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Well done Ben Fogle.

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Bridgeit Wed 03-Mar-21 18:33:47

Ben Fogle refused to discuss Meghan Markle with Piers Morgan, who was desperately trying to slate her & Prince Harry.
Isn’t it time for all this unsavoury rubbish to stop ?

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 18:35:29

I saw that this morning, and Piers actually piped down and said "Fair enough", or something along those lines.

Bridgeit Wed 03-Mar-21 18:37:51

Ahh that’s good to know , the man is becoming more & more obsessed.

Ellianne Wed 03-Mar-21 18:43:35

Ben Fogle's wife is close to the Duchess of Cambridge, (kids' play dates etc), so I doubt whether he would want to jeopardise that friendship but talking about the brother in law.

Blossoming Wed 03-Mar-21 18:49:59

Ben Fogle is a lovely boy ?

Lucca Wed 03-Mar-21 18:50:56

Good for him. It’s becoming a national pastime, and not a nice one.

Bridgeit Wed 03-Mar-21 18:57:54

Or maybe he was doing the decent thing by refusing to join in Piers’s obsession.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 19:14:48

I wonder if Piers has considered joining gransnet? >smirky icon<

Bridgeit Wed 03-Mar-21 19:30:51

We could invite him ?
Probably find out he has something to do with it.!

Calendargirl Wed 03-Mar-21 19:31:25


I wonder if Piers has considered joining gransnet? >smirky icon<

How do you know he’s not already on?

Fennel Wed 03-Mar-21 19:36:15

good point MissAd.
We used to have occasional 'experts' etc to answer prepared questions.
I remember one with Hunter Davies.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 19:41:50

Calendargirl, that's food for thought.
He may yet give an interview based on what he's gleaned on here. smile

Jaxjacky Wed 03-Mar-21 20:41:00

Can’t stand the man so don’t watch him.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 20:44:03

Which one?
Not Fogle, surely?

grandmajet Wed 03-Mar-21 20:49:00

What would Piers have as his user name?!

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 21:08:52


grandmajet Wed 03-Mar-21 21:46:46


MayBee70 Wed 03-Mar-21 21:50:21

Piers Morgan is one of the few people to hold this government to account, especially over covid.

JuneRose Wed 03-Mar-21 21:53:03

No don't let him on one would get a word in edgeways!! He's so vicious about Meghan and Harry. He's seems quite unbalanced on the subject.

Ellianne Wed 03-Mar-21 21:55:47

What is his problem with M &H? Did he not get an invitation to the wedding?

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 22:05:19

I agree, MayBee70
He had some blisteringly good interviews with them.

Bridgeit Wed 03-Mar-21 22:06:55

Allegedly ,he had a soft spot for her.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Mar-21 22:06:59

I don't know about the Meghan thing with him.

He was practically salivating at how great she was at first.

MayBee70 Wed 03-Mar-21 22:20:38

I thought she was a breath of fresh air at first also. Not sure what to make of it all now.

Ellianne Wed 03-Mar-21 22:23:04

But isn't Piers Morgan indirectly giving M & H more and more publicity every day by going on about them?