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Want to scream at husband....

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Classic Sat 21-Mar-20 11:15:22

We are both in early 60's well and working. At his work, lots of people have gone off to self isolate so hes had to do extra. Yesterday he decided he felt hot so would stay home. He put on social media that he was off with a temperature. I took his temperature and its not raised at all. Hes sitting with his outdoor wear fleece on top of a tee shirt, and it's still not raised! Today he has popped out to the shops and is talking about going back to work, I've tried explaining to him that now hes declared himself as having a temperature to work and the world, then he and I have to self isolate for 14 days. I need to work, and I have a dying mother I need to spend time with. Thanks to his feeling like a duvet day, and getting sympathy on social media, I now feel that morally I should be in isolation at home for 14 days, the last thing I needed, yet I know hes fine and has shown no symptoms at all. I want to scream at him, ( yes I want to wring his neck too) His reasoning is that he doesnt think he has Corvid19 and he should be okay to go about his normal life, that as he is now saying he might only be coming down with a bit of a cold on social media, he should be able to carry on as normal. The repercussions for me are that my family now think I must stay home, stay away from our mum, not go to work, all for a prat saying he had a temperature when he doesnt. sad

midgey Sat 21-Mar-20 11:17:10

You must be incandescent!

rosenoir Sat 21-Mar-20 11:31:28

If he didnt have a high temp then I do not see why you have to isolate.

If anyone asks just say he took his temp after announcing on Facebook and it was fine.

Sparklefizz Sat 21-Mar-20 11:38:21

Just post another announcement on FB saying "False alarm" !

Sussexborn Sat 21-Mar-20 11:50:27

As Sparklefizz suggests also adding he wins hypochondriac of the year award! Can understand why you are fuming and upset with your Mum so poorly. Has he always been an idiot?

EllanVannin Sat 21-Mar-20 12:03:43

Hahahaha, there'll be a few strangulations before this lot ends.

Grandad1943 Sat 21-Mar-20 12:05:46

There are many of both sexes that are and will take false time off from work throughout this crisis. With many absentee penalty systems being suspended by employers at this time, the above is guaranteed to happen and continue.

Unless your other half is showing any real signs of infection the best advice for the opening poster would be to carry on as normal.

Your husband could also return to work on Monday and just state that it is a very mild cold. In our company, we would be only too grateful that he stayed away while he was suspicious of himself being infected with Covid-19.

Simple's, no requirement to create a mountain out of a molehill.

SalsaQueen Sat 21-Mar-20 13:02:51

I fully understand what you mean. My husband is the same - on Wednesday, he came home early from work (10am)as he had a sore throat - no other symptoms- and he has been at home since. He's been sitting there, as usual, reading, watching tv, doing his crosswords. He's certainly not lost his appetite (for food OR beer). There's been nothing wrong with him!

I work as Warden of a sheltered housing scheme, and I also deliver meals to a special needs school - they will be staying open. I'm still doing all the housework, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry. etc. HE has done nothing at all. I could throttle the moron. angry

annsixty Sat 21-Mar-20 13:16:43

Why don’t you.
We would all vouch for you citing extenuating circumstances.?

SalsaQueen Sat 21-Mar-20 18:50:25

I think if mine dares to stay off work on Monday, I'll have to kill him grin. I wouldn't mind, but he does nothing whatsoever in the house when he's off. Moan over.......I've got to go and kick him grin

Classic Sun 22-Mar-20 15:40:57

Salsa queen, yep mines exactly the same. He took the friday off, but he had already relinquished Wed Thur and Fri of his pre booked annual leave to help them cover. The Friday he took off will be taken from his leave. But he too does nothing around the house and garden, I've started to just not cook dinner, he wont go without his dinner so he will actually make dinner, I just have to clean up cooker and every pan and implement we own!

SalsaQueen Sun 22-Mar-20 15:47:37

I went shopping this morning, after I'd changed the beds, put the washer on, fed the cat, prepared a large curry for lunch. I told him he had better hoover downstairs and empty the dishwasher - or else. I got back an hour later, and he'd done those things. He says he doesn't know if he's going to work tomorrow (He doesn't get paid so it'll be SSP) but I've got to go to work tomorrow, so I'll leave him a list of things to do, including tomorrow night's dinner grin. The lazy swine.

AGAA4 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:58:36

People who take advantage of this situation should be shot ashamed .
There are many in critical jobs, who could be at risk if they catch the virus but carry on working for the greater good.

pinkquartz Sun 22-Mar-20 16:04:04


I wonder if the Virus will become a defense for murder?
I can well imagine people losing the plot. Being mostly housebound anyway I know it tends to make me lose perspective and easily lose my temper....

Patsy70 Sun 22-Mar-20 16:19:49

How do you put up with these idle men? It must be love. I agree with others that you should carry on with your job and caring for your Mother and let people know what a lazy, lying moron he is. angry

SalsaQueen Sun 22-Mar-20 16:23:11

Patsy70 Mine hasn't always been so idle - when our sons were growing up, he worked whilst I stayed at home (for many years). Perhaps he's getting his own back - but he'll soon get sick of my nagging.

Patsy70 Sun 22-Mar-20 17:15:44

Sorry, SalsaQueen, I was more angry with Classic's post. I really didn't mean to offend any of you. flowers

SalsaQueen Sun 22-Mar-20 20:06:19

Patsy70 I'm not offended grin. Mine is being a slob lately

Jimjam1 Sun 22-Mar-20 20:56:22

Good evening to you all. Husband has been home for a week. He has asked me if I was going to add milk for our scrambled egg. He has shown me his way of making Cauliflower cheese. I planned to paint all the radiators in the house. He has reminded me to make sure to sandpaper them down first. I am just trying to keep myself busy. The list goes on and on. I spotted a camper van on my neighbours drive. I might just sneak in there tonight as I know tomorrow he will start advising me again on the correct way to do things. I’m getting near boiling point. ?

vampirequeen Sun 22-Mar-20 21:22:36

Tell everyone it was a false alarm and get on with your life as normal.

Grandad1943 Sun 22-Mar-20 21:36:21

It's amazing on this forum how the husbands and male partners of forum members are all slobs, lazy, dirty, inconsiderate and much much more, while their wives and female partners are always perfect in every aspect of their lives.

As stated, truly incredible.

SalsaQueen Mon 23-Mar-20 13:07:30

*Grandad19438 grin grin grin

Kerenhappuch Mon 23-Mar-20 13:11:43

He didn't have a sudden dry cough or a temperature, so it was a false alarm. You have no moral duty to go along with his fiction!

timetogo2016 Mon 23-Mar-20 13:25:03

The solicitors are going to be busy by the sound of it.
I did a bit of shopping for a couple in their 50`s.
On dropping the grocery on the doorstep i could hear the wife shouting at her oh how he`s a f.....g waste of space and all the years iv`e known them butter wouldn`t melt.
Couldn`t help but laugh.
I agree with the advice youv`e been given Classic.

mygrannycanfly Mon 23-Mar-20 14:04:43

These are worrying times for everyone. I closed my business on Saturday, by the time I came home I was convinced I had Covid 19, I had aching limbs, a terrible headache and I’d even started coughing. It’s taken me a day in bed to feebly acknowledge that’s it’s just stress and anxiety. I’m still finding it difficult to function.

Meanwhile OH, who has been WFH for 3 months in new job has carried on as usual, logged into work, filled the washing machine, fed the cats and run around me with endless snacks and mugs of tea. If he gets sick I’ve got a lot to live up to!.