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How to dress over 50

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JulietFoxtrot Sat 12-Dec-20 22:28:49

AIBU to think that Gransnet could update this article, and not just keep republishing the same information it has already published this year several times before? I loved this article when it first came out, but come on Gransnet, it’s time to write something different!

Ailsa43 Sun 13-Dec-20 00:24:13

I heartily agree...

rafichagran Sun 13-Dec-20 01:39:32

Agree with you, it needs updating.

ginny Sun 13-Dec-20 08:18:55

Why does a 50 year old have to dress any particular way ?

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:31:20

I hope by 50 we all wear what we like and who cares what anyone else thinks?

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 08:37:03

Ooh I've not read it! blush
I'll be 50 in just over a year!
I wouldn't want to transgress in any way...
I'd better find out what I'm doing wrong so that I can change my ways in time tchgrin

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:38:04

I might just go have a read how I am supposed to dress after 50.

Puzzler61 Sun 13-Dec-20 08:41:55

When we’re over 65 and retired, dress how we want to, how we feel nice/comfortable. It’s one of the best bits of being older.

Puzzler61 Sun 13-Dec-20 08:43:01

PJ’s, dressing gown or onesie all day if you want to ?

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 08:43:47

OceanMama and there's a quiz!
I'll meet you back here in ten!

Bellasnana Sun 13-Dec-20 08:46:41

What ginny said. Why on earth do we need anyone to tell us how to dress at any age?

My DD3, aged 31, recently gave me a bag of jeans and jumpers she was getting rid of, I kept all but two pairs of jeans and am happily wearing her cast offs. I’m 64.

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:47:25

Okay, I read it. I'm not breaking any 'rules'. My dresses don't have long sleeves though. They have cap or short sleeves or are sleeveless for summer.

According to the quiz my style is English country.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 08:48:05

Well, that was a waste of time!
Never mind.

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:49:13

I think my style is more Bohemian. In winter I'm more likely to be in jeans and nice tops. Summer is always comfy dresses. I love summer and being able to just throw on a dress.

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:49:50

FannyCornforth, but what was your result? :-)

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 08:49:55

I'm not breaking any rules either (^phew!^)
I'm a classic. ('Think Grace Kelly or Katherine Hepburn'tchgrin)

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:52:32

Classic is nice. Just more effort than I want to make in the morning. grin

Puzzler61 Sun 13-Dec-20 08:52:55

I think I’m more of a Hattie Jacques !

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 08:54:06

I don't really think that I'm 'classic' at all, other than I wear a lot of black and navy.
I'm a bit boho too OceanMama.
The 'who's style do you admire' question was a bit limiting.
I had to vote for Judi Dench.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 08:54:44

Puzzler tchgrin

OceanMama Sun 13-Dec-20 08:58:22

I have lots of black in my wardrobe. My mother hates that. I do try to do a simple base with something nice and a bit more flowy or colourful though. For the party question, 'A line dress' should have been an option.

Puzzler, I had to look Hattie up. Simple and classic and nice was my impression.

Jules48 Sun 13-Dec-20 09:15:07

I definitely agree the article needs updating! I’m quite ‘into’ clothes and am missing wearing nice clothes this year. Not really worth bothering much of the time - and not sensible, as we’re mostly going for muddy walks grin.
Bought a lovely Seasalt tunic recently and a Fatface cowl scarf. Just ordered some Fly London boots too.

dogsmother Sun 13-Dec-20 09:20:16

I’m over 60, yesterday it was black printed levi jeans and today it’s shiny silver trousers and I don’t care.....

Puzzler61 Sun 13-Dec-20 09:25:56

The Seasalt prints are unique and that’s a lovely tunic Jules.
A scarf is a stylish addition too.

sodapop Sun 13-Dec-20 09:27:16

Some very young people on here today I feel positively ancient in my white leggings and cold shoulder top grin