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AIBU to scream and panic when knocked over in the dark suddenly?

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Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 14:41:27

Last night I walked along the road and suddenly a biggish dog ran out of a church gateway and knocked me flat on the ground. I fell and hurt my left side and screamed, then the dog ran off. The owner blamed me because he could not find his dog, but he had not had him on a lead in a public place.

I'm feeling really rubbish today because I wouldn't want someone to lose their dog, but also it's made me lose any confidence I did have about leaving the house. I'm well padded enough not to have any serious injury, but am sore from the fall.

Grannybags Mon 09-Nov-20 14:46:44

No you're not being unreasonable. It sounds like a frightening experience. The dog should have been under control

I wouldn't worry about the dog, he's probably turned up by now

I hope you feel able to venture out again once you are not so sore flowers

pensionpat Mon 09-Nov-20 14:53:57

Sorry to hear about what sounds like a terrible experience. I would have screamed too! Having had a couple of falls/trips I know how it feels to have all your insides literally shaken up. As you say, it was 100% the dog owners fault. I think some flowers from him are in order. You will probably take a few days to recover. Be kind to yourself.

Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 14:54:14

Thanks Grannybags. I'm not sure why it ran at me. I'm terrified to leave the house now.

It ws scary! I did know the dog was there, in the churchyard because it had a flashing collar, but didn't think anything of walking along the road. The owner seemed to be on their phone and didn't even react when the dog ran out of the gate. Only after the dog had run off he accused me of taking his dog. sad He was so scary sad I thought about reporting it, but I didn't see the dog properly because of the darkness and couldn't have described it except "heavy".

Blossoming Mon 09-Nov-20 14:57:16

YANBU, that sounds like a terrifying experience. The dog owner is the only person at fault here.

Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 15:02:19

@PensionPat he does not know where I live. I was terrified of him and walked past my house to hide somewhere until I was sure he had left the area. I hope he never returns.

Thanks so much @Blossoming I tried to leave the house today with my own dog and only got 2 metres because my dog refused to walk. I don't know if it's the rain or because my dog is picking up that I'm scared, but I feel guilty now that my dog hasn't gone out sad I don't know how to move on from it.

luluaugust Mon 09-Nov-20 15:05:24

I would have been petrified and probably in a lot of trouble with the bits of me that have been replaced. Take things slowly and have another go with your own dog tomorrow. It is definitely not your fault in any way.

Grandmafrench Mon 09-Nov-20 15:07:07

It’s simply good fortune that you’re not injured. People on ‘phones are always ‘elsewhere’, unaware, not taking control or responsibility for the situations their lazy and selfish behaviour can create! So, of course he’d blame much easier than being concerned for your safety and sorry that it happened. Get over it and get better soon and don’t give it another thought. ?

B9exchange Mon 09-Nov-20 15:07:44

You poor thing, you must have been absolutely terrified, thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt. It might be worth a call to the Police just to warn them that there is a careless dog owner around, giving date and time and any description (of owner!), just so that if it sadly happens to someone else, they can build up a picture.

I'm not too good at going out on my own in the dark anyway, but I do hope you recover your confidence soon. flowers

Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 15:07:49

It could have been so much worse @Luluaugust I had a few marks on me, feel bruised but nothing serious. I was able to walk away. I must have been in shock with adrenaline pumping because I didn't feel pain or shake until I was home.

Thanks so much. It has knocked my confidence so much and now am blaming myself and thinking my own dog doesn't trust me. flowers

Nonogran Mon 09-Nov-20 15:12:46

Hello Lavazza, I know exactly how you feel both emotionally and physically and hope you feel better today. I was recently knocked over by a Spaniel & Labrador who came charging towards me on a walk on a local footpath. I had the wind knocked out of me and pain seared through my arthritic joints. I lay for a second or two, flat on my back, in a daze, until owner came to help me up. No apology, no real concern, just a passing query "are you ok now?". It took me a few days to feel 100% better again. The owner is a neighbour but I feel disinclined to spend time chatting to him now. The drawback with arthritis is that to the world's eye you look and walk pretty normally but when you fall, it's agony all over. I now avoid getting too close to running/playing dogs albeit I was walking mine at the time and she was on a lead quiet as a lamb. I found a warm bath helped my aches & pains at the time. Chin up.

lemongrove Mon 09-Nov-20 15:16:05

Why would the owner have accused you of ‘taking his dog’?
You, an older woman, on the ground having been knocked over by the said dog? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Fennel Mon 09-Nov-20 15:25:18

What an awful experience! No wonder it's knocked all your confidence out of you.
I've had several falls outside and now hardly ever go out on foot after dark. I bought a good torch which helps. You can get a torch on a headband which leaves your hands free, but not so good for aiming at the ground to look at uneven pavings etc.

kittylester Mon 09-Nov-20 15:57:13

What a terrifying experience.

