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B&Q staying open

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Washerwoman Tue 24-Mar-20 13:51:25

Ok I get that essential plumbing and electrical parts still need to be available but a friends relative works in B&Q and says it's been mental.Everyone buying paint,DIY materials,plants ,compost etc so they can crack on whilst at home.Stores absolutely packed.But really whilst I'm here st home sticking strictly not seeing our DGC who live around the corner even though they have been keeping apart as a family for days so have to wonder ?Don't get me wrong DH and I will stay home for as long as it takes but surely so many shoppers in theses stores isn't right.It isn't food.It isn't medicine.Surely it should be online only.Or has anyone heard that's what it's going to be.

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:54:45

Hopefully in the coming days they will clamp down on stores that shouldn’t be open, You always get people trying to push their luck, large shops are probably the worst.

And of course Covidiots are out there spending their money.

Cerys Tue 24-Mar-20 13:55:46

B and Q is closed today whilst they reorganize stores to provide essentials only

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:57:35

Pressed post too soon.
We have decided that we are doing the best we can for us, if we don’t mix with the general public we should be ok. What everyone else does is of no concern to us now, they’ve been warned umpteen times.
I was feeling bad for not going over to my elderly neighbours , but I have Asthma, Sunday they had hordes of relatives in and out, so I think if they can’t do the right thing then I have to stay away from them.

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:58:37

I’d be interested to know what essentials B and Q sell.

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:59:18

Light bulbs? Possibly because we will need lighting

MissAdventure Tue 24-Mar-20 14:00:55

I think they're taking advantage, pound signs in their greedy eyes.

MiniMoon Tue 24-Mar-20 14:03:58

B&Q are classed as a hardware store along with Wicks and Screwfix. They are deemed essential, and are therefore allowed to remain open.

MissAdventure Tue 24-Mar-20 14:07:04

Bicycle shops are apparently allowed to stay open, in case someone decides to take up cycling during the lockdown.

Littleannie Tue 24-Mar-20 14:08:52

People will always have plumbing and electrical emergencies. If the plumbers and electricians can't get supplies they can't come out. I think B and Q will stop selling new kitchens and bathrooms, things like that.

tanith Tue 24-Mar-20 14:12:36

Sitting out In the sun I thought any minute now I'll hear greensleaves playing but no not one ice cream van so far assume they are also non essential ??

MissAdventure Tue 24-Mar-20 14:17:36

That makes sense, LittleAnnie.

Washerwoman Tue 24-Mar-20 14:19:51

Yes I get the builders and plumbers need essential.But there are builders merchants and electrical wholesalers.But B and Q also sell a lot of other stuff I would say isn't essential at the moment.Hopefully they will reorganise and get a safer system rather than the Bank Holiday + type crowds friends DD had to cope with on the till

Squiffy Tue 24-Mar-20 14:28:36

MissA Some people cycle to work so need bike shops for spare parts!

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 14:28:47

B&Q need to stay open for DIY emergency items although I know they are restricting the amounts of customers at any one time. I can't see anyone going in to buy a new bathroom can you?

My oven blew up a few months ago and I bought a new one from B&Q off the shelf. Okay so its not marvellous but its doing the job.

BBbevan Tue 24-Mar-20 14:35:30

We have just sent a big order to b&q. We aim to fence in a large oil tank and then build a gazebo. Well you can’t sit and twiddle your thumbs for the foreseeable future can you ?

Littleannie Tue 24-Mar-20 15:00:10

Yesterday our ancient oven and microwave both packed up. Would you believe it! Anticipating the closure of shops, my husband dashed down to Currys and bought new. A good job he did, or we would have had no cooking facilities for goodness knows how long.

Washerwoman Tue 24-Mar-20 15:00:20

And I will order some compost and veg plants and seeds on line. From one of the smaller online retailers. Annoyingly I dropped something on out loo seat lid the other day and cracked it.But I'm not about to go out to shop for a new one.Our loo still functions and it can wait .I'm trying to tell myself the vast majority of people will be sensible with shopping just so we can all get back to some sort of normality sooner rather thsn later.

HAZBEEN Tue 24-Mar-20 15:05:07

My OH is a self employed builder so at the moment has very little work on. People either dont understandably want people at their houses or are worried about money so have called a halt on projects. He decided that at long last he would get on with our jobs so we stocked up on the needed materials before the lockdown. I am in the at risk group due to health although under 70 so I am glad he isnt havent to go out and about.

Nico97 Tue 24-Mar-20 15:06:29

Just read on their website that they are closing all stores today but will still be doing online orders and click and collect facility.

Littleannie Tue 24-Mar-20 16:13:47

As I understand it, they are just closing today to do some reorganizing of their stores, and will be open again tomorrow for essentials.

Nico97 Tue 24-Mar-20 17:02:46

Thanks Littleannie - have obviously misread it smile

MawB Tue 24-Mar-20 17:04:30

I certainly don’t think we can leap to attack B&Q when you have this going on ???

I was feeling bad for not going over to my elderly neighbours , but I have Asthma, Sunday they had hordes of relatives in and out, so I think if they can’t do the right thing then I have to stay away from them

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 24-Mar-20 17:10:26

Maw no you can’t , let’s hope their families aren’t going to B and Q first.

All of this information about staying at home and especially away from the elderly ( my neighbours are in their 80s) yet people are acting as if it’s a holiday.
We are just steering clear of people , the gate is closed!
Well except for the postman, delivery people and some chap delivering leaflets for houses for sale!

Hetty58 Tue 24-Mar-20 17:20:43

oopsadaisy, I can't agree with your 'What everyone else does is of no concern to us now'.

I am hopping mad at those carrying on as normal. They are irresponsible and dangerous. Anyone posing a deadly threat to my family is my concern, my business.

Lockdown isn't working and we don't have enough police to enforce it. It's one big holiday around here!