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to be annoyed?!

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Flaxseed Mon 21-Dec-20 18:17:51

I received a message from Track and Trace today to say I was in contact with someone positive last week and have to self isolate until 23:59 Xmas day tchconfused!

Boris scuppered our original plans Saturday afternoon, but we readjusted and I planned to go to spend it with DD2, her partner and my DGS. (I am a single household)
Now I will have to spend it alone tchsad
I have had all day to get my head around it, and accept that I have to do this to keep everyone safe. But I have hosted Christmas for years and am feeling a bit hard done by tchsad!!!

Iam64 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:26:04

Callitemon - you can tell,I'm still shocked by this woman's behaviour. My stylist/salon owner has done the various courses, halved the number of clients, so the chairs are all socially distanced. The two back washes are separated by a screen but, they only use one and sanitise it between clients. The stylist was busy on the other side of the salon and didn't observe this.
My (expert) assessment was the woman was very needy, highly anxious and couldn't stop talking. I don't think I've ever been so pointed in attempting to stop her, to turn away and after a short time, I simply moved my chair and had it facing away from her. Imagine going to the salon, behaving like this after your tier 4 out at work daughter arrived in the village. We are currently free of the awful virus

Callistemon Wed 23-Dec-20 11:29:52

Stupid woman!
I think I'd have told her to move away. Please.

I was told my hairdressers were wearing visors but pushing them up as they couldn't see properly with the light reflecting off them! shock
So I haven't been at all since February.

moggie57 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:32:38

i would ignore it .track and trace is rubbish . i got three messages saying i had to isolate 2 weeks each time....then i got an error message saying ignore this message
what is going on ? boris doesnt know his bum from his elbow .....

felice Wed 23-Dec-20 11:45:04

I helped to organise a Funeral on Tuesday for a lady from a care home who had no one so we made sure she had a decent Funeral, just 14 in the Church plus the Minister and I. All very safe except the Undertakers, the first to arrive tried to shake my hand, we had met a few times. When others arrived they all shook hands and tried to do the same with the Minister and I.
I felt as though I was in reverse for a while.
I understand they do this all the time but it just did not feel right when we were trying to get the mourners not to.

Flaxseed Wed 23-Dec-20 17:43:14

webeck, grannynanny is correct. As a single household I could bubble with my DD’s family. She’s in the same tier, but even if she wasn’t, I could still have gone.
However, that’s all irrelevant as I am not going anywhere now thanks to Track and Trace!
I am not going to ignore it as if I have indeed been in contact with anyone, then I don’t want put my family at risk.
Mind you, as an NHS worker I have probably been doing this regularly when restrictions were eased, as I was looking after my DGS occasionally whilst DD worked confused

All of my family are in tier 4 and we have a zoom breakfast/opening of presents planned followed by a zoom quiz in the evening, arranged by my son in law. My food is sorted, I have alcohol, films, and a Christmas jigsaw sorted.
I am actually quite looking forward to it!!

callistemom I’m inclined to agree. My hairdressers, gym and local restaurants are far cleaner than even my own hospital. I am forever telling colleagues to clean the keyboards before using them, stop borrowing pens, stop putting used masks on the tables at break times....... confused

Flaxseed Wed 23-Dec-20 17:44:33

Track and trace are still counting down the days for me shock, as if I could forget tchgrin

welbeck Wed 23-Dec-20 19:04:00

yes, it was the terminology, and as it doesn't affect me personally i was a bit vague, so wanted to check. have now read govt explanation on support bubbles.
let us all keep as safe as possible, and have as good an xmas as possible.

welbeck Wed 23-Dec-20 19:06:39

Iam64, agree, some people don't see themselves or their behaviour and decisions as part of the problem.
one thing jumped out at me from your last comment; how, or is it, relevant that the tier-transgressing daughter is out of work ?

Ailidh Wed 23-Dec-20 19:41:48


Iam64, agree, some people don't see themselves or their behaviour and decisions as part of the problem.
one thing jumped out at me from your last comment; how, or is it, relevant that the tier-transgressing daughter is out of work ?

I think she said the daughter was out AT work (greater potential for contact) not out OF work.

welbeck Wed 23-Dec-20 19:52:20


nanny2507 Wed 23-Dec-20 20:22:09

flaxseed However, that’s all irrelevant as I am not going anywhere now thanks to Track and Trace! its not the fault of track and trace. If you didnt want to be in this possible position then you should have been going to a few places? Sorry to sound harsh but it is the responsibility of "you" to keep "you" safe to lessen the risk of passing it on. Before tier 4 came in I was visiting my heavily pregnant DD and GD so i kept away from people and places to protect them not me.

Flaxseed Wed 23-Dec-20 21:01:22

Track and Trace, frustratingly, don’t tell you where you were in contact with the infected person, only the date.
The only places I went that day were to my Drs surgery with severe pain on inspiration and a numb arm/tingly fingers, then to A&E (as dr wanted to rule out an embolism), then a quick dash to shop (after all clear) for a few provisions.
Do you suggest I should not have done any of this? hmm

nanny2507 Wed 23-Dec-20 21:29:07

flaxseed not at all. However, i wrongly assumed, that you meant you had not been to seek advice for illness but had been to many different social places. I apologise.

Flaxseed Wed 23-Dec-20 22:29:48


I really try to limit where I go.
I have only done essential trips all year, but even those (including Opticians, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc) all add up and pose a risk!

I am most definitely not careless, especially after watching work colleagues scarred having been redeployed to ITU last time.
Redeployment looks imminent again and I fear my turn will come soon. It’s scary.
I am praying they will ‘let me off’ as I head nearer to 60!

nanny2507 Thu 24-Dec-20 12:40:52

flaxseed my mental health is suffering so much. Ive only seen my GD twice this year. Its so hard. Her mental health is suffering too and she's only 4! I cant even have the vaccine. Have a happy Christmas if you can x

Tweedle24 Thu 24-Dec-20 12:47:39

23.59 is standard in the services to denote midnight. It is not suspiciously accurate, just stops confusion.

mrswoo Thu 24-Dec-20 14:11:15

Just to confirm that if you get a message from Track and Trace telling you to isolate until 11.59 pm on a given day
it is genuine and should not be ignored. Its a bit of a bummer, especially at this time of year, but please take no notice of anyone shouting hoax.
Flaxseed flowers for you and your alternative Christmas.

Flaxseed Thu 24-Dec-20 14:32:30

nanny2507 so sorry to hear this. It’s affected so many, in so many different ways. I hope you manage to enjoy whatever you have planned.

tweedle I did think that. Beings as I was home alone late afternoon 10 days previously I could probably come out of quarantine and join my ‘bubble’ for the evening. However, as I am starting the day with a Bucks Fizz, I won’t be going anywhere! wink

It’s still counting down for me and I never once intended to ignore it.
I have my day planned and will be fine thank you! tchgrin