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Ive noticed shoppers starting to become a little more aggressive

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bikergran Mon 20-Apr-20 07:14:36

Up to the last week or so most have been pretty tolerant (almost more friendly) but this last week 10 days I noticed in the Supermarket I work in, shoppers are getting a bit agitated at other shoppers.

We have a one way and queing system,
some shoppers don't adhere to the one way and just either don't see the arrows or blatantly ignore them causing friction between customers.There has been a few heated rows latley.

Also we let NHS workers sort of jump the que if you will so long as they have their ID.

The mutterings and comments from other shoppers queuing also leads to remarks and confrontations.

Customers will say to me "there's a right dong dong going on over there"

Are people becoming frustrated now!

I had three older males in last week (presumed they were pensioners as they looked of that age) or older.

All three were very impatient, the third one was verbally aggresive and when asked if he would moved away from the area so I could sort the problem on the screen out, he said " Look luv if wer'e going to get it were going to get it"! I said well I dont want it thank you! a superviser came over had a stern word with him, but he was still obnoxious.hmm

Calendargirl Mon 20-Apr-20 07:28:10

Our local Tesco does very well, and people are adhering to the queueing, one way system and staying in your square, in the main.
Have to say it seems to be older folk who are the most impatient. I was waiting for the lady in front of me to move on after choosing her item, an oldish lady behind me kept pushing her trolley more into my square and huffing. I turned round and gave her ‘ a look’. I said nothing, but felt like saying, “Just wait your turn, I doubt if you have heaps to do when you get home anyway!”

And yes, I don’t know if she had left a sick husband or someone at home, but we have an excellent volunteer system in our community, she looked the age to be a suitable candidate.

SueH49 Mon 20-Apr-20 07:30:04

I think the "novelty" has worn off and people are getting fed up and just want to go back to what is normal for them. I too see a change in attitude while shopping. In the first couple of weeks people were chatty and somewhat incredulous of the situation but in the last week there seems to be a subtle change in behaviour.

This is why I don't think we will see any major changes in the way we live when this is over. Most people are too set in their ways and see any restriction on them as a threat to their rights and freedom.

Daisymae Mon 20-Apr-20 09:01:10

I don't know, as I have not been anywhere in a month. However I do feel that people are feeling a bit more down and probably feeling the effects of isolation. Stores should employ people to point out the one way systems and have security on hand to escort people off the premises should they become abusive. I don't think that it's going to get better any time soon.

BlueSky Mon 20-Apr-20 09:09:31

So far I have no experience of lockdown supermarket shopping as very luckily I've managed to get an online delivery. This is through constantly checking slots available and accepting any time. If I had to I would have to send DH as he's younger, but I'm dreading it. Up to now he was out of action as well because of sciatica!

dragonfly46 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:18:10

I am not allowed out at the moment as I am shielding but I am beginning to hate my loss of freedom. The inability to walk to the bluebell wood, not being able to spontaneously go out and get things I need. I am not surprised people are getting impatient especially older people as they must feel as I do that life is passing me by.
My life has already been on hold for 18 months and the thought of another 18 fills me with dread.

Katyj Mon 20-Apr-20 09:20:22

Yes me too someone was very annoyed with me the other day,i had misunderstood the queuing system and was stood in the wrong place,i then apologised and moved, only to be told by another women i had pushed in, she had also misunderstood,the shop assistant told the women I was now in the correct place and she had to move, she wasn’t happy. I’m sure this wouldn’t have escalated the way it did before Covid.

harrigran Mon 20-Apr-20 09:24:56

DH goes to a shop once a week but if there is a queue he walks away. I would rather starve than have him put his health and sanity at risk.

jane1956 Mon 20-Apr-20 10:07:17

Know what you are saying, BUT on Friday needed tablets from sainsburys, got there at 8.30am Only key workers allowed in or over 70s (i am 64) So waited till 9am went in got essentials and went to pharmacy to find it shut!! It opened 8am I had to go out and hang about for 30 mins (not good) went back in she said they shut to catch up as they were busy!!! Thought they should open more longer if busy. Was not a happy customer. So guess it is easy to be more agressive. Also Banks are doing similar and not openeing till 10am and only essential banking??? What banking is non essential???

