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AIBU to be absolutely disgusted about the statue in Bristol?

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sazz1 Sat 18-Jul-20 10:04:25

Really upset that a status of Jen somebody (Don't know her last name) was erected in Bristol. Have no problem with the Colston statue being removed but some unknown woman then has a statue of herself put in it's place! I think this is a real cheek as I'm not aware that she has done anything wonderful for black people in Bristol or worked tirelessly to enrich their lives. Having worked in social care I know at least 3 black workers much more deserving of the honour. It shouldn't be some jumped up t... who put her arm in the air on the day of the BLM protests. It's been removed at a cost to Bristol city council, but just who does she think she is?

trisher Wed 22-Jul-20 20:34:04

It will be worth hundreds of thousands. Marc Quin's work sells very well. He does donate a lot of the money he makes to charities.