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Leaving long hair wet on a 7 year old granddaughter

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Londonia Sat 03-Apr-21 20:42:05

Does anyone else find it unreasonable to leave a child's long (though not particularly thick) hair wet after washing it - rather than using a small hairdryer. I find it unreasonable and have discussed it with daughter and s in law. They just consider it is not necessary. To me it's important for a couple of reasons. Just interested an objective point of view. Thank you. New member.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:45:07

Why is it important? Do they live in an unheated house or tent?

Sara1954 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:45:11

Always let my daughters very long hair dry naturally, same with my granddaughters.

BBbevan Sat 03-Apr-21 20:46:29

It doesn't really matter what you think,she is not your child. When I was a child and when my daughter was small we just let hair dry naturally.

simtib Sat 03-Apr-21 20:46:44

When I had long hair I never used a hair dryer. Just brushed it and let it dry its self.

Sara1954 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:47:53

I’m interested, why are you against it?

Witzend Sat 03-Apr-21 20:48:20

I wouldn’t find it unreasonable, no. Perhaps the child doesn’t want to sit still for the dryer?

Should add that even in her teens and beyond a dd hardly ever bothered to dry her hair. Even when studying in St Petersburg during the Russian winter, she wouldn’t bother - some of the locals would have forty fits, but she came to no harm.
So my opinion probably isn’t worth much!

Iam64 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:48:36

Is this a serious question?
What on earth makes it important to you?

Aveline Sat 03-Apr-21 20:50:46

Let it dry naturally. No need to frizz it up with a hairdryer

Nanna58 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:53:06

My hair was always left to dry like this when I was young, and I didn’t come to any harm. Was never allowed to wash it the week I had a period as my Nan told my Mum that would send you mad , but that’s another story !!??

Sara1954 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:56:45


Same here, where in earth did that nonsense come from?

CanadianGran Sat 03-Apr-21 21:00:37

No, I don't find it unreasonable. Perfectly normal to let hair air dry. If her clothing ends up damp, then put a small hand towel over her shoulders to absorb the moisture.

Elegran Sat 03-Apr-21 21:01:16

Londinia must be one of the younger grannies. Hairdryers have only been around for a comparatively short time. Previously the normal way to dry hair was to rub it well with a towel and brush or comb it into a style while still damp, or else to let it dry first then brush out the tangles. If you were among the many with hair as straight as pumpwater (you should have eaten your crusts!), your mother sometimes wound it up onto strips of cotton fabric and left it all night to dry into waves or ringlets, but that was for special occasions.

It is in fact better for the hair to dry naturally. Hot air dries out the natural oils, which then have to be replaced with conditioner.

DillytheGardener Sat 03-Apr-21 21:02:27

As a former hair dresser, drying hair with a hairdryer ruins beautiful young hair. If the house is warm it will dry naturally just fine. I think it is perhaps an old fashioned worry about wet hair as my mother used to force us to dry ours, but my sister never dried my nieces hair and she’s made it to her twenties without keeling over grin

Grannybags Sat 03-Apr-21 21:02:59

I'd be interested to know what the 'couple of reasons' are

Can't see anything wrong in it myself

Bibbity Sat 03-Apr-21 21:06:45

My daughter is almost 5 and I have never used a hair dryer. I don’t even use one! Her hair is very long and quite thick. What is the point? It just causes heat damage.

Nanna58 Sat 03-Apr-21 21:08:20

Sara1954 I’ve no idea but the things that, according to my Irish Nan could send you mad were legion, not throwing spilt salt over your shoulder , crossing your eyes, and looking in a mirror after midnight we’re just a few!!!!!!?

Bibbity Sat 03-Apr-21 21:08:42

Also my mum has nagged me a few times about it.
Let me give you some advice from the other side.

1st time I told her my reasons politely.
2nd time I told her my reasons again and said my child. A little more firmly.

3rd time I told her to but out and never to mention it again.

If you’re posting this here I assume you’ve mentioned it to them and as a result possibly annoyed them. Don’t push it further or you may not like the result.

Septimia Sat 03-Apr-21 21:10:57

Leaving it wet goes against the grain with me, too, but DGD has always hated having her hair brushed/combed or dried when it's washed. She's even gone to bed with it damp. She's never suffered any ill effects.

grandMattie Sat 03-Apr-21 21:17:42

My MiL was horrified when I left my children’s hair dry naturally, often at bedtime! It never made them ill. What’s the problem?

Sara1954 Sat 03-Apr-21 21:17:59

One of my daughters was a swimmer, she went to bed every night with wet hair, probably not ideal, but it doesn’t seem to have done her any harm.

Jaxjacky Sat 03-Apr-21 21:24:19

No, I don’t think it’s unreasonable, never used a hairdryer on my daughters, or on mine which is thick and was long. Just towelled semi dry, both of us.

Hellogirl1 Sat 03-Apr-21 21:39:37

My hair was always left to dry naturally as a child, and so were my childrens`.We didn`t own a hair dryer anyway, I still don`t. Elegran, I was one of those with ringlets, every week for Sunday school!

SueDonim Sat 03-Apr-21 21:54:36

It’s not unreasonable. My DD’s both had waist-length hair when they were small. I’d mostly let it air dry, they wouldn’t sit still long enough to use a hair dryer.

Dryers are bad for the hair anyway, if used too much. I rarely dry my own hair and sometimes go out with it damp. I’m still here, no untoward effects. Yet. ?

welbeck Sat 03-Apr-21 21:55:45

another strange query.
will we ever hear from OP again ?