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Support for those on their own in lockdown.

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Sparkling Sun 08-Nov-20 19:18:40

I think if you are part of a couple or have very supportive close family, you can’t imagine how it is for some, not speaking to a person for days really messes with your head. I am a strong person, so I thought. I have been so disappointed though that my family and friends just assume the odd text is sufficient in their busy days, they all live with other people and have their own issues in this lockdown but a phone call to someone on their own means so much, that human voice, not a short message on the phone, really means such a lot. So if you are in this position please come on this thread for a chat or support.

CSizzle Mon 14-Dec-20 13:21:00

Try the U3A. Google it. It's for retired people. There are lots of groups, and some of them are having their meetings on Zoom at the moment.
Normally there activities such as languages, singing, drama, theatre visits, shopping trips, scrabble, architecture, gardening, visiting gardens, Sunday lunches, walking, strolling, hiking, tai chi, philosophy, etc etc.
Each group led by an enthusiast, or a retired professional, and they often go for trips away.
Each month there is a talk for all the groups. We've had a chap from CSI, the history of the telephone, mountain rescue, and this month it is on zoom about the Bayeux tapestry.
You will soon make friends and start to wonder where your time went. Of course it will be much better once we get back to normal, but it is still really great.
It only costs £12 a year to join. Branches everywhere.
Worth a try, don't you think?