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Esspee Tue 08-Sep-20 22:16:42

Ten thirty p.m. is a peculiar time for an important announcement.
AIBU to ask you to predict the reason?

Iam64 Thu 10-Sep-20 09:13:44

Our family accepted in March 2020 that Christmas as usual would be unlikely this year. I love this big Christmas get together, presents opened, children and dogs over excited, huge lunch that goes on for a few hours then out with the dogs (for the second time of the day) before collapsing on the sofa as half those present go off to visit extended family. It won't happen this year, we will all survive providing we don't get the virus. It will be different, still very special and yes, probably overlaid with some sadness and lost, just like the rest of this year has been. Staying safe is the key.

pollyperkins Thu 10-Sep-20 09:31:35

I agree. I think it will be a very different Christmas but we can still send (&receive) cards & presents, put up decorations and a tree, eat a Christmas dinner & mince pies, sing carols (at home along to the radio) watch Christmas shows & films on TV and see the family virtually through the wonders of modern technology. Yes it will be sad not being with family (just DH I suppose) but if you are on your own you can be in a bubble with someone. As Iam64 says, we have to do this to keep safe.

Lucca Thu 10-Sep-20 09:36:25

“ and I’m certain I can’t do Christmas without my family. ”

Easy answer. Don’t do it.

As mentioned, there are those who never or hardly ever have their family for Christmas.

Iam64 Thu 10-Sep-20 09:42:21

Lucca, apologie from me for wandering off on a thoughtless jolly about the big family Christmases I've been fortunate to enjoy.
I should add that since our children had families of their own, like most other families, they share their children and themselves equally amongst all the grandparents. One of my grandsons has three sets of grandparents, not unusual these days. I would never pressure ours to feel they have to be here just because till recent years we were a group of 17 often. Two years ago, we had our first Christmas dinner for two, it was different but very enjoyable. I have friends who live alone and would rather stay home on Christmas Day than join friends or family.

growstuff Thu 10-Sep-20 09:47:40

I wonder how people who spend Christmas completely on their own, year after year, manage to "do it".

Lucca Thu 10-Sep-20 12:20:08

Iam64, my comment was really in reply to Frosty!
I agree for those who usually have a big jolly get together it could be sad, difficult etc. However to say they are sure they couldn’t do it is possibly stretching things a bit !!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 10-Sep-20 12:29:20

Covid Marshall’s - now there is a thought.

Anyone know from where they will be recruited, and what powers they will have?

Elegran Thu 10-Sep-20 13:11:32

Different rules in Scotland -only six people from two households are now permitted to meet up.

Plus the first minister has again emphasised highlight the FACTS guidelines:

Face coverings should be worn in enclosed spaces.
Avoid crowded areas.
Clean your hands and surfaces.
Two-metre distancing remains the clear advice.
Self isolate, and book a test immediately, if you have symptoms of Covid-19.

Elegran Thu 10-Sep-20 13:12:00

That is inside or out, BTW.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 10-Sep-20 14:18:02

Oh dear???

AGAA4 Thu 10-Sep-20 17:11:07

WWm2. Made me laugh but says it all. If they don't comply there isn't much hope.
Already there are students being sent home from school in different areas because of Covid outbreaks. They have only been back for a few days.
I hope the rule of six works as things are getting out of hand but not convinced that all will follow it.

Madmaggie Thu 10-Sep-20 18:28:11

DH insisted we had our evening meal out for our wedding anniversary. I agreed after reading what measures our very newly refurbished, brand spanking new kitchens etc., local had put into place. DH duly booked a table. I have a small zip lock plastic bag I now carry with me in my bag containing a mini sanitiser, paper towels, tissues and spare disposable mask, I keep my current cotton washable mask in a seperate bag. We were not asked for any contact details at the entrance desk, the in house hand sanitiser dispenser was impossible to reach, everyone was wandering to the bar for their own drinks and to place food orders and customers were not observing the one way system that was signed. My ribs & wings combo came in a small trendy porous wooden crate lined with kitchen type paper which I felt would be impossible to put through a dishwasher. Bar staff were not masked, manageress not masked. Only DH ordered pudding - I couldnt get away soon enough.

May7 Thu 10-Sep-20 22:14:53

That's a real shame madmaggie
I wouldn't have entered the premises if they weren't taking contact details. Having said that we havent eaten in a restaurant/pub since March and celebrated our wedding anniversary with fish and chips (queued outside, everyone masked) we sat on an empty beach.

Granny23 Thu 10-Sep-20 23:18:00

Now the BBC have decided (No doubt under pressure from the UK powers that be) to stop broadcasting the First Minister's daily briefings and updates. It has been difficult to keep up with all the changes in guidance and regulations, especially when the Media will persist in reporting rules that apply to England only as if they also applied in Scotland, Wales and NI. This has created lots of confusion. The FM's briefings have provided clarity for those of us resident in Scotland and visitors/travellers who need to follow the local rules.

I can see no logic in the decision to stop televising this vital and welcome information daily, so must conclude that there is a political motive behind it.

MissAdventure Thu 10-Sep-20 23:19:53

I would have thought now would be one of the most crucial times since the beginning to keep everyone informed.

Elegran Fri 11-Sep-20 08:38:07

At Westminster they are planning to review the position of Scottish law, which by the Treaty of Union is not subject to silencing. As they have no shame about reneging on treaties that were negotiated, agreed and signed between sovereign nations, we can expect legislation to make sure that never again can bolshie Scottish judges exercise their legal right to tell UK PMs that they are misusing prerogation as a political tool.

What a parcel o' rogues in the nation!

Esspee Fri 11-Sep-20 08:48:21

Those who have commented on not being asked for contact details seem to have forgotten that when booking the restaurant you are asked for a contact phone number. There is no need to be asked again when you arrive.

MaggieTulliver Fri 11-Sep-20 23:00:57

Covid marshalls ? seriously hoping you’re joking Whitewave but have a feeling you’re not.

MissAdventure Fri 11-Sep-20 23:05:09

Well, that's one job I wouldn't want!

Esspee Sat 12-Sep-20 07:02:54

If the Covid Marshalls don’t have any actual powers what exactly will they do? Give the Covidiots a severe ticking off?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Sep-20 07:19:02


If the Covid Marshalls don’t have any actual powers what exactly will they do? Give the Covidiots a severe ticking off?

I suspect it is another idea where money will be thrown around with little effect

MaggieTulliver Sat 12-Sep-20 08:05:48

Well the only way to completely control everyone and ensure zero risk from Covid (not possible obvs) is to have a police state. Which is what a lot of you seem to want. Goodbye to our previous way of life but as long as we kick kick Covid in the ass, bring it on! Then those covidiots (thank you Daily Mail for that excruciatingly patronising term) will be sorry!

trisher Sat 12-Sep-20 11:38:34

^ Now the BBC have decided (No doubt under pressure from the UK powers that be) to stop broadcasting the First Minister's daily briefings and updates^ Granny23 we simply can't have a woman leader who is so competent and articulate appearing on TV all the time whilst we are stuck with an incompetent babbling moron who is rarely seen (and when he is just screws it up) Not to mention the chorus of inadequates who regularly back him.

Luckygirl Sat 12-Sep-20 12:48:09

Goodbye to our previous way of life - that is what happens in pandemics. A simple fact of life.

We have all been lucky in that this is the first time there has been a pandemic in our lifetimes; but it is a feature of history and the world has to change when this happens.

There is no zero risk scenario, and everyone knows that. But minimising risk makes sense - it is all we can do.

A police state is not what is needed or desired; just people behaving intelligently in response to this threat.