'back to normal' anytime soon just isn't logical. The best we can hope for (and it's a long shot) will be a damping down of the upward trend in new infections.

We can hope and pray that the NHS won't be completely overwhelmed for too long and the death rates aren't too unbelievably catastrophic.

We are only in the first phase of things, the beginning (not the end). The virus won't just disappear. It'll still be around next year.

We'll likely have a depression, mass unemployment, more quantitative easing, failed businesses and real uncertainty.

We can look forward to a new and changed 'normal', hope for better treatments and improved survival rates - but there's a strong chance of further outbreaks next winter!

Luckygirl Thu 19-Mar-20 22:44:56

Indeed - 12 weeks sounds extremely optimistic to me.

suziewoozie Thu 19-Mar-20 22:51:24

Johnson has done what he always does - gone for the cheap populist sound bite for tomorrow’s headlines. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for or angry with CW and PV for standing next to him whilst he burbles, blunders and lies. Did anyone watch the medical press conference this morning with just those two - very very sobering and a much more realistic explanation of what is meant by the ‘science’.

ElaineI Fri 20-Mar-20 00:19:47

It won't be gone in 90 days. How could it? It's a virus - some are around always like norovirus, colds, flu, chickenpox etc. China having second wave after all precautions and though no new home infected people as precautions lift then other cases infected elsewhere appear. So many people self isolate, some catch it, other people don't self isolate catch it and as soon as the people come out of self isolation and return to work or travel etc they can still catch it. But there might then be more ventilators and hand gel. And no one knows if you can catch it again.

GagaJo Fri 20-Mar-20 00:32:15

I read a report today (sorry, should have saved the link but didn't), that we're looking at a long haul of 18 months.

China has reduced it because they went into extreme lockdown. Although even there, they will be social distancing for months to come.

IF we had taken the time while we were watching China to get prepared, we may not face the extremity that lies before us. BUT our NHS isn't capable of handling it.

The only place that managed it was a city in Italy. (sorry about the link, it isn't the original one I read, BUT again, can't find the original). But it is WAY too late for that here, now.

May7 Fri 20-Mar-20 00:37:25

To be honestSusiewoozie I'm only listening to Chris W and Patrick V as they are informing me rather than bewildering me. Boris just baffles me and if he thumps the table one more time to emphasise his sound bite grrrr.

Oopsminty Fri 20-Mar-20 00:40:34

The editor of The Lancet was the one who stated that we could get through this in 12 weeks if we all behave

rosecarmel Fri 20-Mar-20 07:05:47

I heard about this blood test during today's state briefing-

A test can see if a person has ever been infected, even if they had no symptoms-

MIT Technologically Review

Ginny42 Fri 20-Mar-20 07:19:12

I thought the medical press conference with CW and PV the most informative I've heard to date.

In conferences with BJ it always seem to me as though they're holding back, and in some instances one or the other of them has commented after the PM has spoken to clarify what he's said. Very diplomatically, but definitely providing a better explanation.

To think we once didn't need experts!

Greymar Fri 20-Mar-20 07:27:00

Do we have a link to the editor of the Lancet please?

EllanVannin Fri 20-Mar-20 07:38:17

This catastrophe now shows and proves how under-resourced our NHS has been----SHOCKING !! Shame on governments.

suziewoozie Fri 20-Mar-20 07:56:19

This is the latest article of his I’ve read - I can’t find any link to his saying anything about the mythical 12 weeks

suziewoozie Fri 20-Mar-20 07:59:21

I also rate Prof Anthony Costello’s views

Whitewavemark2 Fri 20-Mar-20 08:00:44

One bit of relief for businesses is that (not yet announced) but Brexit is shelved for the foreseeable future. The economy simply couldn’t cope with another major hit whilst it was on its knees.

Businesses must be giving three cheers for that bit of news

MerylStreep Fri 20-Mar-20 08:22:18

We left the eu officially 11pm on the 31st January 2020.
Negotiations may be put on hold but Brexit has happened.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 20-Mar-20 08:23:55

So true ms

eazybee Fri 20-Mar-20 08:32:59

I watched a doctor on television complaining about the inadequacy of the protective clothing she had been issued: mask, gloves and disposable apron.
Apparently she didn't consider it necessary to remove her earrings, pendant and very large bracelet-ed watch or tie her shaggy hair back, all very basic hygiene precautions which nurses are expected to observe. I felt she was concerned with protecting herself against infection, not with avoiding passing it on.

Lucca Fri 20-Mar-20 08:39:23

I heard o. Radio 4 about lack of protective gear too and someone saying there’s plenty available but it’s a logistics issue getting it to the hospitals ?? about putting it in a lorry and driving it there, possibly an army lorry or two.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 20-Mar-20 08:40:23

Let’s support our health workers. Put yourself in their shoes they are putting their lives on line. Without them how can we cope?

So easy to criticise, try being supportive.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 20-Mar-20 08:52:06

Lucca the army is being deployed to drive supply lorries and oxygen tankers.

Lucca Fri 20-Mar-20 08:52:46

Gg13. Oh good thanks

Lucca Fri 20-Mar-20 08:53:47

This fro the Times . I totally agree with Khan.

“Civil liberties will have to be “infringed” to save lives, Sadiq Khan warned yesterday, as the government said it could shut down parts of the capital to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The London mayor said “our liberties and human rights need to be changed, curtailed, infringed — use whatever word you want” to stop people dying from the virus. He said residents had not yet done enough to isolate themselves and reduce transmission.

“I am concerned about people not following the advice,” Mr Khan told the London assembly. “There are still too many people being witnessed on our streets, in our bars, in our cafés, using the Tube, using our buses.”