Teetime Mon 20-Apr-20 10:10:54

I have only been to a supermarket a couple of times in the last few weeks but what I noticed was the eerie silence. People silent glide past, looking down as though speaking is not allowed. Strange experience.

yggdrasil Mon 20-Apr-20 10:15:57

I went to Tesco this morning at 7am. It was quiet, and they now have sanitiser spray for the trolley handle, and free plastic gloves. They have a one way system, I went the wrong way down an aisle and another shopper pointed it out to me (politely), so I apologised and turned round :-) There were only 3 cash desks , but no queues, and a had a friendly chat with the till person. She had been up since 4am and was just having a break for breakfast after I had done. In other words, a good experience and I got everything on my list. Won't be going again for at least a fortnight.

b1zzle Mon 20-Apr-20 10:16:40

Now wishing to be sexist in any way, but I find it's the 'men alone' doing the shopping who tend to be aggressive for some reason. There was one in Sainsbury's this morning glaring at everyone who dared to get in his path (whilst keeping the social distance). There again, there was one old boy hovering over tins of baked beans - did he not know that we're supposed to go in, shop and go straight out again without browsing?

Maybe men aren't used to having to shop - maybe their partners sent them out so they could have a bit of 'emotional distancing' for a few minutes. (And maybe they'll have a little more respect for those of us for whom shopping for food is a necessary part of our lives).

Scotpiper Mon 20-Apr-20 10:20:42

I went to Sainsbury last week.. Never again. Went early for the elderly hour. People just milling about, picking up things, putting them back, ignoring floor markers. It was like a day out for some. When a woman came round an end aisle, in the wrong direction, for the THIRD time, meaning I had to reverse again, I did say something, but she just ignored me and barged on past. Our freezer is full, we get milk and eggs delivered, so I only went for fruit and veg. We will do without!

EmilyHarburn Mon 20-Apr-20 10:21:32

I went shopping yesterday for the first time since lock down. I have had a very stressful time finding first that there are no free delivery slots for any of the local supermarkets, and then that there are limited click and collect slots. I normally shop at Aldi and Lidle and I think you have to visit these super markets. Anyway I got a Morrisons click and collect for 10 am Sunday. things however began to unravel when I found that because I have no data on my phone, its pay as you go, having arrived at the store at 10 am I had to go into the store to get on their wifii to tell them I was here. I had brought a print out of the order which I had throught would suffice. I had to go into the store twice then at last the order came out to me in the click and collect bay. Then horror it was only mi initial order and not the edited order! What a learning curve!!. Now I have booked a new slot for May, put my husband's phone down as the phone to use, he has data, and am seeking out all the things I had added to the edited order for this next order. Because sadly when I got back to my computer the edits had not been saved for the next basket!!!

This is a great stress and now having been in the store twice I will hope that I was lucky and did not get the virus.

nipsmum Mon 20-Apr-20 10:23:43

I think some people are getting unreasonalby stressed just having to go to a supermarket at this time. One of my friends and my daughter both hate having to go where there are a lot of people. It is being a bit over anxious but they can't stop it. I think that's why they get cross and stressed. Please try to be tolerant.

EmilyHarburn Mon 20-Apr-20 10:23:44

I forgot to say, when I went into the customer help desk for the wifii, I had to go into the store via the exit which was formerly the entrance. One person told me off - quite correctly.

4allweknow Mon 20-Apr-20 10:24:23

I have been in a supermarket on three occasions since lockdown and only for a couple of items missed off my click and collect. I have written to my MP telling her all stores should have a one way system. What's the point in queuing 2 mts apart outside in the fresh air when inside a confined space it is a free for all. I know I felt very agitated by the time I came out. If doing a normal shop and people are being inconsiderate no wonder tempers flare. This virus will not go away, we have to respect it and live with it.

