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Kanye West for president! What do we think?

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MaryTheBookeeper Sun 05-Jul-20 14:32:02

I'm gobsmacked, though I suppose we shouldn't be. What do you think?

MissAdventure Sun 05-Jul-20 14:40:13

As long as he promises not to "sing".

PamelaJ1 Sun 05-Jul-20 14:44:16

Well they had Ronald why not Kanye ???

Callistemon Sun 05-Jul-20 14:57:59


Grandmafrench Sun 05-Jul-20 14:59:32

It sounds par for the course for me. The Combover Kid has paved the way for the least qualified in charge and had a marvellous time at the country's expense. I feel that might just leave the door open for even wilder nominations. Kanye for President? Maybe Musk for Vice President and with Kim Kardashian as First Lady, America will be assured of an even more interesting future. Obviously nobody there really cares, so it might just happen.

Rosalyn69 Sun 05-Jul-20 15:03:50

Can he worse than 45?

annsixty Sun 05-Jul-20 15:04:51

The Queen will get on well with Kim.

EllanVannin Sun 05-Jul-20 15:06:00

Why not ? It's a mad world anyway and getting worse.

MawB Sun 05-Jul-20 15:18:07

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse.....

jane1956 Sun 05-Jul-20 15:28:52

he is going to do it because of all the BLM at the moment, will get the young votes too. Think 2016 if you think it cannot happen

Squiffy Sun 05-Jul-20 15:29:28

? I'm off to my parallel universe. Lalalalala ......... grin

TerriBull Sun 05-Jul-20 15:48:47

I'm not sure he will get the younger vote, he's a Trump supporter, or was the last time I read about his political leanings. shock

Kim Kardashian and everything she stands for, and continues to be associated with, for first lady hmm

merlotgran Sun 05-Jul-20 15:51:15

So it could be Kanye v Meghan. ???

Gajahgran Sun 05-Jul-20 15:53:30

Isn't he some sort of singer? Kim kardashian who is that.?

Squiffy Sun 05-Jul-20 15:54:10

merlot grin Place your bets now! wink

BlueBelle Sun 05-Jul-20 16:02:51

He’s a great supporter of Trump and pretty much an idiot too as is his wife and family yawn yawn yawn

TerriBull Sun 05-Jul-20 16:20:45

Kim Kardashian and her sisters, famous, well not sure for what exactly, other than having everything pumped up, particularly their derrieres to eye watering proportions. Kim's in particular combined with her hips are the size of a planet and one of the larger ones like Jupiter shock Their mom is known as a mom manager cos her whole purpose seems to be elevating her tribe in to the public eye, was married to Bruce Jenner before Bruce became Caitlin. Her first husband, Robert Kardashian, was a lawyer who acted for O J Simpson I believe. Kim's married to Kanye West who is a rapper, together they are the King and Queen of Bling and all that is vulgar and false.

There you have it a brief history of a couple of the main proponents of the worst aspects of popular culture.

MissAdventure Sun 05-Jul-20 16:25:13

Here's the lyrics to one of Kanye's tunes.

I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck I like my dick sucked, I'll buy you a sick truck
I'll buy you some new tits, I'll get you that nip-tuck
How you start a family? The condom slipped up
I'm a sick fuck, I'm inappropriate
I like hearin' stories, I like that ho shit
I wanna hear more shit, I like the ho shit
Send me some more shit, you triflin' ho bitch"

Chewbacca Sun 05-Jul-20 16:27:19

Lyrical isnt it! hmm

MissAdventure Sun 05-Jul-20 16:33:36

Perhaps everyone could sing along, if he gets in. smile

TerriBull Sun 05-Jul-20 16:34:24

Super! I bet Cole Porter, if he were still around today, would be eating his heart out to aspire to such lyrical perfection.

Oopsminty Sun 05-Jul-20 16:36:08

Oh I do like his Flashing Lights! I often have it playing loudly whilst driving

Keeleklogger Sun 05-Jul-20 16:39:41

From one nutcase to another

SueDonim Sun 05-Jul-20 16:40:01

Maybe he’d split the Trump vote, allowing Biden in. ?

EllanVannin Sun 05-Jul-20 16:40:03

What a quaint song.

Nearly as bad as Marshall Mather's lyrics but not as good a musician by a long chalk.