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Ive noticed shoppers starting to become a little more aggressive

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bikergran Mon 20-Apr-20 07:14:36

Up to the last week or so most have been pretty tolerant (almost more friendly) but this last week 10 days I noticed in the Supermarket I work in, shoppers are getting a bit agitated at other shoppers.

We have a one way and queing system,
some shoppers don't adhere to the one way and just either don't see the arrows or blatantly ignore them causing friction between customers.There has been a few heated rows latley.

Also we let NHS workers sort of jump the que if you will so long as they have their ID.

The mutterings and comments from other shoppers queuing also leads to remarks and confrontations.

Customers will say to me "there's a right dong dong going on over there"

Are people becoming frustrated now!

I had three older males in last week (presumed they were pensioners as they looked of that age) or older.

All three were very impatient, the third one was verbally aggresive and when asked if he would moved away from the area so I could sort the problem on the screen out, he said " Look luv if wer'e going to get it were going to get it"! I said well I dont want it thank you! a superviser came over had a stern word with him, but he was still obnoxious.hmm

harrigran Wed 22-Apr-20 09:00:23

DH shopped last night at 7pm, straight walk into the store and everything but lettuce and sunflower oil available.
We always shop on a Monday or Tuesday night as they seem to be less popular than weekends.
He has never mentioned any problems with other shoppers.

gulligranny Wed 22-Apr-20 11:21:42

Just back from a Tesco shop (only going every 2 weeks) - the hour between 9-10 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is for elderly/vulnerable. Got there at 5 to 9, didn't have to queue to get in, everyone was observing the rules and the staff were smiling and cheerful. Of course no flour (where is it all, surely not that many people are baking their own bread and cakes??) and no handwash, but I got everything else on my list and back home by ten past 10 - a miracle!

GabriellaG54 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:39:14

That's good news gulligranny buyout seems to have disappeared from most shopping areas.
On my Nextdoor app someone posted about a roadside stall being set up and flour and yeast would be available amongst other foodstuffs.
Maybe these entrepreneurs buy in bulk, something you and I could or would not do.

GabriellaG54 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:40:07

Should read. 'but flour' seems...

gulligranny Wed 22-Apr-20 16:48:14

GabriellaG54, my DH usually makes our bread (in a machine) and is beginning to feel a bit surplus to requirements as we can't get flour. Still, Tesco's Seeded Batch Loaf at 79p is rather nice... don't tell him I said so, though!

HootyMcOwlface Wed 22-Apr-20 16:56:47

I’m avoiding our local Tesco store. (It’s a large Extra one.) There is queuing to get in (all round the car park) but then once inside it’s one way only. So if you forget something you can’t go back for it. Then you have to keep back from the person in front, so if they stop to look at something you can’t walk on past you have to stop too. I’m not walking all round the store up and down every aisle when I only want a few essential items. If I wanted to do a big shop I could tolerate it I suppose, but it all sounds a bit OTT to me.

Billybob4491 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:43:47

There is usually police presence in our local Tesco store, think there has been a few "bust ups" recently.

Calendargirl Wed 22-Apr-20 17:59:00


If you forget something at our Tesco, a member of staff nips and fetches it for you, they seem to have staff in each aisle ready to guide and assist.