LizVck Mon 20-Apr-20 10:25:24

My DH works in produce at our local Tesco customers just ignore the staff filling the shelves. He was putting a box of apples out ( not a lightweight item) when an arm was pushed right under his nose to grab a bag when he reacted the customer replied she had not seen him, Come on people the staff are neither invisible or invincible please respect their space too.

polnan Mon 20-Apr-20 10:32:02

I haven`t been since before the lockdown.. so can`t really say.

I do get my early morning walkies,, 7 a.m. quiet.. most people I pass are pleasant... runners... usually have things stuck in their ears.. I just lift my hand in a wave
not a lot of walkers, like me... they mostly say Good morning
dog walkers,,, seem to only want to speak to other dog walkers... strange that.... but if their dog acknowledges me, as some do,, that is lovely for me

cyclists,, again, most seem to have things stuck in their ears,
some speak, mostly not..

that is my experience of the world out there

now necessary phone calls.. wow! I have found Government depts.. the, ladies, usually, are wonderful,, so kind, and gentle and well lovely

Beanie654321 Mon 20-Apr-20 10:36:51

I feel so sorry for the shop workers and delivery drivers, I have to admit they put up with alot. People can be so rude and take it out on those that are doing a belting job. We are asked to let delivery drivers drop things off at door and give them enough time to move away before you go and collect parcel. One delivery driver was walking up the driveway towards the front door of the house opposite, out comes the wife and starts walking towards him, he threw the parcel st her and ran. The parcel flew over her head and landed by open front door. I felt so sorry for the delivery driver as she shouted at him. Her neighbours and I clapped and shouted for the delivery driver as he locked himself in his cab. Well we were all told what to do weeks ago. Hope nothing breakable in parcel. People should think of others before reacting. My poor DH does the shopping now as I have health issues and he says some people are so rude and dont obey the rules for safety and it doesn't matter what age or gender they are. He works for NHS so shops early and he can only say that the shop workers are ace and keep him safe, so I want to say to each of you thank you so much.

deedeeP Mon 20-Apr-20 10:37:38

Classed as a "vulnerable person" I have been getting food via Click and collect as unable to get a delivery. Last week somoene blatently took most of my order, put it into their car and drove off with it. and it was all the good stuff, meat, fish, cheese etc. The man who was doing the click and collect told me the I would get a refund next day and was most upset when I said that I wanted the food not a refund. (I had waited 2 weeks for that slot) long story but the store manager came out with a young boy in tow and we spoke about it, apparently they are getting a lot of this at the moment people stealing food once its been paid for and not just at click and collect. He had the boy go into the store and pick the items for me whilst I waited in the car. He had too many bags when they both reappeared, in the managers words They had picked me extra food as compensation for my C**p day and the way I had been treated. When I got home again I had the entire incident on my dash camera with their faces and the vehicle registration (records front and rear) including me protesting that they were taking my food so the footage has been handed over to the local constabulary. Hope they enjoyed the food though because it will probably get them a criminal record if they dont already have one, and yes I have said I want to press charges as been told there is enough evidence to prosecute them.

gagsville Mon 20-Apr-20 10:43:15

My DD gets our shopping for us once a week as we have both got various health conditions. I don't really like her doing it as I worry about her and the GC. I got up at 6 yesterday morning and waited outside a Morrisons Express for an hour for it to open. When they opened the doors I was horrified to find that most of the shelves were half empty. There was no bread, no salad and very little veg and fruit. I felt like crying to be honest. I just don't have the courage to go to one of the big supermarkets Am I being pathetic?

Nona4ever Mon 20-Apr-20 10:45:27

Another dimension

JennyCee Mon 20-Apr-20 10:46:02

To Polnan
What a lovely positive amongst all the reports about the bad manners etc., etc.
We’re all in a bad place at the moment, so let’s try to keep it pleasant at least

Shalene777 Mon 20-Apr-20 10:47:47

I was in M&S on Tuesday and everyone was doing as they should. Then at checkout one of the staff asked the woman in front of me to use the self checkout as she only had one item and the woman totally flipped out....she shoved the trolley as hard as she could against a display, threw her arms in the air and stormed out. Couldn't believe it, but it shows how tightly wind some people are.