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Impersonal Christmas cards

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dahlia Wed 16-Dec-20 15:00:49

Along with mass-addressed and ready printed cards from furniture shops, clothing companies, etc., some cards now arrive from friends with printed greetings inside and the address printed on a label on the envelope. I know sometimes as we get older it becomes difficult to write by hand, but these come from perfectly able people who seem to have given up on the personal touch completely.

Summerlove Wed 16-Dec-20 15:05:07

It’s nice that they are still sending cards, surely?

Pittcity Wed 16-Dec-20 15:06:18

They may have been ordered from online card companies such as Moonpig or Funky Pigeon and sent straight to you.
I have used these this year as it means I don't have to go to a card shop, buy stamps and then write and post. All things that are difficult to do if isolating.

nadateturbe Wed 16-Dec-20 15:06:27

I think it would take me much longer to work out how to print labels than it would to do it by hand!
In any case I prefer doing it by hand and I like to use my fountain pen.

nadateturbe Wed 16-Dec-20 15:06:57

And blue ink. Not black.

dahlia Wed 16-Dec-20 15:09:52

A good suggestion, Pittcity, and I have used Moonpig in the past for a special birthday card complete with photographs. The cards I have received were "normal" ones, taken from a pack and then printed. Yes, the technology is beyond me, too, Nadateturbe!

EllanVannin Wed 16-Dec-20 15:12:12

I used to use a fountain pen but I'm not tempted to use the green Quink that I have in the desk at present.

ElaineI Wed 16-Dec-20 18:49:49

Labels are easy once you have entered them all you save it and only need to adjust from year to year. Our church actually offers this service but DH does ours. Saves a lot of time and addresses are clear to read. Wouldn't do printed cards though.

Septimia Wed 16-Dec-20 19:07:36

I use labels for the envelopes. In fact, I use the address labels as my Christmas card list. It saves time as I don't have to look up the addresses.

However, I write the inside by hand.

Jayt Wed 16-Dec-20 19:10:18

Dahlia, my old mother would have said that if you’re worried about something like that you’ve got very little to worry about

Marydoll Wed 16-Dec-20 19:18:38

Septima, I do exactly the same as you. Just after Christmas, I update the labels with any change of address , print them and put them in my my Christmas card box, ready for next year.

Callistemon Wed 16-Dec-20 19:53:56


I use labels for the envelopes. In fact, I use the address labels as my Christmas card list. It saves time as I don't have to look up the addresses.

However, I write the inside by hand.

Me too, Septimia

But every year it is sad to cross off some names and remember those who have died.

Marydoll Wed 16-Dec-20 20:00:05

I have had to do that this year. Quite upsetting to say the least. ?

Callistemon Wed 16-Dec-20 20:08:34

Sorry to bring a sad note to the thread.
Of course, some of the bereaved now have new OHs.

harrigran Thu 17-Dec-20 07:52:44

I don't think the cards are impersonal, I am just happy to receive them.
My family have had covid and they just went online to ensure we got cards, very sensible.

dragonfly46 Thu 17-Dec-20 07:58:40

I always print address labels as they are much clearer. I have a special labeller. At Christmas I print festive ones. I do write inside and we make our own cards.

Lucca Thu 17-Dec-20 08:16:36

Two threads about Christmas cards?

gma Thu 17-Dec-20 08:49:04

In view of the situation in the world as a whole at the present time, surely where a Christmas card is purchased is of such little importance! The whole point is that somebody has taken time and expense to send you one! Be grateful! I have not had a Christmas card from my SIL for donkeys years, thank goodness, I don’t think of her and she doesn’t think of me, excellent! Just how I want it! I keep,special cards, family ones and cards from dear friends, painted and designed by them!
It’s the thought that counts! Get over it!!!

JackyB Thu 17-Dec-20 09:01:20

I agree, dahlia. I was shocked at the impersonality of it, the look and the quality of the card the first time I saw a Moonpig card.

I too print my address labels - I always used to do that sort of thing at work and I got pretty adept at merging files. It is only fair on the Post Office workers who have to decipher the envelopes and reduces errors as most post is machine-read.

Once the envelope had been opened and disposed of, however, everything inside is directed personally at the recipient and signed, if not written, by hand.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 17-Dec-20 09:08:44

I always print labels off for cards. My handwriting is terrible and surely typing and printing a label is as much a personal touch as writing one. I set up my label system years ago and each year add or subtract people depending on whether they are still with us or have fallen off my radar.

BlueSky Thu 17-Dec-20 09:10:49

I choose cards with ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ on purpose so I just add our names. At the most I might add ‘love’ to some of them. Labels of course. tchwink

Magrithea Thu 17-Dec-20 09:46:30

I have used printed labels on our cards in the past (if I can set it all up successfully!) but usually write a personal message inside. They're sending a card, surely that's the point not that the envelope isn't hand written or, for that matter the message!

ctussaud Thu 17-Dec-20 10:02:39

Yes, you are being unreasonable as well as ungrateful. A typed label is more likely to reach its destination, and leaves the sender more time to write a message inside. Think of the cost of postage. Now take a good hard look at yourself.

Mollygo Thu 17-Dec-20 10:02:40

Like many I make the labels for my self and two neighbours, and use my sheet as an address book. This year, my DD used Moonpig for birthdays because she was getting stressed about forgetting to buy cards and stamps and post them with everything else going on. She apologised when she sent the first but it’s a card and the message is personalised even if it isn’t her lovely handwriting. Try not to let it bother you.

Teddy123 Thu 17-Dec-20 10:05:52

Oh no! The Christmas card police are on the prowl ?