Are you new Lavazza - if so, welcome. Gn is a lovely place to be!

Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 15:59:33

@Nonogram I'm so sorry to hear of your bad experience. I'm glad he helped you up, but shocked there was no apology or concern.

I think the reason he accused me was that I was with my partner and he was supporting me down the road as I was dizzy but wanted to get away. I think he thought we were carrying his dog because he chased us , threatened us and accused us. Then he saw we weren't carrying his dog and it dawned on him that he should go and look for it sigh

@Lemongrove He wasn't really with it. I would have thought he would have been "on it" the moment that the dog ran out of the gate, but he failed to react even when I screamed. He didn't react until after I was 100 metres away. I have no idea what was wrong with his reactions. Perhaps he had taken something.

@Fennel so sorry to hear that. don't think I will be going out after dark again. I did know the dog was in the church yard, but only because it had a flashing collar. I assumed it was on a lead and proceeded to walk down the road on the opposite side. I have now managed a day time dog walk, but tonight I will be staying in.

Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 16:01:52

@KittyLester thanks so much. I'm not particularly new but a bit quiet flowers

Sparklefizz Mon 09-Nov-20 16:05:40

Lavazza1st Take a day or so to get over it, but don't let this experience cause you to lose your confidence. Decide in your own mind that you will get over it and move on. You did nothing wrong. Your partner was with you. Take a deep breath and go out in the daytime for a nice walk to give yourself a boost.

Marydoll Mon 09-Nov-20 16:05:50

Love your name! I guess you love money. That's one of my husband's favourite makes of espresso coffee. ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕
You must have got an awful fright!!!. I have been terrified of dogs since a huge black labrador jumped on me as a child. ?

AGAA4 Mon 09-Nov-20 16:13:31

Some dog owners are very irresponsible. (most dog owners are very responsible I hasten to add).

I have been jumped at by large dogs but fortunately didn't fall.
Dogs that are inclined to jump should be on a lead.

Nasty experience for you Lavazzalst. Glad you and your dog are able to go out again now.

gt66 Mon 09-Nov-20 16:18:38

I feel angry on your behalf Lavazza1st! I expect the dog owner was being defensive and knew he was in the wrong and should've kept his dog under control. Check out the clearly states 'that it's against the law to let your dog be dangerously out of control anywhere' and I agree with the other poster that suggested you let the police know. It won't be the first or last time it will happen.

Callistemon Mon 09-Nov-20 16:20:10

Only after the dog had run off he accused me of taking his dog. sad

I hope you asked him where you were supposed to have hidden said dog! If it was big enough to knock you over you could hardly have had it stuffed up your jumper. He should have had it on a lead. Could ou sue him?
Perhaps it kept on running and is miles away by now ?

I'd just go out in the daytime with your own dog.

Lavazza1st Mon 09-Nov-20 16:20:31

Thanks so much for all the kind comments. My default position seems to be blaming myself, for some reason, even though all I did was walk along a road.

Is there anyone who can advise me on a better way of handling this sort of thing. I won't be going out in the evenings now, but it's a long time til the evening's get lighter again. sad

Toadinthehole Mon 09-Nov-20 16:23:45

Good grief no. I was angry reading this. You’re not being unreasonable at all, it could have really hurt you. I would let the police know. You never know, he might be spotted out and about. With a bit of luck the owner will get a big fat fine! Hope you’re soon feeling better ?

Kate1949 Mon 09-Nov-20 16:27:11

Lavazza How awful for you. I hope you're feeling a bit better. I've had a few 'incidents' with dogs myself.

eazybee Mon 09-Nov-20 16:29:28

The dog owner blamed you?
Says it all about dog owners.
Not your fault at all.
I hope you are feeling better and were not injured last night.